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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there everyone, this is a technical/legalese question which could really use some "in the know" responses. I'm in the process of making, well, possibly three or four different games and settings, which might actually be aimed at commercial publication, using Open D6. Currently, here are my question marks: - I've reworded some things from one or more of the Open books, to clarify and emphasize certain points I feel are salient notes for players (for example, I rewrote or partially changed descriptions for the Attribute intro, etc). I've done this all throughout the basics and am sta
  2. I've never played anything West End before, but I heard about the OpenD6 project on a board somewhere and was very curious about it. What book(s) is needed to understand the basic system? Particularly from the slant of someone curious about writing something using OpenD6? And how is the OpenD6 project working out, anyhow? It seems there are still some things people are working on, but that may be outdated information since everything I've read has been from bulletin boards and Wikipedia. Thanks
  3. Both my company and Jerry Grayson's have D6 licenses that predate Eric Gibson buying WEG. We have BOTH gotten emails from Eric during his tenure saying our licenses are grandfathered in with no changes. What this means is that we both get to use the D6 trade mark, whether or not Eric releases the STL. I was also around in the industry during the beginning of the d20 OGL experiment, saw the bubble of 'fan produced' products, and saw how it collapsed the RPG market to lower sales volumes after the three tier model basically said 'fuck it; if it's not from a publisher I've heard of befor
  4. Thanks for joining us, Eric. We have discovered that somehow, there are two different versions of the OGL. To see them both and compare, look at the OGLs on the last pages of the PDF of D6 Space, and D6 Legend (available on the OGL links thread in this forum). Please help us determine which is correct and we will unify all of them with the correct OGL. The PI is stated differently and we need this clarifcation to proceed with the STL proposition. We would very much appreciate your imput. Thank you.
  5. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows if Khepera Publishing will be retro-fitting an Open Game License on to D6 Powers? I have looked around for more information on this, but can't seem to find a discussion. Thanks, Mangus
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