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  1. I didn’t want to derail the thread that I read this in so I figured I would do a *snip* and post it here. This is a statement I hear all the time and it blows my mind. A lot of people are stuck on D&D until you hip them to something else. I play a lot of games with guys who are hardcore into D&D and the RPGA. They live and breathe it but are usually open to other games if pitched properly. The beauty of all the groups I play in is that we all want to play good games and we are all willing to indulge the others at the table. For instance; My Wednesday night group plays a ton of so called “indie” games. One player is heavy into D&D and when the GM duties rotated to him he wanted to run some 4th edition. None of us are really into 4th edition but he’s really pumped about running it and who knows, we may really enjoy it. He’s been a good sport and indulged my wife when she wanted to run Starchildren and me when I wanted to run PTA. I have never met a D&D player who flat out didn’t want to play an RPG just because it wasn’t D&D. Most only know D&D and so that’s in their comfort zone but when approached with some Dark Conspiracy, or Shadows of Yesterday they may sneer a bit but soon warm to playing something else. Maybe I’m lucky and have never run into that group (and I’ve been playing since 1981) I’d suggest doing your best pitch for the game you want to run and then asking them to give you two or three weeks of play to test the game out. When I want to run a game I usually show up with several different games and pass them around. I talk about the different games and what the games try to emulate. I bring a few games of every genre that I would want to run and we talk about games. One of the keys to a good group is being there for more than just the game. If I cant be your friend (or at least tolerate and have a conversation with you)I have no interest in gaming with you. Once the ball gets rolling most gamers will open up with games they would like to play and genres they would like to explore. Once that happens most of the work is done. Thoughts? opinions?
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