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Found 6 results

  1. Going to try to make a 2 page Mini 6 setting like in the base document. Was thinking the characters where caught in the middle of a war between greys and greens. For the Aliens I was thinking max Might 3 and Whit 5 or would that mess things up. I am trying to decide if I want the aliens to be player chars or not. I guess I would need to make a race perk.
  2. Perk School (6) Idea is that you spend 6 of your starting skill dice to go to school. You get 7 dice from the school. But you must take the skills listed. So you only have 1D for skills that you can choose. Magic school [] -Sorcerer -Magic +1D Choose Specialization [] -History +1D Specialized [] -Language +1D Specialized [appropriate for school] Pilot [] -Athletics +1D -Navigation +1D [appropriate for vehicle type] -Pistol +1D -Pilot +2D [] -Repair +1D []
  3. +1D6 damage ? Looked at the lowest melee weapon knife +1 to each defence ? Was trying to think of one but if you look at martial arts as a whole everyone of the defences could be explained. Value of the Perk 2 ? 3
  4. Last weekend I ran a Mini Six game at the convention called Mephit FurMeet. I'd picked Mini Six after being slightly dissatisfied with the number of attributes in Open D6. The scenario was a fantasy dungeon crawl, where the PCs came to tropical Sundrop Island to visit the watery temple recently discovered there. I used standard Mini6 rules except for keeping the OpenD6 option that 1s on the wild die make interesting things happen. I had three players, and they all wanted to make their own characters instead of using the pregens with a bit of backstory. The process was easy as character creation goes. I handled equipment selection through roleplaying: mundane items are affordable, magic items require a Charm roll to buy or they're out of your price range or require a special deal. One of these deals was to open a particular door in the temple and report on what's behind it. Combat went quickly; we had three or so brawls under varying terrain conditions. Not counting an incident with someone leaping out of the pool that turns people into dolphins, landing on ice, sliding face-first into an icy room full of killer robots, pushing their way out, and landing *sploosh* back in the pool. Unfortunately I misjudged the difficulty and made the enemies way too easy, so that the PCs took no damage at all. Part of the problem was that min-maxing was easy: 4D in Agility plus 2D Dodge makes you nearly untouchable yet still good at other things. A player's feedback was that maybe a melee to-hit roll should be based on Agility rather than Might. My reaction is that the White Wolf-style method of rolling different stat+skill combinations might be worth trying, but that doesn't address the min-maxing problem. The PCs got access to magic during the scenario, and lots of magic gems (represented by actual glass beads) to power their spells, but then only used the bare minimum of them because the gems were valuable. That's bad design on my part; would've been better to make them rechargeable or something. Two players asked if we could play again the next day! I hadn't planned on that, so I made up a new scenario using the OpenD6 Fantasy Locations book for ideas and deliberately not making another dungeon crawl. It would've been hard to do one anyway, since one of the PCs was now a giant otter! (Not my idea.) So the scenario focused on the PCs being back on the island and accused of stealing a magic sword. It went okay for a barely-planned event; given more time I would've developed the island's locations and NPCs better. The simplicity of the character system let me develop stats for two potential combatants at least. Two other notes were that I made use of the Mini6 character scale rules, but these were oddly worded. I interpreted them as "bigger character gets +6 Soak and +2D damage to hit normal foes, per size increment, but foes get +6 Dodge." And I pretty much used flat difficulties of 10 or 15 or so, winging it and not saying what number I was using. Overall: The game went well, the rules didn't get too much in the way of the storytelling, and Mini6 was adequate for both a standard dungeon and a more open, social scenario. I will probably be buying a print copy to support its writers.
  5. I've been working on a Fantasy conversion of Mini Six. I've got most of it done. I've been talking a little about it at my blog: http://sordnbord.blogspot.com/. Here's a couple new spells I came up with. Comments or suggestions are welcome: Cure Disease TN: 20 + Resistance Roll Duration: Permanent Resisted: Disease Severity The target of the spell is cured of all diseases. Assign the Resistance Roll based upon the severity of the disease. A common cold would be an Easy roll, while the Black Death would be a Difficult roll, and a magical disease might be a Very Difficult roll. Linguist TN: 14 + Resist Roll Duration: Concentration Range: 20 feet Resisted: Charm When cast, you can understand someone speaking in another language. You can speak limited phrases in their language, as well (I’m hungry. Where is store. Etc.). You can also read basic sentences in other languages (complicated passages are beyond this spell, though). No Resist Roll is required if the target wants to speak with the spell caster (just the standard spell roll is needed).
  6. Posting publicly for feedback, as most of us were learning the game as we went. The biggest issue seemed to be the deadliness of combat. Even wearing armor someone would go down in two or at most three hits. While that makes sense for the average person it's hard to recreate the experienced vs newbie warrior. Some thoughts of mine that have no testing include not giving Might bonuses to thrown weapons and bows that have a maximum Might modifier. For example, a light hunting bow might only allow 1D of your Might to be added to the damage, while an English Longbow might allow 3D or 4D, if crafted properly and using the right arrows, etc. For melee combat, you almost have to use the active defense system to have a chance. I'm fond of the active system myself, but it does slow down PbP. Leitz
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