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Found 8 results

  1. No new content unfortunately, but I've recently revamped the design and structure of my love letter to the Mini Six game system - Mini Six Fanatic! Just sharing 'cause I care
  2. on page 19 in the Mini Six barebones book. There is the optional rule for automatic successes. That states the following: Halfway There To help speed up the game, if the number of skill dice in any skill is equal to half the Target Number, the GM may consider it an automatic success. So does that mean the total number of dice for a skill (including the base Attribute) or is that just the dice put into the skill above the base Attribute dice?
  3. 2-6 players Basic mini six, with three mods. My magic specializations. 1 spell known for each pip of incress of magic skill over Wit. Hand and Foot for advanced unnamed combat. Primary setting is fantasy, however chars can be from other places and be modern or sci-fi. I have seven short adventures roughed out. Each one I am hoping will last 2-4 weeks. Players can change chars between adventures or keep the same ones. I will want people to post every other day, to keep the game going. If everyone is responding quickly I will go faster but I am hoping for the 2 day slowest turn around. I am planning to start 6/10, with enough interest.
  4. The character knows two spells for each die allocated to Magic at character creation. To me that sentence means for each die added the player gets 2 spells, not 2 spells for each dice in magic. So a starting character would start with 2-4 spells with out specialization, a maximum of 6 with a specialization. Thoughts/comments ?
  5. “Keep” Human male Dark brown hair Grey eyes 105 kg 1.8 m Quote “Welcome to the Stop Inn” Might 2D -Mace 3D Agility 2D -Dodge 3D Wit 4D -History 5D -Languages 5D Charm 4D -Diplomacy 6D -Persuasion 5D Complications: Gear: Stop Inn, leather vest, club Perks: Static: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Soak 6 (8) Once a diplomat and now retired as an inn keep, Keep trys to keep an clean inn. He doesn't care who stays as long as they keep the peace on the inn grounds. note: this is the format I would like to see chars posted in.
  6. Post character concepts here for discussion. Only looking for a paragraph or two for background and a description.
  7. Core. Skills like pickpocket and stealth. Vs. Wit ? Vs. Search or tracking?
  8. I just used the Esoteric Perks system to include cybernetics. Let me know what you think, both ability-wise and cost-wise. Thanks! Esoteric Perks Cyberarmor, Subdermal (2): You have subdermal armor that grants you +1 AV, in addition to any other armor you wear. Cyberarmor, Heavy (4): You have obvious cyberarmor that cannot be removed. This grants you +5 AV, but you cannot wear any other armor over it. You receive a -5 penalty to all Seduce rolls. Cyberlegs (3): Your legs have been modified, granting you great speed and the ability to jump much higher and farther than other people. You can move 25 feet as a free action and 50 feet at the cost of one action. You can jump 10 feet straight up, and 15 feet from a standing position. Cybernetic Eyes (2): You have cybereyes that let you see in the dark and they act as binoculars. Cybernetic Weapon (3): You have some type of melee cyberweapon installed on your body, be it blades that come out of your hands or a scythe attached to a robotic arm coming out of your back. You may replace the melee cyberweapon with a ranged weapon if you wish. You must use the Cyberweapon skill to use any cyberweapon. Use range and damage values similar to a comparable weapon. (I added Cyberweapon as a separate skill).
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