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Found 11 results

  1. In 1996, Richard Bartle created a personality test that classifies people into four defining categories for defining the motives behind why people play games. The four categories are broken apart here, but the original names Richard Bartle used were Explorer, Killer, Socializer, and Achiever. Here these categories receive new names to suit the purposes of this discussion applied towards tabletop role-playing games. The four personality archetypes functionally similar to those Richard Bartle described are Explorer, Fighter, Histrionic, and Collector. An Explorer has a desire to explore
  2. Sorry for the long delay everyone, life got in the way this month. I am committing to releasing the next issue in the next 36 hours. If you have any questions, please contact me directly. Best, - J.
  3. Hey, If you think you are sending in a submission, please post here and let us know. It would good to get an idea of the content coming in and I believe that not all the potential contributors have access to the backstage forum. That or post on the d6 Magazine facebook page. Issue 3 Rollcall, Theme: Horror, Releasing the Issue 3 on or around Monday, October 31st, 2011, submissions needed by mid-Month October. Artwork can come in right up until the day before we go live at it is much easier to do layout on art. - J.
  4. http://www.gameknightreviews.com/2011/07/magazine-review-d6-magazine-issue-2/
  5. Good Morning, The d6 Magazine, Issue #2 is delaying release until July 1st, due to a lack of submitted material, or promised commitments from contributors. Thank you for your understanding. Regardless of available submitted content and material, we are are moving forward on July 1st with releasing Issue #2. If in that time you have availability to send in a submission or wish to send in a submission for Issue #2, the current guideline/theme is "Gadgets, knick knacks, and miscellaneous devices". Straying from this theme is fine at this point if you find yourself interested in contributi
  6. We're seriously lacking right now on the submissions for issue 2 of the d6 magazine. If you are working on something and planning on contributing, please two things for me so that I can plan to incorporate your material on-time: 1. Email: submissions@d6magazine.com. 2. In your email, include your estimated/expected date of submission, and the potential length in pages of your submission. If I don't hear from someone (just notification) by Tuesday next week (5/17), I'll assume I'm not getting something from that person later. Currently, we have 2 major submissions, and 1 filler sub
  7. Thought I'd share this review/article on the d6 magazine. Take a look! http://www.gameknightreviews.com/2011/04/magazine-review-d6-magazine-issue-1/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+GameKnightReviews+%28Game+Knight+Reviews%29&utm_content=Twitter - J.
  8. Download the D6 Magazine Now! http://d6magazine.com/?page_id=27
  9. The d6 Magazine Title Logo is meant to capture the simplicity behind the concept of OpenD6 gaming. Have a look!
  10. I will be placing the D6 Magazine download link online with the link Friday, 2/11/2011 at D6Magazine.com >> Downloads (Thanks rerun) - J.
  11. So... "We" have acquired d6magazine.com. My understanding of community desire and intent, based on information acquired: The intent is to (ideally) make it a quarterly print periodical, which addresses d6 material, and provides gaming source material for subscribers. It will follow a pretty simply layout, where the articles are either complete mini-adventures or scenarios, or raw source material. It will include ads and full color. Any other thoughts here? - Jeremy
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