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Found 10 results

  1. Jerry D. Grayson of Khepera Publishing, creator of D6 POWERS, GODSEND Agenda, HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone, ATLANTIS: The Second Age, and more, has a Kickstarter for a new Open D6 game that uses an update to the D6 Legend system. This is complete game with a setting based on superheroes vs. chthonic entities, but the game is billed as being versatile enough to handle any heroic action adventure genre. It has already far exceeded its funding goal, and Jerry is going crazy with adding on to the packages. I'll highlight two: $20 (Digital only) - PDF of the MYTHIC D6 roleplaying ga
  2. I have the DC Universe book, and Lee Torres' excellent OGL version of the rules, but I think there were called shot rules in the little rules companion book that came with the original boxed set. I cannot find my copy, does anyone out there have them?
  3. That basically says it all: "what is D6 Legends?" I just don't get the differences overall when you start talking about THREE versions of D6. Al B.
  4. To my knowledge, D6 Legend was only used for two published games, Hercules & Xena, and DC Universe. My questions are: 1). Is anyone currently playing these are any games using the D6 Legend rules variant? 2). Should the Legend system be preserved in Open D6 for the sake of future use?
  5. For those who don't know me, I'm the kind of game designer who plays with mechanics and numbers rather than settings. My published body of work ranges from a 4 page RPG (Minimus) to not just one, but three, playable board games of space ship combat (AV:T, SITS, Squadron Strike) with varying levels of 'the physics must be RIGHT!'. I'm going to discuss a design decision for D6 Dramatics. I'm going to present this in the context of why I did it, what I considered, and so on. It's likely to sound, at times, like I'm delivering the Sermon On The Dice Tower or some such. It's an occupational
  6. I've been a fan of d6 for quite a while now, despite only recently getting the hang of the system. I've heard of D6 legend around the net and it seems like the ideal system to me. Unfortunately from what i hear, not a whole lot of people share this particular lregard for the system. So i gotta know. Why is it regarded so negatively?
  7. I was puttering around on this site and it filled me with nostalgia for an old DC Universe/World of Darkness crossover game I ran in college with the DCU system. I puttered around on my hard drive and came up with some alternative damage rules that I instituted for my relatively low-powered game. Here's how they look all polished up and uploaded to google docs. Gimmie some feedback http://docs.google.com/View?id=dckzc4zr_43dmjjsffd
  8. I'm currently working on a D6 Legend variant. I'm trying to keep most of the SW rules "as is" but my main focus right now is to replace the die rolling mechanic with the D6L success based one. One thing I've noticed is that D6L uses 3-6 as successes. The new Mouse Guard RPG uses a D6 4-6 success mechanic. Shadowrun uses more of a sliding scale for thier D6 successes. Does anyone have a good understanding of how using a different target number effects the game? Has anyone created a SWD6 Legend variant that they could share?
  9. http://www.westendgames.com/forum/showthread.php?p=34559#post34559 Back on 03-24-2006 at the WEG forums, Miek posted his intent to create a D6 Legend version of rules for the new "re-imagined" Battlestar Galactica. I know that there's the Cortex version from MWP, same rules set as "Serenity" but I'd really enjoy a D6L version. I posted a follow-up there before remembering that those forums are now re-directed here, so while I don't know if Miek posts over here, I thought maybe somebody might know something. Any news?
  10. I have just recieved my copy of DC Universe and was wondering if there was any errata that I need to know about.
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