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Found 4 results

  1. This is a meta-discussion about game design concepts. I aim to avoid the competitive navel gazing of the Forge, and will be referencing one of my own designs. Where my prior thread Number Crunching Equivalences - Why My Dice Suck Compared To D6 Legend covered the numerical concepts of the different systems (and why I come down about halfway between D6 Classic and D6 Legend), this one is going to get into squishy areas. The core concept here is this one: A roleplaying game is not a simulation. It's a reward mechanism and incentive system for specific kinds of play. Not all games
  2. For those who don't know me, I'm the kind of game designer who plays with mechanics and numbers rather than settings. My published body of work ranges from a 4 page RPG (Minimus) to not just one, but three, playable board games of space ship combat (AV:T, SITS, Squadron Strike) with varying levels of 'the physics must be RIGHT!'. I'm going to discuss a design decision for D6 Dramatics. I'm going to present this in the context of why I did it, what I considered, and so on. It's likely to sound, at times, like I'm delivering the Sermon On The Dice Tower or some such. It's an occupational
  3. Both my company and Jerry Grayson's have D6 licenses that predate Eric Gibson buying WEG. We have BOTH gotten emails from Eric during his tenure saying our licenses are grandfathered in with no changes. What this means is that we both get to use the D6 trade mark, whether or not Eric releases the STL. I was also around in the industry during the beginning of the d20 OGL experiment, saw the bubble of 'fan produced' products, and saw how it collapsed the RPG market to lower sales volumes after the three tier model basically said 'fuck it; if it's not from a publisher I've heard of befor
  4. Here are some ideas I'm considering. Most of these aren't quite into the 'inscribed in Jello' stage. Feel free to throw bricks. Doing the Tri-Stat Thing on Attributes. Instead of having 6 attributes, or 9, or however many you have, you have three or four. Body, Mind, Spirit (Tri-Stat) and Body, Mind, Spirit & Social. You also have a master skill list by genre. Some skills would be common across all genres, some would be quite genre specific. In between these two layers, you have Talents. A Talent is a die code that applies to multiple skills - no more than 4 or 5.
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