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Found 8 results

  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]78[/ATTACH] How does a Command Module execute an orbital rendezvous? What does it take to accomplish a space walk? If there is a fire in free-fall, can you even see it? For those of us gamers who really want to embrace the Hard SF experience, these are important questions. The Pumpkin Suit's Manual: Easy Rules for Hard Science Fiction is an attempt to answer them. The Pumpkin Suit's Manual is a 41-page PDF product with rules for space launches, EVA Combat, Damage Control, and Free-fall maneuvering, as well as Character Templates and equipment for your space campaign
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]73[/ATTACH] "Started as the mad dream of billionaire philanthropist Walter Hopkins, The Destiny Foundation is credited for sending more civilians into orbit than any other agency in the history of spaceflight. Faced with such success and heedless to the warnings that the asteroid mining bubble was reaching critical mass, Hopkins ordered the development of a new kind of vehicle, one that would not only cut the costs of reaching orbit, but give families and private persons the capacity to travel space in their own private craft. While Hopkins did not live long enough to see hi
  3. Just released our latest supplement for The Black Desert Role-Playing Game on the 16th. In this PDF, The Black Desert: Species, we showcase the four playable races in the game: AI, Humans, NuApes, and Trans-humans. Just to give all you fans of good 'ole fashioned D6 SF a taste, here is a preview of your article on Humans. Enjoy! [ATTACH=CONFIG]68[/ATTACH] Humans Humans are the oldest and most numerous sentient species extant on Terra. There is some question in recent years as to weather or not they are still the most dominant. History Homo sapiens have existed in their curre
  4. Due to the banes of rural living, I've been offline for the last two and a half months. It took getting satellite Internet in order for us to get back on the Web here in southern Alabama, but we are finally back in business. Updates on all of our products will commence forthwith, starting with our blog and moving on from there. Our next PDF (Ships of The Black Desert: The Vesperides) will be available for sale November 1st, and work continues on The Black Desert Core Rulebook. For those of you looking out for us, thanks for your attention. We will endeavor to make it worth the wai
  5. Luna was home to some of the most intense infantry fighting of the Great War. FreeBrawling, the no-holds-barred, low-gravity martial art that evolved from these struggled have forged the warriors of Terra's largest satellite into the most dangerous unarmed and melee combatants in space. Brash, and bold to the point of arrogance, the Lunarian FreeBrawlers are the elite...and they know it. For more details on The Black Desert Character Sheet, download the FreeSource article here.
  6. Show your support for OpenD6 gaming; Like our fan page on Facebook! We post albums, updates for our latest products, and other news about Blue Max Studios. ...Please? 'Cause it'd be really cool of you...
  7. Blue Max Studios is proud to announce the start of a new series of spacecraft deck plans, coming February 1st: Starships of the Galaxy! Like all of our spacecraft deck plans, the Starships of the Galaxy series feature highly detailed plan views of each ship. Each starship PDF also comes with complete deck plans, a detailed history, and a full description of all the spacecraft's major compartments and features. Gaming stats are provided for both the Classic D6 system (the rules system for the original Star Wars Role-Playing Game) and the D20 Future system as well. At the end of each doc
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