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  1. Hello again, There are only five days remaining, and we are about to reach our funding goal with Kickstarter! If you are interested in getting your hands on a soft cover print copy of Azamar, pledge $30.00 today! If you want a hard cover and other perks, try out the $75.00 pledge! http://kck.st/gxFtgH - J.
  2. There is ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT to pledge to the Azamar Kickstarter. Can you spare $1.00? Did you already get your taxes back like me? Need something to do with $30.00? Pledge now and get a soft cover print version of Azamar the RPG! http://kck.st/gxFtgH - J.
  3. Hello Open D6ers! Azamar is over the half-way mark now (as of this past weekend we hit leapt over $750.00) with our pledges to fund the promotional print run of Azamar. We cannot reach that goal without your support! Every little bit helps - our lowest Pledge is $1.00!! At $30.00 you get the print copy of Azamar along with all the bells and whistles of lower pledges. Get yourself a print copy of Azamar before everyone else, today! http://kck.st/gxFtgH Amazon.com does the financial handling for Kickstarter, (if you are unsure of the security of kickstarter and making p
  4. Here are two full page action scenes commissioned by Wicked North Games for Azamar. Thanks to Jeremy and Brett for the opportunity!
  5. We are currently in the process of finalizing on an artist for the Azamar cover and will add to this thread next week about moving forward with an established artist in the gaming community who has also been featured in Heavy Metal Magazine. We are excited about this since it will complement and frame the idea of Azamar into a single picture. Despite our kickstarter project not hitting the funding goal, we are proceeding forward and continuing to progress, albeit slightly more slowly now, to completion. A great deal of work on the project thus far has yielded great fruits, and Azamar now
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