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  1. Thanks - that was pretty much what I was after.. Settings wise I don't need anything for either Mini Six or Open D6 as I have my own huge world to work with. But since we have only played twice now, I am considering moving to Mini Six just to keep it even simpler. Perks/Flaws and Advantages/Disadvantages we haven't even used yet so changing wouldn't feel different for us.. Thank you for your input...
  2. Hi, I was wondering what the main differences between the two are? I can see fewer Abilities in Minisix and the addition of dodge, block, parry and soak. (I like the idea of precalculating these stats). What other major differences are there??
  3. Great, thank you - that was what I was looking for ;-)
  4. I agree completely MysticMoon - the story is EVERYTHING... if you go the rules lawyer way you are trying to win a game that can't be won.. Or rather not won by rules.. When the story is great and flows freely without hindrance from rules.. then everybody has won
  5. Hi, Better get my self introduced here so you know where I come from as well. Born way back in 1970 I started playing a badly translated version of Basic D&D back in 1980 - we had no real clue as to what all this RPG stuff was about except that my friends brother played it with his friends and they seemed to have fun. Nonetheless we were having a good time and eventually learned what the heck this RPG was all about. We quickly began to make new rules and change existing ones because we didn't think the D&D stuff made any sense. Like a lot of other people we were of course influenced by LotR, but just as much from Wizard of Earthsee and Krabat and their view of magic. By the end of the 80'ies we were asked to help run some RPG demonstrations on the libraries in the city we lived in and we ended up deciding to run a set of games on each library with a "best player" from each game chosen by us. All these "best gamers" would meet in a final game where only one could be the winner, but noone would be able to make it through the game alone. In order to have every one play on the same level we decided to formalize our own rules (boy - did that reveal a LOT of errors and inconsistency ) and soon the first fledging set of written down rules saw the light of the day. The rules back then and still to this day has a strong philosophy of the GM being the one that is in charge of the rules. We were (and still are) very annoyed with (especially) the AD&D players we saw destroy many a game because they were forcing their GM to play according to the rulebooks rather than how his or her world was put together. In our minds the rules are there to help the GM and players to experience a fantastic story, they are NOT a game in it self.. So if the GM says you can't do this.... you can find all the rules you want saying that you can.... it won't help a thing.. The GM has the final saying. This has had several AD&D and now 3.5+ D&D players run away screaming... but just as many of their fellow players to actually wake up and think "hey.. this is actually fun.. and much more interesting".. As the years went by, wife, job and kids took me away from RPG'ing in too much of the 90'ies and in the meantime my friend actually manage to get our rules published 3 times as well as making a Live version as well. The rules are now on their way towards the 4th edition and I still play it every week (as RL permits our small group to gather). I haven't been playing many other games, a bit of Vampire, CoC, a small campaign of D&D3.5 that had me screaming in frustration (I really do hate their XP system and the fact that the combat system works best with miniatures and maps. So what brought me to D6 - well... I have been playing a little bit with Tales of Blade and Heroes from Ganesha games as I have played a lot of their miniature wargame rules and thought my son would have an easy transition from playing the wargames to playing the RPG. It is how ever also better when using miniatures during battle which I still dislike. Another friend of mine was preparing to run some farie RPG with his girls, which I think was more or less loosely based on D6. He talked about the old SW stuff from WEG and I began to google all this 2 weeks ago. Finding open source stuff is ALWAYS good and I thought I would try it out in a mini campaign with the kids. So here I am - as I already have THE best set of rules written partly by my self I still find it exiting to read about other rules (and to actually try them out as well). And D6 seems like the perfect easy set of rules to introduce the kids to along with our own set eventually. I look forward to joining in here as much as I can.. This must be it for now... if you have any other questions, please ask. /Claus
  6. Ok - back online with a real keyboard and slowly recovering from the long drive home yesterday... Regarding woundlevels, I think I get it now - will try to see if it causes any further problems the next time we have a session. We didn't get to any fighting in the first session, so I thought I might get ahead of the game with asking before it became a problem.. Hearing/seeing - Acumen and using the modifiers above - got it.. (and vaquely remember seeing it as well). As for the skills my question was regarding character creation mainly, but also I guess a bit when adding new skills later on. Of course my question regarding cost only relates to using points, I should have split up my question rather than mix in the template stuff as well - sorry for the confusion. Let me see if I can clarify it it abit... Defined limit/character points creation For defined limits it says : Distribute seven dice among the skills. The maximum number of dice added to any one skill is 3D. For Character points is says : One skill die equals one creation point. If I have Coordination 2D and wanted to add Lock picking at the same level as Coordination would it then cost me: Defined limit : 2D out of the 7 I can allocate? Or 0D because it is at the same level as Coordination? Character points : 2 creation points to bring it up to 2D like Coordination? Or 0 creation points because it is at the same level as Coordination? And then once we have begun playing and we want to add yet another skill like Sleight of hand - what would that cost if it should be at the same level as Coordination (2D in my example) Templates My question here was aimed towards adding more skills to a template than was there already. (My youngest wanted to have a character that was somewhere between the ranger and the thief) And also if I am going to make my own templates... as long as the skills are at the same level as the owning attribute - I can just go ahead and add them (considering balance of course). I hope this clarifies a bit more what I was after And thank you for your answers so far.. I will jump over to the Introduction thread and present my self there...
  7. Thank you, I can see that I haven't been that clear :-), I was talking about character creation and as I understand your answers I can add all the skills I want at the same level as the corresponding attribute at no extra cost. If I want to make one or more skills better than the attribute I will of course have to pay for it. I just came home from a 15 hour drive from Luxembourg so I will read your answers more closely tomorrow and get back with clarification etc ;-)
  8. It dawned on me that this is probably a more general question than just WEG related. If needs be, feel free to move it around. I have now been reading all the free rules I could find, but either they all lack that information or I am just plain stupid /blind :-),. I seriously vote for the latter since everyone else seems to be able to create characters ;-)
  9. In some of the reviews poor spelling and the general structure of the book was critised, has this been changed /updated in the PDF version available? It will not hold me back in buying it once I get home from vacation, but it would still be nice to have an updated version. As a setting it does sound pretty interesting, even though I seldom look at or even buy others settings.
  10. I'll second that. It is counterproductive to have to wait for moderation, especially if you are trying to get more posters and activity in here. I am a total noob with D6,but have been playing with my own set of rules for 30 years now. I have just started to dabble with D6 with my kids and so far have had good fun with it. I really like the open idea of this but don't know how to bring more people in to it. As I have been writing my own rules as well as creating my own world my interest has mainly been in the rules department, but once I get home from vacation I will take a look at Arzam and mini six. I for one would be interested in small adventures I could use in my own setting. I'll write more later as it is cumbersome to write here on a tablet ;-)
  11. Hi, Completely new to D6, I am a bit confused about how to buy skills at the same level as the corresponding attribute. If I have D3 in the ability and want to buy a skill for that attribute, how much will it cost? I guess my question goes for both point creation and when building from templates. Another question ; what does 2 wound levels means for a NPC.? Does it just mean that if it gets hit twice and each hit does enough damage to remove a wound level it dies? If I want my players to test if they hear or see anything, what ability should they use? (we are using D6 Fantasy by the way) Thank you for your time ;-)
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