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  1. I just started a game of Azamar and have noticed that if I am reading the rules right there is typically a large amount of damage dealt compared to likely vitality rolls even using the template characters. Is there something I am missing alot of items are damage +24 or better before figuring addition of strength or will damage. I could use the help or a whole campaign gets walked on.
  2. I had to stop lurking on this thread. My group plays d6 and mini 6 almost exclusively with the exception of running In Nomine. Open d6 is what we like it has alot of flexibility and information,, however I can see the reason for the sleepiness of the game. The current open 6d books make the GM work and use their own mind rather than force feeding the setting to everyone. I love Septimus and would love to have a chance to have permission to work with the setting and try to revive it. It suffers from one LARGE thing though. It has way too many options and it is dang near impossible to know whe
  3. Mods: please delete this thread i will re-attemp on a real computer. John
  4. Please forgive my post it was done on my cellphone and it did not like the edit screen well.
  5. I've had an interesting idea. It is unfortunately caused by my being a bit of a free rpg packrat. I tend to regularly go to rpgnow and find the free section. I found an awesome setting buy way too crunchy for my gaming group. Its called strikeforce an frankly the setting rocks. I enjoy the rules but the go way over what I'll get away with. Its got a lot of character similarities to septimus nao mods genetic mods psionics an set on a future earth. I was wondering if anyone had enough knowledge of both to point me how to build this in d6 or something similar at least for my group.
  6. Again please forgive me if these have been missed or I am not reading the text right. 1. Are farcasters pad to pad or are they pad to anywhere (pad = teleporter device)? 2. What about the Steel Helix attack and ZPG is there information outside of the text about these that I am missing or are the details yet to come, or has this become a GM's choice type of situation ( -- insert evil GM grin here -- )? 3. How easy is it to explore the remaining part of Septimus (that part that is outside of Acropolis)? 4. Did I interpret the text right that Acropolis has a space fleet? 5
  7. I have recently came across Septimus and me and my players love it, however there are some plot and general questions that I have, however I notice that this thread is a bit 'quiet' for over a year. Is this thread still monitored and would anyone be offended if I asked a few potentially silly questions? John M
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