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  1. Interesting stuff, guys. Thanks for the help. The multiple attack stuff is sparking some ideas in my mind. And I like the idea of the reanimation. That will be hard to pull off, though, because the group decided early-on that there would be a moratorium on zombie-style undead. We did say yes to robo-cop style cyborgs, though, so there's a possibility of an experiment going wrong. :rolleyes: I do want to make it clear, I'm not completely against boosting the stats. In fact, I did monkey around some with that. Here's a telekinetic stat block that I was considering, using a 18 attribute, 12
  2. I'm GMing a new Mini-Six campaign for my group. They wanted a horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world, so we homebrewed a world where a nanite plague spread rampantly through flora and fauna, combining attributes of them with humanity and opening up previously unknown abilities such as telekinesis and ESP. While the majority of people were infected by this disease, a minority of people were able to escape to space stations. The campaign is taking place several hundred years after the virus outbreak. The premise is that they're a group of soldiers and academics on the second attempt to
  3. I just got home from a marathon of Liam Neeson movies that a friend hosted. Back to back, we watched The Grey, Rob Roy, Darkman, Taken, & The A-Team. I had never seen any of these films, so it was pretty cool to catch up on them all at once. The Grey and Rob Roy were a bit slower paced, but ok. I actually liked Rob Roy a lot, but it's not really a movie to see with a large, chatty group. For me, Darkman was the most entertaining. I do think the crowd factored into it because of the MST3K effect. Needless to say, my brain is full of Neeson. Other than that, most of my viewing has been f
  4. I searched your blog and found this post that gives a description of your world. A possibility is the underground rivers. You could have a kind of steamboat bathysphere/submersible thing going on. All the comfort of a floating hotel that has a paddle, but completely enclosed. I'm kind of curious, though. The planet is described as being very low on resources. Is all the "steam" power going to come from compression, or will there be actual steam generation? I guess what I'm asking is will you have a majority of your engines be steam turbines or will they be water turbines? Such low plant l
  5. I'm a pretty big fan of the steampunk genre. For a steampunk western, it'd be pretty cool to see what a steampunk Mississippi river boat would be like.
  6. I don't know if you guys are still doing this type of thing, but I'd certainly be interested.
  7. I'm in the same boat as Shiftkitty. I just recently joined because I'm interested in the OpenD6 movement, but I'm still waiting moderator approval. I wasn't sure if I can post yet, but I'm giving this a try anyway. One reason I'm into Open D6 is because I'm a relatively new tabletop gamer. I was introduced to several systems in short order, including D&D 4 and Pathfinder, and was excited about the idea of being able to tell interactive stories. The rules froze me up, though. My friends who introduced me to D6 are playing Star Wars, and I enjoyed it because the rules were so de-emphasiz
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