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  1. And Happy New Year to you as well! I really do hope that things normalize in 2021 compared to last year.
  2. How about typing up an animal from Westward, that way there is a reference point for me. I've got D6 Adventure and D6 Fantasy, so I can reference from that. If they both utilize D6, it should be VERY easy to convert, if not just use as is.
  3. I don't have Westward, so sadly don't have a reference point. Having said that, converting to D6 is generally pretty easy. If Westward uses D6, it's super easy. Full dice = full dice. Partial dice of 1 or 2 gives +1 pip. Partial dice of 3-4 gives +2 pips. If it uses D10, just do it by 3s instead. Full dice is full dice. Partial of 1-3 gives +1 pip, and so on.
  4. I believe it was done because the "1 on the Wild Die" turned into such a problematic aspect for some. I always worked with the "Roll a 1 on the Wild Die, subtract the highest die rolled with". I went further and said that if the result of that subtraction resulted in a success anyway, play went on normally. If it resulted in a failure by missing the result by a few, play went on normally but it was a failure. If it resulted in near zero (say single digit when rolling 4D or so), I worked it as a "failure with consequence". Other people, though, viewed the "1 on the Wild Die" as a
  5. I can't say I've really seen anything about that, other than maybe a little something for a character or in an adventure. This is almost sounding like something that you'll need to do a little research and then create your own material for in D6.
  6. Wow! Lots of work there! Good to hear that your first high-fantasy went well. I'm curious, have you done a "blind" character generation yet? One where you have players make up characters without ANY input from you other than the rules? Good luck with your ongoing work with this!
  7. That's kind of difficult to ascertain. You would definitely be increasing the number of dice that need to be rolled, and your difficulties would be increasing possibly above 31, which kind of smells a bit of "inflated munchkinism". Honestly, if you're going to work with the concept of just one roll for activating Force powers, it would probably be better to just use the one primary Force power and then subtract a couple dice for each added Force activation that would normally be needed. So if it's a Two Force Power activation ability, you just figure out which is the best Force power,
  8. I'm not sure if adding a Wild Die roll for attrition would be a good thing. Like you said, might be too "swingy". And the only thing I could suggest when you write this up is to give some "examples", but with the stated exception that the stats are all "best guesses" and can fluctuate based on the setting.
  9. And yes, you would have a new factor to consider when you add ranged weapons and flying creatures. Or area weapons like breathe weapons.
  10. So if you do attrition only against the victor of the round, we could have something like this: 50 Spearmen (1) vs. 30 Heavy Foot (2) 5D vs. 3D. 11 vs 11 (yes, I am rolling the dice) No skill difference, so then it would go to attrition? Spearmen lose 3, Heavy Foot lose 2 (5/2= 2.5, round to 2) 47 Spearmen vs. 28 Heavy Foot 4D+2 vs. 2D +2 24 vs 11. Spearmen win, inflicting 13 difference divided by 2, or 6 losses against Heavy Foot. Heavy Foot get attrition hits of 2, killing 2 Spearmen. 45 Spearmen vs. 22 Heavy Foot 4D+2 vs.
  11. Yeah, that would work fine. If this is for the design of your own magic system, just use what works for THAT magic. Don't rely on something else that may not fit what you have in mind for the magic. If it's not for the magic system, you'll have to forgive me as I don't have any of my books around me that I can reference to give that info to you.
  12. Interesting. Yeah, I think something would have to be taken into consideration about troop quality. A rabble of goblins isn't likely to be as effective as a trained unit of dwarves, even though the goblins may have more bodies than the dwarves. Basically, a goblin at 3D combat vs. a Dwarf at 6D combat is about twice as good as the goblin. Goblins use numbers in an attempt to overwhelm a "better enemy". (consider it akin to the 1980's logic that said "Quantity is a quality all its own"). So 50 Goblins against 30 Dwarves gives the Goblins 5D and the Dwarves 3D. Yes, the Dwarves woul
  13. I "kind of" think I get what you are going for, but I'm still fuzzy on the math. So you're taking 100 spearmen and grouping them into 10 groups of 10 men. Each group generates 1D in attack? But you said that spearmen inflict 10 wounds. How? Just by having 10D in attack? Do they roll and compare to the attack of the heavy foot? And you said it went to 65 heavy foot and 93 spearmen. But if the heavy foot only suffered 5 losses, wouldn't they be at 70 heavy foot? What constitutes more or less durable units? I've give you an example of a mass combat grouping
  14. It depends on which system you are using. If you use a system kind of based on the "Force" from Star Wars, you will be limited based on your Force dice number. If you use other systems, they may have other methods. Sadly many do not easily list (so it can be found) what it takes to gain new spells. Often times it is the die level in the Magic or some such.
  15. Once you get the concept down, and settled on a type of mechanic for the magic system, the next thing you will need to do is determine the "power level" of the magic. Are there "low level" magic and "high level" magic, or is it all really powerful? If it IS really powerful, what is the limiting factor of the magic? Can only one really powerful spell be cast per day or before the caster has used up all of their components? Then you have to start putting Die codes in for the effects of spells. Low power magic is going to be 1D to 3D or so. Mid level power is 4D up to 6D or so.
  16. Okay, first bit of advice is to "non-mechanically", come up with a method of how your magic will work. Is it going to be component based? Prayer based? Mana based? Willpower based? Mind based? Whatever it is, you need to have that figured out. Then you need to decide whether those components will play a big part of small part in the "casting" of the magic. Do they need to have it to do it? If so, how do they get the components? Will the components go away when something is cast? Are the components reusable? Then decide how you want this magic to "feel" in terms of whe
  17. I've developed several magic systems for D6...before there was ever D6 Fantasy. I could offer lots of advice, but I kind of need to know what you general "know" about designing things in D6. Have you made things from "whole cloth" before using D6? Either vehicles or creatures or stats for things other than characters? Are you willing to think "outside" of the parameters of D6 Fantasy? To not be bound by what you've read in those pages and willing to think and develop things that may go beyond what you generally accept at D6 rules? Are the magic systems you're thinking of si
  18. Many years ago, back in the 90s, I melded Wound levels and Health Points together. I used it in my fantasy game long before D6 Fantasy ever came out. I got the idea from the "D6 System" cookbook. Worked like a charm for years of playing with multiple people! Basically the Health Points were calculated and kept track of. When a character was hit, they roll Constitution+armor to resist the damage. If any damage exceeded the resistance, the difference was subtracted from the Health Point total. If the character lost from 1 to 10% of their Health, they were considered "Scratc
  19. Well, I designed my own magic systems, so my magic users have to "tap into" the energies around them in order to have the oomf to cast their spells. Armor inhibits that ability, roughly equivalent to the amount of the body the armor covers. So it doesn't flat out deny the magic users the ability to wear armor, but it does diminish how effective their magic is while they are wearing it. Usually the magic user wears minimal armor, so as to be protected, but not so covered as to make the ineffective with their spell casting.
  20. Giving the option when a critical failure occurs is neat, and a good idea. It's similar to a number of other games and offers up the opportunity to expand or change things on the fly. I'm curious about your skill of Dodge and proposed secondary attribute of Evasion. Is that not the same thing? What does one do that the other does not? Good to hear that your first playtest ran relatively smoothly!
  21. Masts have a bearing on speed based on the amount of sails on them. You can have a single masted ship with a lanteen sail on it and it can move along nicely. You can have a two-masted ship with square sails on it that can go faster, but handle worse when traveling close-reach or trying to go close-hauled. A ship with 3 masts can have a mix of square sails for speed and some lanteen sails for maneuverability. The problem with each is that the bigger ship you get to handle more masts, the heavier that ship becomes and the more sails are needed to make it move. So, depending on how you
  22. Yep, unfortunate loss to the gaming community. 😢
  23. You intending to keep this very generic? If so, the 5 basic types you mention will work. If you want more emphasis on types, you have Sloops, Schooners, Corvettes, Snows, Frigates, and Ships of the Line. The Sloop Category has Sloops and (if you want to borrow from the old Pirates computer game) Pinnace. Typical of 6 to 10 guns, but could be up to 12 or 14 guns on a sloop-of-war Schooner Category can have Schooners and Xebecs. Typically 8 guns on up to 12-14. Corvettes Category is a bit of misnomer, as a Corvette is military. But there are Brigantines, Brigs and B
  24. IG-11 Type: Holowan Mechanicals IG Series Assassin Droid Cost: Not for sale Size: 2 meters tall Move: 10 DEXTERITY 3D+2 Blaster 6D+2 Grenade 4D+2 Dodge 4D Vehicle Blasters 4D+1 KNOWLEDGE 2D Languages 4D+2 Planetary Systems 3D+1 Value 3D Intimidation 3D (Added programming: Culinary Arts 4D, Home Economics 4D+1) MECHANICAL 2D Repulsorlift Operation 4D Sensors 3D Swoop Operation 4D+1 PERCEPTION 4D Search 6D Search: Tracking 7D Investigation 4D+2
  25. Kuiil is over 200 years old, per human standards, and has served many of those years in indentured servitude of various unpleasant groups. Earlier in his life, Kuiil was enslaved by the Empire, and served many years with them working as a machinist and equipment repairer at an Imperial Mining facility. He performed repairs on various machines and hauling equipment. He even had his hand in repairing and modifying some of the mining droids the Empire used in place of slave labor on planets too dangerous for most living beings. Then came the fateful day when he was t
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