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  1. Awesome work and thank you so much for coming back online! These forums have been a wonderful place to call home over the years.
  2. Yep! And same with Skill Dice as well! You can split them the exact same way. You can split them even further for specialities also.
  3. I guess a similar mechanic would be when you have two or three characters all trying to help each other climb a fence. How do you guys work around something like this? A single roll for the character climbing modified in some way by the other character(s) helping in some way, I imagine. A teamwork modifier. +1 pip per teammate or some such similar to what I mentioned in my previous post. Or! +1d for the first helper +2 (pips) for the second +1 (pip) for the third+ This might represent the degradation of help...too many chefs in the kitchen sort of thing.
  4. A group of us down here in the Fort Worth area are working on playing a skirmish scale minis game using OD6. Everything works perfectly but, what if one of us wanted a unit of characters instead of individuals? A unit of soldiers instead of just one named unique soldier. I'm figuring they get a single die roll for attack + a die for each shooter after the first? Maybe the same with Damage? Though that sounds like WAY too much damage (even is a unit may only include up to 5 minis). Adding Pips sounds like it could work though, taking a full die, of course, after 3 members of the unit.
  5. Howaly smokes, these files are awesome, recrispi! I'll be messing around with them a bit and will definitely point out anything I find as far as bugs. I've been working on something similar myself and it works perfectly but, it's not near as detailed and I didn't know of the formulas I needed to create drop boxes and such so, thank you a million times over, not only for the sheet but, for the education. ...now to do the same with characters and spaceship design. -D
  6. Ah, good call! The quote I pulled that from was Page 40 of D6 Adventure. I know the text is similar in each of the books, and should be right around the same page as well. So, I still don't think I get it though. Hmm
  7. Shew, man, didn't mean to stump you guys that bad! Is there a typo here? I think it should be 9 points to raise it by 1.5, not 8. T = Teleport Rank E = Extended Range Rank (T/2, round up) (T+E)10=Range T=1, E=1 (.5), 6 CP, Range 15 (1+.5)10=15 T=1, E=2, 9CP, Range 20 (1+1)10=20 T=2, E=2, 12CP, Range (2+1)10=30 It doesn't seem quite worth it here until you get a few ranks in each, then you start seeing a major difference. Or, is my math all kinds of jacked up? I don't mind being wrong so, if someone could double check that for me, that'd be awesome!
  8. Can someone explain to me how Extended Range works? I want to create a character with a teleportation ability but the standard 10m/ Rank is way too low for what I'm trying to acomplish (just watched the movie Jumper ); I'd like the character to be able to teleport at least 5000Km. I'm not quite sure how to get there with the way the system currently works though without extremly bending it, which is easily enough a possibility but, aside from that, I just don't understand the math the way it currently works. If I add a single rank of Extended Range to 1 rank of Teleport, Teleport will
  9. So, I'm not sure if Torg is the same as D6 but, It seems like they might come from the Object Toughness (Pg. 75 D6 Adventure) with a bit of creativity added in. Flimsy armour like Leather, Bone & Hide, and even Hard Leather (+1D+1) are all +1s which is in line with the toughness of 'Flimsy' (Plywood door) objects. Whereas harder armours like Chain and the like fall under Tough (hard wood, 'most guns'). I dunno, just throwing it out there. Good question!
  10. Yeah, the cover art is fantastic! Sending it to my work email to read tomorrow. Thank you guys so much for your hard work!!!
  11. I've only explored breaking items a few times but, I did read on page 113 of D6 Adventure it talks about using the Demolitions skill (page 75) to get a bit of a basis when it comes to damaging items which, I imagine, would include armour. Hard Leather Armour (AV +1D+1) Probably counts as 'flimsy' on the Object Construction chart giving it an added toughness of +1D (Maybe super flimsy at +2, instead of +1D?) So, with the technique Grimace mentioned, maybe after the damage roll exceeds the armour roll and damage is taken, roll another die (for flimsy) and see if the armour takes damage.
  12. Been a while since I've been on the forums here but, I definitely want to say that OD6 is the only system I, and my circle of friends use. Though that circle is somewhat small, OD6 is something very special to us.
  13. After reading the chapter on improving character, I can see how having the skill already added to the attribute would make it a bit easier. I still say it looks clunky though.
  14. This came up in a new group I'm playing with online. Basically, I've always written out my skills as: Knowledge 3D Scholar 2D spec. Theology 1D Making my total roll for Theology 6D. The group I'm playing with has a similar result but, it just seems so confusing: Knowledge 3D Scholar 5D spec. Theology 6D So, both ways obviously yield equal results but, which do you guys prefer or which have you always used? As I'm peeking around and my group's character sheets, it's very confusing for me to see the Specializations, Skills, and Attributes already added up
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