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  1. Gyn shrugged, "Nope sorry, maybe you should try using a real weapon. I mean seriously, a knife? How passe... Oh, and for the record, I'm not trying to cop a feel..." Having said that, he came around and executed a spin kick to the side of the woman's head. Followed by a drop into a low stance, and an open handed claw strike to the space between her breasts as he tried to knock the wind from her. He knew the sooner he dealt with this one the less likely the others were to find their backbones and try to gun him down. He had to be fast and brutal, two things an Echani excelled at when they put t
  2. Relying on his danger sense and the Force to guide his movement, Gyn pivoted on his heel so that he was perpendicular to, and outside of the woman's attack and then slid past her as smoothly as if he was skating on ice. As he was doing this he used his one hand to slip the crystal into his pocket, and the other to deliver a swift chop to the back of the woman's neck with the intention of sending her sprawling to the deck. "Yeah, yeah... and I'm the kriffing Batman." Precognitive Round (Danger Sense) Enhance Attribute - Str: 15 [4 + 6 + 5] Actual Round Martial Arts Defense: 20 [5 + 6
  3. Gyn shook his head and grinned inside his hood before holding up his fingers as if he were counting off points, "Ok, first off... type-casting much? I move one small object across the room and all of a sudden I have to be a Jedi or something. Never mind the fact that magicians have been doing that trick for centuries, or that there are plenty of other groups out there that practice with the Force. Second, you and I both know that this isn't your's, as it belongs to either the owner of this suite or whoever HE stole it from. And finally, assuming you're right in your first assumption as to who
  4. Realizing that he'd been spotted, Gyn decided to wing this one with his usual flair and see where it took him. He was fairly certain that he could take the four burglars if it came down to it, it was just a question of whether he had the time to do so given the current crisis. He had to take this one step at a time though, and first things first, he needed that amulet. With that in mind he began moving into the room, doing his best to maintain the gap between him and the gang as he moved over to one side of the room in an attempt to get a better look inside the safe and locate his target. "Sto
  5. Aware of the time crunch he was under, Gyn decided to make a quick assumption, hoping that the floor plan for this cabin was similar to his own and made a break for the door which would have led to the sleeping area in his own quarters. Assuming this was a universal setup, then that was also where the safe was likely to be.
  6. Less then amused that someone had apparently tried to beat him to the punch, Gyn quickly set about reassembling the locking mechanism properly. A few seconds later he was ready to try again, his free hand hanging down near his utility belt just in case he encountered trouble on the other side of the door. Sliding the card once again, he waited for the door to slide open and reveal the room on the other side. Ready for whatever or whomever might await him in the room beyond.
  7. 'Kay, that's cool with me. Hope things calm down for ya soon... on a separate note, has anyone heard from our 3rd intrepid hero recently?
  8. Cursing under his breath at the apparent conspiracy working against him finishing this job efficiently, Gyn removed the passcard and checked it for damage before attempting to swipe it again. He then took a moment to examine the cardreader and lock themselves, checking to see if there was some additional layer of security that he wasn't familiar with from his own cabin. If that was indeed the case then he was going to be seriously pissed, he didn't have time for this sort of poodu after all. Security: 14 [4 + 6 + 4]
  9. The chaos of the adverted brawl combined with the panic caused by the sudden appearance of the Katana Guild seemed to be working in his favor, as the figure was able to make his way over to the lift shafts with little to no distractions. From there it was a short trip up to the next deck and a slight walk down the hall to his destination. Once there he plugged the key he'd pilfered from the Trandoshan into the appropriate slot on the door and waited to see the result. Assuming that this was indeed the correct room, then he would merely look like one of the many passengers scurrying to secure
  10. Satisfied with his prize, the shadowy pickpocket flowed with the crowd towards one of the nearby exits before slipping out into the corridor. Careful not to draw too much attention to himself, he continued down the hall for about a minute or so before drawing his datapad and sliding one of his newest acquisitions into one of the available dataports. It was while he was waiting for the data to load that he took note of the frigate eclipsing the window outside. Uttering a mild curse under his breath, he picked up his pace slightly as he checked the keycard he'd stolen for a room number. It looke
  11. Seeing the impending brawl as his chance, the figure waved off the Ishitib and slipped deeper into the crowd, attempting to use them as cover as he approached the Trandoshan and his human assailant. Quickly closing the distance with his quarry, he made a show of brushing against the struggling Burec as he attempted to break free from the other's hold, hoping to play it off as merely being bumped by someone struggling about in such close quarters. As he was doing this, he made a play for the Trandoshan's pocket, hoping to relieve the sentient of the keycard to his cabin so that he might secure
  12. The time to make his move was fast approaching, with the hand drawing to a close he was going to have to move quickly if he was going to track down that amulet they'd been discussing earlier. He still had no idea what powers it held of course, but given the Arkanian's display of Dark intent earlier he doubted that it could be anything good. That meant that he was going to have to intercept their little transaction before things got out of hand. Leaving a few credits on the table to pay for his meal and tip the staff, the figure rose from his seat and began making his way down to first floo
  13. Now truly intrigued, the figure turned his seat to face the game head-on, no longer worried about being noticed as the commotion down below was already drawing the attention of numerous patrons and thus his interest wouldn't seem abnormal at all. He wished that he had a means of quickly running a check on the names that had just been dropped, especially the Arkanian's, but that sort of technology/resources wasn't exactly readily available to him at the moment so he was just going to have to make do with what was on hand. Instead he merely leaned forward, folding his arms over the railing and r
  14. The mysterious figure seemed to perk up slightly as the Arkanian approached, the ripples in the Force catching his attention and causing a slight smirk to cross his features. Shifting his position slightly, he made sure his danger sense was still extended out as far as it would go and began focusing on the card game starting below. It became immediately apparent that the Arkanian was after something, the body language of the two sentients indicating that whatever they were discussing was important to the both of them. There was also the blatant use of the Jedi Mind Trick, yet another piece of
  15. Works for me, just figured I should check before cutting someone off.
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