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  1. I'm curious; are these embers still glowing at all?
  2. I'm headed on vacation Thursday to Monday. I'll likely return on the 11th. Until then I'll pretty much be without internet access the whole time.
  3. No worries, man. Just do your thing and we'll pick it up where we left off. Cheers.
  4. "I think we're good to go. Delgado seems like a bigger fish than the usual riff-raff we collar. If he's for real, he may be a lead on the drug that we're looking for. What he doesn't tell us is the 'who' or the 'why'...This..." Pivnick looks around uncomfortably before continuing. "...Medusa. We don't know how she's connected, but she is. How or why they need the money -- desperate and/or brazen enough to rob a bank to get it -- we just don't know what the end game is. That? That's what we're trying to find out..." Pivnick shruggs, and his amber eyebrows go higher than usual.
  5. Hmmm, seems like the story has stagnated since being in the vehicle. Unless anyone has anything they really want to do while we're in transit to the Station, can we just say we've arrived? We were making great progress, but it seems to have hit a wall.
  6. Ha! I guess I just assumed he had one. Maybe he doesn't, that's your call, but now I can't get that Todd Jones image out of my head.
  7. Yea, I bet Cole could charm the hell out of somebody for an unmarked car if we needed to go that route. Seduction at 4D+2 -- That must be one sexy mustache!
  8. As Cole drives, Pivnick looks down at his phone do-hickey and frowns, thinking That thing cost me my whole first paycheck. "Captain Dunn mentioned that an unmarked my not be available to us until tomorrow. We're either going to have to fudge some paperwork or expedite the process in some other way. Anyone owe you any favors in Motorpool?"
  9. Pivnick chuckles at the thought, then stops suddenly and furrows his eyebrows. Turning to Kitner, he says "Hey, actually, that's not a bad idea. I mean, yea maybe they don't post their criminal activities on Facebook, but trying to track down any digital footprints at all is something we haven't tried yet. How are you at poking around on the computer, Kitner? I'm sure we have what we need at the station, or, you're welcome to use this..." Pivnick reaches into his hip pouch (NO, it's NOT a fanny pack!) and waggles his fancy phone gadget. He continues, "Either way, we'll have to split up a b
  10. Pivnick addresses the crook, "Alright fine. I've heard what I need to hear from you." He then turns to Cole and Kitner and says "Maybe rolling up in the patrol car isn't the best idea. I say we park it a few blocks away, or see if the paperwork for the undercover vehicle has been processed yet. I don't want any reason to blow an otherwise solid lead." ((OOC: question))
  11. I doubt anyone at Delgado's hideout know me since I'm a rookie, but that's really mbentley's call. Would they recognize Cole or Kitner? Just curious since I was going to have my character suggest who should go in. Sending in all 3 of us together seems like a bad idea.
  12. Pivnick uncuffs his would-be prisoner an backs away, saying to him "Something tells me Delgado isn't going to welcome 'our kind' with open arms. Tell us what we need to know to get access to him. Secret knock? Fancy handshake? Codeword? And if you're lying, we'll be back for you..."
  13. "What do you think, Cole? Should we haul in these nobodies, or should we head to the bodega and check out this Delgado character?"
  14. "Wow. Sounds like they're planning something major. We need to get in front of this Delgado character. This bodega on 21st -- is he usually there around this time?" Pivnick turns to Cole and adds, "If this piece of garbage here is telling the truth, the sooner we get over there the better. What do you say we do with these two in the mean time?
  15. "Why don't we start with who you work for. You're in the streets, and obviously too dumb to organize a racket. And after that, we'll talk about your product line. Specifically if you carry anything a bit more interesting than white powder."
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