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  1. So, we're coming up on a year after my whole debacle with my former company. What debacle you may ask? Sorry, but that's... classified... At any rate, the fallout involved the loss of a friend, a decision (made by me) to cut said former friend out of my life, and a decision (made by my former group) to keep transporting the former friend to the locale where we met rather than seeing things from my side (ex: I'm capable of driving myself and running a game; the former friend, though a decent GM, relied on us to cart him around), all in the name of "Neutrality and inclusivity." Geek social f
  2. Grimace-- Thanks for your feedback. Just so you know, I'm going to be doing everything for free. The business license and permit process was too much of a headache. Not to mention the fact that the SBA was a day late and a dollar short getting back to me regarding my help with said process. More later. Pax et bonum, Dale
  3. This is the corebook I'm referring to. Regarding the other items, I agree. Therein lies the rub - the fact that they weren't released under the OGL. What a loss. I did have one other thought regarding the scaling terms. Instead of using the terms from SWD6 (which we can't use anyway), could we use the terms - names - from the scaling system in the 3.5 OGL? Just a thought. Pax et bonum, Dale Meier Freestar Games
  4. As both a fan and developer, I have a few things I would like to see ported over to OpenD6, but I don't know about the legalities. All of these things come from the D6 version of Star Wars, hence my concern about copyright. These include: Cinematic scaling (using dice steps as an alternative to the granular system) Damage to armor and weapons Martial arts (this was in the SpecForces Handbook) Jury Rigging (presented in Cracken's Rebel Field Guide and Galladinium's Fantastic Technology) A system for designing planetary systems (this appeared in Planets of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and c
  5. Hi! I'm in the process of starting my own e-publishing company and I'm looking for some feedback about what people would like to see with regard to OpenD6. One of the first products I'm looking at releasing are illustrated character sheets as part of character folios for OpenD6. What I'd like to know is what people think of the idea of providing players and GMs with character folios that include illustrated character sheets. Is this something people would buy, expect for free, refuse to buy and if so, why? If you were to purchase the product, what price would you expect to pay?
  6. Hey folks, sorry for the inactivity. I've had to deal with some drama elsewhere in my life but that is quieting down now. I intend to get some more work done on the campaign material and I've seen one character background so far (Janus, I believe that was your's, right?) but have not fully reviewed it next to the material in "Black Sands of Socorro". Thank you for your patience, guys. I really appreciate it. How goes the schooling, Kalzazz? Pax et bonum, Dale
  7. I would definitely shy away from #4 as well. At this stage, allocate 7D to your character's skills and when you get back get in touch with Janus Methedor, Kalzazz, and Rerun941 and work out a background connection with any (or all) of their characters. I'm kind of thinking the Arrogant Noble might be a good fit in the game, but that's just my opinion, please go with whichever of the first three speaks to you the most. Pax et bonum, Dale
  8. Just to let you know, I am going to put up a sector guide. I have to admit I was caught off guard by how the material on Wookieepedia has changed since I originally conceived the info in my original Sumitra sector guide a couple years ago. At any rate, I'm going to do some research and checking before I post the sector guide. Additionally, the sector the game is set in may very well change as well. Pax et bonum, Dale
  9. Force Stunts Beginning Jedi often get shafted when it comes to using their skills, not just because of the aforementioned dilemma, but also because their skills aren’t necessarily made applicable to other aspects of the game. The descriptions of the skills given in the rules point toward this, but nothing is really given beyond their use to actuate the Jedi’s powers. The skills are defined as follows: Control: Control is the Jedi’s ability to control her own body. A Jedi with control can access her own internal well of Force energy, learning harmony with and mastery over the func
  10. I’ve heard a number of complaints from players that Jedi characters and their powers don’t “work right” in the D6 edition of Star Wars as compared to the d20 editions. While the d20 edition of the RPG does have some elegance when it comes to Force powers, the fault does not lie in the D6 system alone. What follows are a number of house rules I’ve added in order to give novice Jedi characters (and even experienced ones) a bit more “oomph” when it comes to combat and other aspects of the mysterious Force. The Concentration Factor One thing players sometimes overlook is the power Concen
  11. Here is the start of the guidelines and house rules for this campaign. Rule Zero (Game Rules): Every rule, race, power, technology, variant rule, etc. is subject to change or removal at the discretion of the GM. Even if a game element is initially permitted, if it is later deemed incompatible with the campaign, it will be modified or removed. Any characters (PC or NPC) that use that element may be required to adjust to the change (in other words, "grandfathering" is not guaranteed). The GM will attempt to keep this sort of thing to a minimum (if at all), but sometimes this may happen in th
  12. "Star Wars: Spec-Ops 4" is fine, Grimace. Thanks for your quick reply on that. Pax et bonum, Dale
  13. Okey dokey, folks -- @Janus - PM sent regarding your lightsaber form rules with an answer to your skill question. @Whill - Are you in? I'm going to go ahead and start working on an OOC thread and will post a regional map to start off with. At this time I'm going to leave recruitment open in hope of recruiting one or two more players. EDIT: Um, speaking of which, how does one go about starting up a game around here... It looks like it's subforum, and I'm sure as a user I don't have the system privileges to start up a subforum for the game... :confused: Pax et bonum, D
  14. I can try. Looking through some of the descriptions, it's obvious that not all of them have examples shown in the EU canon. For example, Form "Zero" and Form I are classified as very basic, rudimentary forms, dating back to the early days of the Jedi Order before the invention of the lightsaber. By the way, we've got two slots open yet. You wouldn't happen to be interested in joining? Pax et bonum, Dale
  15. Just a side note/personal commentary on the lightsaber styles and techniques. It's been a while since I looked at these last and I'm not entirely sure I had the write ups complete. Looking through it, some of it appears a bit "cookie-cutter" in the requirements department. If you have any questions, concerns or constructive comments, let me know; I might pull them out and work them over some more. EDIT: I found another version that might fit better. I'm still going to tinker before we really get into forms and the like, with your input. Pax et bonum, Dale
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