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  1. Hey everyone, I just posted a link on my Astral Empires game blog relating to some of the other OpenD6 projects we're finishing up. Two of these games are complete, more or less, and the others just need the background/character descriptions, etc. finished before they'll be done too. Here is the link to find out a little more about the games we're releasing in the near future (all OpenD6-based): http://astralempiresgame.blogspot.com/2011/08/other-upcoming-opend6-settings-from.html D6 has always been my favorite RPG system so it's been a lot of fun developing settings for the OpenD6 ver
  2. That would be great. PM me your email address and I'll send you some stuff to look over!
  3. Hey there, A month or two ago we published our first set of OpenD6 materials for Astral Empires: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=91486 Now that we're finishing on our Lightspeed RPG Conversion for OpenD6 I had a couple of questions: We are wanting to make a couple of simple changes to the rules in order to make the Lightspeed conversion more like 1st Edition Star Wars (which was Lightspeed's original inspiration-it's a long story... ) Anyway, what are the simplest ways to do that? I've read some of the threads about "What is different between the original WE
  4. In answer to this thread's question: We have already published the first three Astral Empires OpenD6 books (available here as a bundle: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=91486&filters=0_0_0_10020 ) and now that I just sent off the files for the Lightspeed conversion for Mongoose Traveller I'm planning to finish the Lightspeed OpenD6 book. Also, we're done with an epic fantasy game powered by OpenD6 (entitled "Terra Generis") with sort of a LOTR meets The Wheel of Time meets Sword of Shannara feel so that should be published soon. Also, the skirmish game Astral
  5. To be completely honest it was a design goal to keep the core Astral Empires rules very close to D6 Space so that people would have the option to buy just the individual sourcebooks. The idea being that each book will cover a specific timeframe of the Astral Empires universe (02100 AD, 02200 AD, etc. up to 50,000 AD) and replicate the different feels of various types/sub-genres of popular and obscure science fiction. Many elements of the first three products (Core Rules, GM book, Technology Guide) are drawn right out of D6 Space with something of an Astral Empires universe "overlay". That
  6. It took some time due to the aftermath of the tsunami (my other main project is in disaster readiness/preparedness) but it looks like the Astral Empires D6 RPG is just about ready for sale at the main RPG download sites. There are three books in total, the Core Rules, the Galaxy Master's Guide and the Technology Guide. The core rulebook should be available by tomorrow (so no link yet). I believe there is/will be a discount for buying them bundled. Following shortly (probably beginning of June) will be two of the settings sourcebooks including the one for Lightspeed. There is also a ship bo
  7. I'm getting close to finishing an Astral Empires version of the Miniatures Battles rules. It will work with either minis or the counters that will come with it and will be focused on skirmish battles between the Gladitorial Axis and the Unified Fleet Xenolegions, but we plan to also do some army books that will introduce other factions for players to use. As I said, each book will come with counters in the back you can use along with recommendations for minis makers who produce products that would work well with it. Should be a lot of fun! (At least, I'm having fun adapting the material int
  8. I just uploaded the files for publishing Astral Empires: The Roleplaying Game. Three books make up the game, all built upon the OpenD6 rules with some tweaks here and there to fit the Astral Empires universe. The first book is the Core Rules composed of all the character creation material and basic aspects of the game, the second is a GM's guide designed for use both with Astral Empires and usable with other sci-fi games, and lastly is a technology guide called "Interstellar Arsenal" with the equipment, starship design rules, etc. We tried to keep this core set of products close to the base
  9. Sorry to necro this thread, but.... Related to my recent questions here: http://www.wegfansite.com/forum/showthread.php?2879-A-Few-Design-OGL-Questions I assume this minis combat system is now available under the OGL? If so, who do I credit for the work of putting it together (along with the two original designers Stephen Crane and Paul Murphy)? I'm going to use this as the basis for one or two Astral Empires sourcebooks (Astral Empires: Xenolegions and possibly Astral Empires: Alpha Marines) and I want to provide proper credit for the person who put this together. Thanks! Kevin
  10. Thanks for the responses. The conversion of the miniatures game is exactly what I was looking for. Something that connects with the RPG but allows for additional gaming elements to be included. I'd like to also do a starfighter game extension, but wasn't sure about "Star Warriors", so thanks for the clarification. I suppose I could ask Eric if it'd be okay to do a generic version and make it available for OpenD6. Perhaps I'll approach him about it once I get a couple of these current projects published. Thanks again!
  11. The people here in this forum have already been immensely helpful to me in finishing the design work on the Astral Empires OpenD6 RPG, and I wanted to start by saying "thank you" to all of you (especially to Lee Torres and Prime Evil). I am extremely appreciative of this forum. Anyway, I had a couple of questions that came up as I was working on Astral Empires "stuff" tonight and was wondering if some of you kind folks could help me on a few more things. #1. I'm working out a system I'm calling "Retro6" for the first Astral Empires sourcebook ("Great Galactic Wars") which basically rolls t
  12. "OpenD6" it is, then! I'm kind of new to all this, so thanks for your patience. I had developed this game for Mongoose Traveller, but then remembered reading in this forum quite a while back and nostalgia caused me to switch gears and go OpenD6. It'll take me a little time to figure out all the particulars, and I appreciate all the advice and feedback. Kevin Creator of "Astral Empires"
  13. Thanks for the followup responses. I should have clarified that this was not the final workup, but I wanted to provide a basic "look and feel" for feedback. I'll make the tweaks you guys suggest and make sure it is geared towards the current state of the game. But as far as the "feel" does it seem about right? I know it's geared towards the sci-fi end of things, since that's what we're doing, but I suppose the images could be swapped out for anything you guys might be working on. Thanks, Kevin PS. I will add the link for our web site for Astral Empires which is: www.scifirpg.com, whic
  14. I just wanted to offer to share the two-page .PDF I made from the old WEG "How the Game Works" pamphlet. Truth is, there wasn't much to do, but I redid it to include with our Astral Empires RPG and updated it to Open D6. If anyone wants the .PDF just send me an email at: portnovamedia AT gmail.com Looks like this, basically: http://astralempiresgame.blogspot.com/2011/02/open-d6-how-game-works-pamphlet.html
  15. Oh, and yes we are linking the RPG level of play with the tactical starship combat level of play. But that interface won't be published with the initial books. It will be more focused on a single ship level of granularity, unless PCs are in a position to influence larger fleet battles. We also have a strategic and 4x level of play within the Astral Empires universe being created. But all do relate to the RPG if players so choose. One more quick note... I actually think that Lightspeed will be our most popular initial offering as I've read for years people saying "Man I wish this system
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