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  1. Honestly I am intentionally keeping my expectations very low. I was utterly disappointed with the prequel movies, because of a number of elements too numerous to count (Stalker Anakin, and Napoleonic Battles with blasters are just the tip of the iceberg), this couple with the fact that Abrams movies have been very hit or miss for me. His storytelling lacks real depth, and while this might make for a decent high speed adventure it generally lacks a sustainable drive. I sincerely hope I am wrong but I am expecting this movie to be a fun ride, without any real lasting quality about it, something the original trilogy in its original form does have. So for me I am really trying to not get caught up in it, so I can watch it with as impartial a frame of mind as I can. I really, really, really want a GREAT Star Wars movie, instead of what we got with the prequels.
  2. T = Teleport Rank E = Extended Range Rank (T+[(E/2)*T])*10m=Total Range T=1, E=1, 6 CP, Range 15m (1+[(1/2)*1])*10m=15m T=1, E=2, 9CP, Range 20m (1+[(2/2)*1])*10=20m T=2, E=2, 12CP, Range 40m (2+[(2/2)*2])*10=40m Hope that helps.
  3. Well it generally helps if you note the book and page number for the items you are referencing, anyway. Each factor of extended range costs 3 points and raises the range by .5. So for Teleport 4 (12points) Extended Range 1 (3 points) the Range is as if you had Teleport 6 so 60m. With Extended Range 2 (6 points) your range would be as if you had Teleport 8 so 80m. With Extended Range 3 (9 points) your range would be as if you had Teleport 10 so 100m. With Extended Range 4 (12 points) your range would be as if you had Teleport 12 so 120m. So your third example is incorrect. The range should be 40m. Hope that helps.
  4. My suggestions are as follows: 1) Require a basic skill in whatever you use to represent computer use, but don't consistently require rolls. 2) Require a Research or Search roll to find stuff. Search engines are great, but you still need to know how to query, or what to query for. This can be very time consuming. 3) Always add a time element to the game. If you know a skill or how to do something you should get things done quicker, and usually without any glitches. 4) Misdirection. You know that Google, and Apple Maps are not 100% accurate. 5) A website is only as good as its last update. That place they are looking for moved, someone with the skill would likely know that, the player with the phone only knows what he is being told. 6) Environmental incidences, your phone gets wet bye, bye phone. You smash it, in a fall, it gets stolen, you lose it, the battery dies, etc. Shit happens, watch the frequency and you should not have a problem with it. 7) Have the damn thing ring at the wrong time, such as when someone is stealthing around. 8) Ambush them, because walking around with an iphone in hand trying to navigate is a sure fire way to get a cap in your ass. Conversely the guy with Navigation does a quick map study and proceeds only occasionally referring back to the map. It is essentially a compact map so no big deal. 9) No bonuses, it is a reference tool, it either makes things possible for you to accomplish, or not. You either get the information you need or not, it makes things easier or not. Anecdote: My father in law could not find a very specific electronic part online. I found it in fifteen minutes. He was ready to give up, I knew it was likely to exist and that simply the correct search criteria needed to be there. It used up more time, but it allowed me to eventually get the job done. He would likely never have found it becuase he lacked the frame of reference of naming conventions, or even really where to look. It made the job possible, but would provide no aid if I did not know what I was doing. Hope that helps.
  5. Thank you gentlemen. Also the Blog options are still not working for me, FYI.
  6. I recently attempted to use the contact us option, and also sent a private message to an admin with no response. It has been almost two weeks, so I am wondering if it is perhaps a system issue. Thanks for any assistance.
  7. You can structure a "technique" with a couple of variable, at different difficulties. That should cover some of the on the fly nature, and only bust out the full ruleset when thye decide to do something completely over the top.
  8. Interesting discussion. Anyway my couple of cents, since I tangentially have something similar in a project I am working on. The setting book I am working on is distinctly a fantasy setting, however the "magic" of the setting is science based. Some of the "spells" involve making an Archetypal Companion. What is this? Think of an Artifical Intelligence in a piece of jewelry. How does it work? Very much like a modern computer, except it thinks for itself. How is it constructed? Well usually it involves rare elements, or in the most recnt case a sheet of glass with weird runes on it, so maybe it is a computer based on trapped light...you know it is "magic". What I am saying is looking at the magic and miracles section of the books, or any similar subsystem might give you ideas for how to handle supertech which might as well be magic to the casual observer, but to the practitioner it is both art and science. In some cases you have an idea of how to make something work, but you don't really understand every last bit of it. It's a fine line, but I think it is a unique way to get extra mileage out of the system without having to design a whole new subset of rules to handle it.
  9. I have responded via private message, so check your inbox
  10. Good to hear. My head almost exploded when I found the godaddy advert
  11. Well the D6 sytem is an elegant game from a more civilized time Naturally the forum would be pretty cool.
  12. Well honestly the way the dice work and skills are set up in many games are very similar. Shadowrun (All editions), World of Darkness (New and Old), and FUDGE all have enough similarities to make the same claim. I mean really the only reason to claim association with D6 is to partake of the customer base, legally speaking if things are different enough it is a case of no harm no foul. Also just because you were influenced by a particular game system does not mean you have to "do a shout out". I know during the process of making my "D6 Legends" variant, it started as a Mongoose Runequest setting/variant. It did not really do what i wanted it to do, it was too random. I moved to regular old Generic D6, and it had similar problems. I played with a multi-d20 pick the best roll and fixed modifiers, but that turned into a numbers game and had the same lack of tactile involvement that I think is key to involving players, it just becomes addition, no real action, and the variance was still something I don't like. When I speak of variance or randomness I am referring to the luck factor. I like a certain degree of it both as a player and a GM, but in the end most times skill should prevail, unless there is a one in a million occurence, if you are skilled you are luckier is my motto. I knew I needed to look to dice pools to provide the right mechanics for my game. I looked at d6, d10, and d12 dice pools with adjustable target numbers and all sorts of fiddly bits. None of these met all of my requirements. D6 Legends did not meet my requirements at all either, yet I am going to release it as OGL under the D6 license for a number of reasons. It is similar enough that a person who likes D6 Legends will likely enjoy my game, so it becomes a marketing point there. I am not the only person in the world who likes a game built the way I have built this game. I have played and GM'd for over 30 years and never found a game that satisfied all my requirements, this one finally does, and it is easily adapted to different genres. It can be played as a cinematic story (baseline) or a tactical exercise (in process of designing the high density tactical rules/optional because I know some people love miniatures and the boardgame aspect of some RPGs). So part of me wants to let others build on that for their unique settings or campaigns if they want to, and this adds to the community which I enjoy being a part of. So that is reason number two. Reason number three is that I personally feel it is the right thing to do, because I want to OGL it, and I will make a nod to those games which influenced me in other ways in the foreword. I gather that anyone making a product goes through a similar process and sometimes they don't have the same conclusion I had, that is their prerogative. I could easily release my product as a unique system, but I won't, because I don't think it hurts my IP in anyway over the long haul to associate myself with a product that is now essentially public domain. I guess it goes hand in hand with being a big believer of opensource software
  13. I have been working on this game for about three years now in my spare time, and it has been playtested over the past year and a half. Currently the rules are simple, streamlined, and undergoing some final editing. The goals for the system were in order 1) Provide a quick to read, easy to understand game for first time players. 2) Ensure rolling the dice is meaningful and quick. 3) Minimize special rules, subsystems and charts; everything you need to run a game fits on a single reference sheet. 4) No special materials required to run the game, no dice other than d6. 5)Character completion in under 15 minutes. 6) Reading the rules, understanding them, and GMing a game easily done in under 30 minutes. 7) Child friendly ruleset. The game is essentially a very simplified D6 Legends. Having 16 months of playtesting to get to this point, I am planning on expanding the playtest to GM's who were players of mine in the past. This presents the problem of a closed system, where people who might think in a similar manner, or like many of the same things I do, are giving me critical feedback for the product. I believe the polish necessary for a good product requires a wider testing audience. With that in mind I am looking for individuals interested in participating in a wider playtest. The Core Rules will be released as OGL with add on items being a mix of OGL, and proprietary IP. I am looking to begin this stage of development by June of 2014. So I am essentially conducting an open call for additional playtesting groups, and I would like to extend that to the regulars of this community. If you wish to express interest or have questions please post them. The initial setting is a Fantasy Setting, however I will be adding to the Core Rules to include the basics for Modern, and SciFi settings, principally as regards equipment and skill clarification.
  14. I look forward to seeing this as I will be rolling out a D6 Legends variant aimed at simplifying and shortening the core rules at some point in the near future.
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