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  1. Ok looking to go with a Tunroth Bounty Hunter. he will be relatively new to the business and is employed by an low level Bonds man that sends jobs his way peroidically. Can we assume his planet and people in this time period are relatively new to the galactic community. He was the best hunter in his tribe and decided to branch out to a wider hunting ground once his planet was invaded by the Iotran. He was able to "Convince" some smugglers taking refugee on his planet take him off world where he started hiring himself out as a Bodyguard/Merc/Bounty Hunter. He has mostly melee and primative
  2. Cool jsut looking at my options. Might take a while to come up with something since I am only used to the core Star Wars rules and hav eto dig into the updated D6 rules. (downloaded the books but haven't had much time to delve to deeply into then). Will look through races and such to at least pin down what I want to play.
  3. Any racial restrictions? Are Droids allowed as PC's? (just wondering because I haven't decided on a race yet.)
  4. So is the gmae set in days of the Old Republic as the thread title indicates? How many dice do I build him off of. Also what edition are you using?
  5. Sorry to here about your employment situation. I am fine with putting it on hold. But if others waht to GM then that is fine by me.
  6. "Well the ship ain't that big but sure if it fancies you. Your are now my chief of security. Can you fly a trasnport? I am also in need of a copilot and a gunner."
  7. Good Luck...I am going through the a similar issue right now....moving from a JV back to a parent company and *sarcasim on* loving every minute of it!
  8. Jorax replies,"I am just starting out so I am game for anything right now. Although probably not here. I plan to go off world and seek my fortune elsewhere."
  9. "Fine by me. With what I suspect jsut happened getting of planet maybe difficult for a while. What about you guys?" Looking at his 2 crew members.
  10. Jorax says,"Well Jaster your the local expert. Take us where we might avoid any unwanted inspections."
  11. Jorax suspiciously shakes Kentir's hand. He feels thier is somethign going on here and let it be know. So he will back off and see how it plays out. He says,"Captain Jorax of the Star Treader. This is my crew motioning to the others."
  12. Jorax reacts to the explosion by hanging onto the seat in front of him and says,"What the frag!" When the two people squeeze into the cab he replies to their remark,"That was no lightning strike that was an explosion from a detonated device! The timing between the flash and the explosion was off." He suspiciously looks at the two newcomers. "How did you know if it was lightning when neither one of you reacted or looked up when the explosion hit? Almost like you were expecting it." He looks at Jaster and his 2 employees,"Something doesn't smell right here."
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