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  1. At one point the former owner of WEG talked about some of the numbers for producing a book. The cost of printing them was one of the lowest parts (like $4/book for a book that might sell for $40). The major costs are time. Time for the writers, for the editor, for layout, for the artwork/artist, which don't change just because you choose to not send it to print. Also you have to factor in how many copies do you think you'll sell into the pricing of the books to make back the time and effort that went into making it. The PDF that is made for online selling is the same one that is sent to the pr
  2. More than one "corebook" to buy as part of the construction? You don't have to buy the other core books. Each one is a stand-alone game, just like the various settings for the Warhammer 40K universe are. They are supposed to be integratable, but that doesn't mean they are the same. If the 40K settings are any example, then the characters might share stats in common, but the baseline in each book will probably be different. Also, each is slated to be about a year apart, so it's not like they are being dumped down all at once. July 2013, May 2014, then either late 2014 or early 2015 for the
  3. Lower cost of entry? Reducing them from full color to just B&W reduces the cost to produce the book by only a few dollars per book. Also, $60 isn't that expensive when you consider how many games are bought for PCs or Consoles that are easily in that range. So, $60 for 500 pages is fine. Even D&D4e is $35 for 320 pages... and you need 3 books to run the game, so $105 + dice to get into it. And just for comparison. D&D Player's Handbook was $20 in 1989. Per the rates of inflation the US has undergone, that same book would be almost $38 and was a B&W printing.
  4. Other than being laminated, I'm not sure what this Kickstarter offers that isn't already offered from the likes of "Fabled Environments" on RPGnow (http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=3118). They offer maps of modern hotels, clubs, banks, etc... already that can be printed in sections or, if you have access to them (Staples, Kinkos, Architectural firms, etc...), larger formats.
  5. You can't perform First Aid on yourself if you aren't awake. Once you're KOd (Knocked Out), you're out... heheh
  6. Died today at the age of 91... http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20594970,00.html Faber turned to Montag and said “I saw the way things were going a long time back. I said nothing. I am one of the innocents who could have spoken up and out when no one would listen to the guilty. But I did not speak and thus became one of the guilty.”
  7. Judging by the returned page (a godaddy placeholder) I'm guessing that Jasyn stopped paying for the site (or missed a payment). The name still resolves in DNS, so the name is still registered.
  8. So, nothing really major. And if they players only read the D6 book and I handle the conversions of the adventures myself, they really wouldn't know that it was different. From reading the TORG R&E book it seems that most of the stuff is just a direct conversion over (divide scores by 3 to get the dice and use the remainder as pips). Target numbers can either be left as static values or converted to +n. My only real concern is the change in the game statistics of going from a single D20 roll to an XD6 roll. I'm thinking of starting the game just prior to the actual Invasion of the othe
  9. What really is that different from the current D6 (Adventure/Space/Fantasy) vs the older D6? Reading through the books there isn't any real differences between these and what was presented for Star Wars decades ago other than the cap for humans being raised to 5D from 4D and the introduction of the Advantage/Disadvantage system.
  10. Unless the players are actually going to participate directly in the events of the movies, then there really isn't a reason to extend the time between them. The Galaxy is a HUGE place with tons of possibilities for adventures. Even with the Emperor and his right hand dead at the end of the 6th episode, there is still tons for the Rebellion to do before they could take back the whole galaxy from all the various warlords. Plus you have the rise of the Second Empire (Dark Empire comics) and such...
  11. So, I have a small group of players and was thinking of running TORG, but wanted to use the D6 system (gave them copies of D6 Adventure). I have some of the old Infiniverse issues and other books from TORG for adventure seeds/modules. Any recommendations on converting to D6?
  12. Interesting... this product's title seemed familiar... then I remembered a recent release from Triple Ace Games... Daring Tales of the Rocket Rangers which went on sale a few weeks ago, heheh.
  13. Interesting. ROI was only 2:1 for the latest Trek. Star Trek II had closer to 8:1 ROI and if you compare GDE of it vs the latest Trek and scale the amount to account for inflation of the $ since 1982, you get $209 Million for ST2 vs $257 Million for Star Trek (2009). (Star Trek II Only had domestic distribution). If you then scale GDE by the change in population (assuming similar numbers as a % of the population would see it today as did in 1982), then ST II would have had a GDE of $274 Million.
  14. The cost of a thing is very subjective as it depends on the setting. What should something cost in modern day US vs in Star Wars vs Firefly vs X... Good example: A tramp freighter just doesn't exist today, so it would cost Infinite $$$ to get. But in Star Wars it costs 25,000 Credits used, where 1 credit is approximately $1.
  15. I know it isn't "Open", but why not use D6 Powers from Khepera Publishing? http://www.godsendagenda.com/d6.html
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