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  1. I want to put out more Star Wars stuff! The Star Wars RPG was the best game I ever played. I could run that game, for literally twelve-hour marathon sessions, without cracking a book. The rules were that easy to understand and the setting, well it's STAR WARS! Course, the Lucasfilm License is one of the more valuable and well protected IPs out there... Could I get away with making a superficially different campaign setting and use it to put out new SW material without using the Lucasfilm IP? All new Planets, Aliens, Spacecraft, Scenarios etc. that don't directly reference any of th
  2. I'll have my article submitted by the sixth. Looking forward to it!
  3. This is an excerpt from Blue Max Studio's The Pumpkin-Suit's Manual: Easy Rules for Hard Science Fiction: Decompression At the opposite end of the spectrum is when damage to a spacecraft is so severe that the habitat loses pressure. Explosive decompression, while not as severe as the term suggests, is still a time-critical evolution that ends in either a successful repair of the hull, or death for any astronauts unlucky to be trapped inside the breached compartment. Description: “It's the worst feeling in the world – the gentle breeze of vital atmosphere bleeding away out of the punct
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]78[/ATTACH] How does a Command Module execute an orbital rendezvous? What does it take to accomplish a space walk? If there is a fire in free-fall, can you even see it? For those of us gamers who really want to embrace the Hard SF experience, these are important questions. The Pumpkin Suit's Manual: Easy Rules for Hard Science Fiction is an attempt to answer them. The Pumpkin Suit's Manual is a 41-page PDF product with rules for space launches, EVA Combat, Damage Control, and Free-fall maneuvering, as well as Character Templates and equipment for your space campaign
  5. I'm in. I was gonna do an orginization, with Background, Character Templates, a map, and Adventure seeds. Sound good?
  6. The Black Desert RPG: 2012 Update Now that we've talked a little about what's coming up in the next couple three months, let's take a look at what the rest of the year has to offer. One of the advantages of breaking down the Core Book into smaller supplements is that it provides a steady stream of smaller milestones that will keep the pipeline full of Hard Science-y goodness all the live long year. Between that and all of the ideas I've been picking up from my new Christmas and birthday books, such as The Case for Mars, Failure is Not an Option, and Rocketmen, I am prepared for the n
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]73[/ATTACH] "Started as the mad dream of billionaire philanthropist Walter Hopkins, The Destiny Foundation is credited for sending more civilians into orbit than any other agency in the history of spaceflight. Faced with such success and heedless to the warnings that the asteroid mining bubble was reaching critical mass, Hopkins ordered the development of a new kind of vehicle, one that would not only cut the costs of reaching orbit, but give families and private persons the capacity to travel space in their own private craft. While Hopkins did not live long enough to see hi
  8. As fun a pun as that is, I'm afraid it was unintentional. I do this all time...
  9. After getting a lot of positive response on this project, I've decided to advance the publication date to February 16th. Below is a draft of the Manual's outline. Any and all input is welcome. Astronaut Candidate's Handbook (The “Pumpkin-suit's” Manual) I. Introduction A. Hard Science Fiction B. About the Format II. Training A. Astronaut Specialities i. COMM/AST ii. Engineering iii. Life-Support iv. Payload III. Launch A. Chemical Rockets B. Catapult C. Laser Propulsion D. SSTO IV. Orbita
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]70[/ATTACH] New Project: The Pumpkin Suit's Handbook I know I've already got about three month's worth of new projects in the pipeline, but it's never too early to plan ahead for future releases, especially when you're putting together a whole gaming company solo. As the title suggests, This new project is a resource for players getting into the world of Hard SF space travel. What The Pumpkin Suit's Handbook is about Unlike soft SF, which draws a lot of it's spaceflight inspiration from modern naval tradition and a huge amount from WWII, Hard SF ge
  11. Just released our latest supplement for The Black Desert Role-Playing Game on the 16th. In this PDF, The Black Desert: Species, we showcase the four playable races in the game: AI, Humans, NuApes, and Trans-humans. Just to give all you fans of good 'ole fashioned D6 SF a taste, here is a preview of your article on Humans. Enjoy! [ATTACH=CONFIG]68[/ATTACH] Humans Humans are the oldest and most numerous sentient species extant on Terra. There is some question in recent years as to weather or not they are still the most dominant. History Homo sapiens have existed in their curre
  12. I probably haven't looked at a Shadowrun book in years...I totally forgot that. Anyway, the reason for UACS and Pacifica stemmed from the concept of Brazil becoming a major superpower in the future. Everything else is a derivative of that. The reason I had for melding the eastern US with eastern Canada had to do with history, actually. I have used a lot of historical events from the interbellum period between WWI and WWII as the inspiration for the setting. In addition to this being one of the my favorite periods in art history (Picasso, Matisse, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Rivera, Kahlo surre
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