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  1. I totally forgot about this forum, thanks for the reminder. I don't know if you remember but I published a Mini Six superhero supplement called Mighty Six. I'm in the process of playtesting an updated version called "Sixcelsior!" (an admittedly working title). Wondering if I can bounce ideas off you guys or, wondering if anyone is interested in playtesting Cheers Thresh
  2. Too true, I mean no disrespect to Germany or America, only that RPGs, like fiction or art, can be used to reflect on society and history as a whole in the comfortable confines of the genre. I've found some very stimulating discussions about philosophy, politics and history erupt out of gaming sessions spontaneously. Another very welcome benefit of roleplaying games. The Pulp genre encompasses so many powerful themes (fascism, racism, class-ism etc) it's hard not to have deep discussions while kicking the snot out of pillow case wearing thugs (in game of course).
  3. Sounds great, but i'm a Mini Six apostate, so of course I think Mini Six would be a great fit for fast paced cinematic. One of my playtest groups told me thy ran a Pulp session using Mighty Six at 25 Power Points or less. They said it worked out pretty well, but it was only a one-off. Imagine, a bunch of German gamers, playing '30's style American Pulp, beating up Nazis. How the world turns.
  4. This is really great! Would you be upset if I downloaded it and played it with my group? I don't know if you plan on selling it or if you're giving it away.
  5. Yer welcome pardner, you should check out my superhero game available at drivethrurpg.com under the title Mighty Six. At some point Mighty Six Enterprises is going to put out WilD6West as an actual monograph with a couple of adventures I've written. Anyway, thanks for your interest.
  6. Hey, I'm working on a product for Mighty Six called VI-llains (Roman numeral six, hahaha, get it?). It's a folio of morally challenged individuals for use with the Might Six RPG. Would something like that, perhaps serialized for D6 Magazine be of interest? Each issue has a villain, it's write-up, stats and perhaps adventure seeds or an actual adventure. Maybe it's a six part series.
  7. I use similar rules in my homebrew stuff and the stuff I publish. Have a look at the automatic weapon rules in Mighty Six, although intended for Mini Six they might work for you. They go something like this: Fully automatic weapon fire is a little bit like using a firehose. You're gonna hit a lot of things (some of them not what you wanted to hit), and those that you do hit might receive more than one hit. Auto fire adds both to your chances of hitting and to damage, proportional to the selected rate of fire. Many modern assault weapons can empty their clips in seconds, so shooters have to use "controlled bursts", unless using something with a more selective fire (three shots like some modified M-16s). Usually I ask the players how many rounds they wish to squeeze off (unrealistic I admit, but rolling a die to determine the number each time is onerous). Each round fired adds a +1 pip to hit, +1 pip to damage. I limit the bonus to damage at +6 per target, no matter how many UZI rounds you fire at 6" steel plate, you ain't gettin' through. For each intended target I subtract 1 pip from both to hit and damage until back to baseline die codes. If I'm playing with a grid/hex battle map, I might subtract another pip for each square/hex of width of the field of fire (assuming a 1.5 meter distance per unit). So multiple targets spread out are safer than clustered low number or single targets. So let's say some fictional automatic weapon does 5D damage and the shooter has 5D Skill. She fires a burst of 10 rounds at three people clustered together. She will enjoy a +7 bonus to hit, and a +6 bonus to damage (remember the damage limit). If we say that the three targets are in a three square wide area, that's another three pips knocked off, making it +4 to hit, +4 damage on each target. If she unloads her entire 20 round clip at an Elder God, she'll probably hit it (+20), but only enjoy a +6 to damage. Complications (1 on the Wild Die) always has a stray round hitting an unintended target, or jamming/overheating the weapon. Similarly, shotguns using shot (not slugs) have a spread phenomena. At PB range, shot behaves like a slug, doing regular damage to a single target. At each range interval (short, medium etc) I subtract 1D of damage, but spread it over an additional 1.5m square/hex. So a 5D damage shotgun, would do 5D damage to a single target at PB, 4D at Short but to all targets in one square, 3D at medium to all targets within two facing squares, 2D to all targets within three facing squares and so on. It ain't perfect but it works fer me.
  8. Thanks Grim, It was a lot of fun drawing up those old adds. I slipped in a lot of silly humor, and my co-writer's doctored adds are hilarious. "Minions wanted: suicidal loyalty a plus!" priceless. I hope you like the rest of it. I recently started my own Mighty Six campaign, up until now I'd only allowed myself to observe other groups playtest it. Much more satisfying to actually GM it. It's a scream, a high power level, save the world kind of campaign. I can't wait to start releasing the support material. Currently putting the finishing touches on "Day of the Commuter", the first adventure. And I've submitted an adventure to the next edition of D6 Magazine called "Scratch-and-Kill". Thanks for picking it up, Stay MIGHTY
  9. Hey MIGHTY Gamers, It's finally up and running on drivethrurpg, the print version of MIGHTY SIX Enjoy! /rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/123949/The-Mighty-Six Stay tuned for "Day of the Commuter", an original adventure for MIGHTY SIX by Mighty Six Enterprises
  10. While I would never characterize myself as "knowledgeable" I'll give you my two coppr pieces. I've seen others simply refer to the "material on pages so and so" as the intellectual property of the license holder. This is done in their OGL document usually at the end of the document. I either do that or reference it as such in the text somehow. So far no "cease and desists".
  11. Definitely, I'd buy it. Make it and post it, what have you got to lose but time? And you're already spending time thinking about it and writing it anyway so you may as well go for broke. Sharing it with the D6Online crowd is awesome, but by making it available to a larger gaming market you'll be helping to bring D6 to a higher profile. On this forum you're preaching to th choir, sell it on DTRPG and you're reaching far more people. That's how I rationalize it, this stuff would be occupying my thoughts anyway, so why not give it some real form, and maybe even make a few bucks. It's time spent writing, illustrating, planning layout, marketing and just shooting the S#!t with a few buddies. To me, that's not time wasted, it's time well spent. I don't know if you're artistic at all, but if illustration is an issue, I think there's a lot of art from that time period that would b considered "public domain".
  12. Hey Cheshire, I'm working on an article on suggestions for the PowerSource mechanic in Mighty Six, for those "catch-all", nebulous kinds of powers that are hard to define in game mechanics. You know, stuff like "The Power Cosmic" and "Master of Time" and so on. As expected, people playing the game have found ways to use the rules that we hadn't quite thought of (but wish we had). I've already submitted (and I think it's been accepted) a single session Mighty Six Adventure. I laughed my ass off running it with my group, I think it's a lot of fun. Hopefully others will too. It's illustrated (by me) and statted out with a battlemap and everything, so your heroes can kick some ass and cause lots of collateral damage. Angst, explosions and sporty moms in "Scratch-And-Kill: Convenience Store Crackdown" Stay tuned Mighty Gamers!
  13. Thanks J, what kind of deadline do I have?
  14. I can think of a somewhat mediocre little site: www.mightysixenterprises.com it maaaaaaay have some super heroic related material. Maybe.
  15. That's very cool, I've been wanting to run a Mini Six Kurosawa/Tales of the Otori style campaign for ages. I can never capture the interest of enough players though. I've run a short campaign using Runequest and their out of print Nippon supplement. Although it looks very cool, I just can't get into Rokugan. They've mixed up Japanese, Chinese and other Asian influences, and to me they are all seperate and wonderful cultures and mythoses to explore. I'd run a Five Kingdoms Campaign with totally different themes and ideas than a Samurai saga, so combining them never made any sense to me. I've been wanting to put together a Daisho supplement for Mini Six too, once Mighty Six and WilD6West are in full gear. I'll be waiting with baited breath to see what else you come up with.
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