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  1. Was anyone else moved by Grimace's speech? I'm all ready to pick up my golf club and run off to battle and shiz.
  2. Just FYI: Technically and officially, it's OpenD6. Sans hyphen.
  3. No real in-world justification. It's more of a schtick. Classes provide gamers with a foundation, or a direction. Especially new gamers. Not all gamers want that, granted. But for myself, and from every new person I've ever introduced to roleplaying -- there's a bit of disorientation without some sort of "class-like" structure. Character types. Templates are fine and dandy, but they still feel either too insubstantial, or too bossy -- e.g. "put dice in this and that." What I want is something between a template and a class. Something that has some actual mechanics (i.e. - skill improve
  4. A complete setting that isn't too niche. Something capable of appealing to a mass audience. Personally, I think a fully fleshed-out fantasy milieu, with traditional elements coupled with some unique twists would do the trick. Well-structured layout and writing, with attractive artwork. Polished and complete, in both setting and rules. A game ready to go. THEN -- distribution. Get it on the shelves or on e-commerce sites. Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and definitely local game shops. If there's any money to be spent toward marketing, the better. Posters at game shops. On-line ads. Lulu.c
  5. Fair points, Grimace. I'm thinking of having classes (working label) encompass primary, secondary, and tertiary skills. So, if a skill is considered primary for a particular class, then it costs the normal amount to improve. That is, a number of character points equal to the current skill dice to raise it by one pip. Secondary skills would cost twice as much for one pip, and tertiary three times as much. This would still allow for cross-pollination, but make the character's chosen path more relevant — even over time. At this point, however, I'm leaning toward just using three broad
  6. Interesting. Though I would prefer a type to have lasting effects -- such as affecting the cost of certain skill improvements. I'm still toying with the idea.
  7. Well, I'm debating whether or not to include some sort of "class-like" component. I'm still not entirely certain how it would look. What's your experience?
  8. I'm working on a fantasy setting for OpenD6, which also entails some deviation from the D6 Fantasy rules. Following are some changes and ideas I'm working with. Feedback is welcome. 4D is the human maximum for attributes, not 5D. Skills may not start higher than 2D above the base attribute, not 3D. Specializations may not start higher than 3D above the base attribute, regardless of the base skill. The point is to moderate die code inflation in the beginning. I won't be using racial templates, per se. Rather, races will have minimum and maximum attribute die codes, as was
  9. How do I go about copyrighting my game? Also, if I'm publishing it via print-on-demand, I am not the publisher, correct? But what if I want to use a "company name"? Like, if WotC didn't publish it's own material, but had a print-on-demand company publish it, would they still slap WotC on the cover?
  10. You see, this is why I come to you people. Thank you. Yes, she's human. I hadn't thought of that angle. Thought provoking. But it does change the course of events, me thinks. Aguilae should direct Sumi to Bay 94, right off the bat. As that's typically where the captain docks. But the De Maals won't let Sumi in, nor the captain's son if he should return with her later. They aren't giving any info. Sumi could break into the bay and get some clues via overhearing a conversation between the De Maals, or smooth talking a Droid who works in the bay. Either way, someone wil
  11. I've brainwashed my 11-year old daughter into loving Star Wars. She's wicked smart, so I thought it time to introduce her to Star Wars D6. My wife might be playing at some point in the future — probably after she sees how much fun we're having. For now, we'll be solo-adventuring. So, I've been brainstorming about the campaign opening. I don't need anything too elaborate, as this is just the first adventure. For my purposes, I'm referring to an adventure as an episode, which is broken into acts and scenes. The first adventure is Episode I: Mos Eisley Mischief. I'm using the Mos Eisley Gal
  12. I think I'm going to fudge my campaign timeline to stretch the events of Episodes IV-VI over the span of 8 years. I'm fond of that era, and want to give the players plenty of time to enjoy it.
  13. Hey, Whill. I'm a bit slow this morning — what do those numbers mean? Are those date formats?
  14. I know the total time span is about 3 years -- but does anyone have a breakdown of events in a more precise time span?
  15. I'm curious how other GMs distribute Character Point awards at the end of an adventure. What logic or standards do you use? What sort of point range do you work with?
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