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  1. You guys might want to look at this. It's good news.
  2. Where did the pdf go? Nowhere to be found...
  3. Hey Dave...are you familiar with D6 Powers? I read your conversion and I really enjoy it and I have been trying to get a Horror themed game together forever and you might be the answer to my problem...is there any chance you can convert the Edges and Flaws to the d6 powers format? I would be very grateful if you could.
  4. Hey Rerun I got the document yesterday and I think it will help me out very much...thanks for sending it to me.
  5. Has anyone taken the spells for GURPS Magic and converted them to D6 and if so can you post them?
  6. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried to take the Advantages/Disadvantages in the 4th edition of GURPS and converted them into D6. Also, The magic spells and systems in GURPS I find to be very suitable for an upcoming horror campaign I am trying to but together and I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried to take the spells and converted them into a D6 format. Granted, I could be doing this myself but I have a limited knowledge of the D6 system and would need the assistance of someone who far more well versed than I in such matters and I would be very grateful if someone could
  7. The link seems to be dead...is there anyone that has The VMM on hand?
  8. Now that I think about it....I'll take the White Wolf flavor along with the original if you would please
  9. Traditional Mister Grayson if you would please...and seeing as how I am new to the D6 rules you can help me with my horror campaign that I'm getting ready to do. So I have a few questions to ask if you dont mind my doing so. Vampires: 1: My vampires would have the ability to take on a monstrous facial countanance like that on the lost boys or Buffy the Vampire Slayer and could switch back if wanted. How would you do this using the D6 powers rules? 2: My Vampires would lack a reflection and would not breathe or be affected by disease or harsh climates how would you pull this off? 3: M
  10. This is my first post on this website and today I have received the D6 powers book and I got to say it is phenominal Mr. Grayson so my request is as follows: I would like to see your write up of vampires and werewolves using the D6 Powers...and the other D6 books. Thanks
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