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  1. Those are some great threads you got going there Jamfke. Well done good sir.
  2. I don't know what state or location you are in, but as far as charging money for products and being a business goes, you can typically register a DBA for under $20 or $30 with your local county clerk's office. With that you can open a business account with your local bank and use PayPal as your payment method for products if you choose to sell anything. You would just list all income on a Schedule C when you file your taxes should you make more than $600 in a year. So the start-up as an actual business may not be that bad in your area if your in the states, but you would need to check into tha
  3. As to Scaling, the samples we use in Mini Six are as follows: Character/Animals = no modifier Air Cycle, Car, Little Dragon, Wagon = +2D Big Dragon, Galley, Mecha, Tank = +4D Fighter, Light Transport, Heavy Mecha = +6D Capital Ship, Elder God, Space Station = +12D Mega Space Station, Planets = +24D These work pretty well for us and might help inspire you in coming up with your own classifications for your scaling system. There are a few other sample categories systems floating around here on the forums too I think.
  4. I like the new look. Nicely done sir!
  5. I'm going to download and listen to it while I wrap my Christmas gifts tomorrow morning.
  6. As I do the typing to bring an earlier set of magic notes I recently found from hard copy back to digital copy (the old hard drive these notes are from died like 6 years ago) I had an errant thought about the disconnect between supernatural attributes and the normal array in OpenD6. In the Simple Magic System we put into Mini Six we made Magic a skill under Wit. In D6 Fantasy and many other games, Magic is split out as a 7th attribute with magic skills under that. Now I do also like this method as the deminished other attributes works as a balance against the power of magic. For reference
  7. I've been just fine. Windows 7, Google Chrome and Firefox.
  8. Happy birthday man! You have been a great asset to the forum and it has been fun getting to know you through the board. I hope your b-day is a fun one.
  9. hopefully he is doing ok and we will hear from him soon. i always enjoy his stuff.
  10. Very true on participation man. I found some old notes I had for a collection of magic spells for a magic system conversion of sorts from my pre Mini Six efforts. I plan on polishing them up just a wee bit and sharing them. Also thinking of plugging it into a simple, brief fantasy scenario. Hopefully try and get a wee bit of sword and sorcery tinted pulp for enjoyment. No promises on quality or timeline, but we do need to remind people that OpenD6 is around to be played with.
  11. Both sound cool, but I'm with Lee. I think Modern Warfare/Spec Ops could be a lot of fun to see.
  12. You are not alone there mate. I am already brainstorming for a few things to work on and try to share here. He's right. We need to develop some traffic here and share over at rpg.net too.
  13. First let me say, these are a great idea man and very well done. I have been gone from the forum far too long to have missed this very clever idea on your part. I look forward to seeing what other ones you come up with. On the issue of fonts, some fonts out on the web are designed to not be allowed to be embedded into PDFs. The great fonts on the HP Lovecraft Society sadly fall into this category. That may be the problem you are running into on them.
  14. Just to offer up my few coppers worth of thoughts, if wanting to go for a pseudo-class option of sorts, on the templates put in a short list of skills that are easier for those of that template to accomplish - instead of charging others more for the skill to make it special for that template, just state that all difficulties are reduced by one level when attempted by that template. The only skills I would exclude are the combat based ones. Knights would have skills like Riding, Endurance, and Heraldry as an option for them. Another option is to go with special advantages that are unique to
  15. Fantasy is always the biggest hit for RPGs. Maybe because D&D was first, maybe because we all love knights and wizards and tales of daring due. The hardest part of fantasy is coming up with something both different enough to attract attention while also staying close enough to the roots of the common tropes of the genre that it isn't seen as too niche. But I am coming to the conclusion that the easiest way to do it is to simply develop a setting you like and really have a passion about. That passion will show through and if it is done well, it will develop an attraction. I also love th
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