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  1. its mostly a work of a small group right now. i do have a few areas that i need outside opinion for but i would be looking for that more after the first ruff draft. the main areas that show the most difficulty is going to be the attribute options, like the fact that tech cant be used on a neanderthal, as well as the power structure of magic and the like. ill defiantly let you in on the ruff draft when i have it. one area im kinda proud of is the factor of a roshambo effect on the powers. as in magic beats tech, tech beats divine, divine beats magic. tho i think im going to change the div
  2. for mew this is a project that i am working on. with what i have planned one set of attributes with skills would be able to be used over all worlds with ease. including throwing a prehistoric grunting brute into a starship flying the galaxy. obviously to do this some modifications would be needed to the attribute choices and those skills would need to be listed in 2-3 possible attribute listings. the original books set this fairly well, but was lacking the factor of cross genre interaction. cyber werewolves fighting horrors of old school zombies and vampires found in the Victorian era.
  3. there wouldnt be much they would need to do at all, especially with a company with so much capital. first they would just need an executive who cared to do so, which may be the most expensive part. then have Gibson either release his part of the books, by cash or just letting go, or they would be able to revamp it under the ogl as a 3rd edition, or 8th or whatever. they would be limited to the publishing companies and distribution to the companies that they either own or have contracts with, like Bantom. this last would be the hardest only due to the fact that the companies are not known f
  4. i looked in a lot of the options that have been published and there really is a very slim set of options for "Cop". the two provided above also seem a bit over done as well, especially the options from the oppositions chapter (7d law-enforcement is more like the lawyer). best would be to look in the Espo Trooper options http://d6holocron.com/wiki/index.php?title=Typical_Espo_Trooper
  5. best example of injure/kill coming into play would be the line "im going to punch thru the transparasteal screen and pull the sleemo out." most of the time i ended up using the injure kill as a way to deal with the large inanimate objects that get in the way and threaten the bad guys to go away. which has always been an area where i argued any DSP coming from its use just because its used. best way to make 10 bounty hunters go away would be to punch thru the brick wall next to them. no blood and only a little property damage to deal with.
  6. fuzzy is defiantly not something i would use. way way to many times is time a factor in he game with crews that i play with. way to many times bombs or grenades to play with to make it all fuzzy.
  7. i always did 6 seconds as most games are set that way in general. from what i have seen almost all did set down 6 seconds for the round unless it didnt say it at all
  8. thank you very much, and BTW, yes i am still working on getting it faster to load. it bugs me too.
  9. I created the site www.d6holocron.com to archive everything for the D6 Star Wars Game started by West End Games. it now holds the classic materials, crossover materials from other games, fan made, and converted materials of the d20 sets. I can boast that we have the largest collection of rules and stats for everything that you would need to play a game of Star Wars D6 on the fly or even over the internet thru services like SKYPE.

  10. Sorry for the delay on this. I wanted to make sure that i get out there and correct all listings for the D6 Holocron web address. we are no longer on the wikia as it was overcome by ads that kept people from the information. The new address is now under my own control at www.d6holocron.com. we have added a few tools as well as working on a lot more options for gaming in the d6 environment. We are still working on getting everything as updated as we can even with the minimal staff, and have a lot to do. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you all very much AZ BSDOblivion
  11. real quick question for you all where were you guys putting the srd, or was that not set yet. i wonder cuz i have free server space if you want to use it without needing to bother with ads all over them like most sites give. and yes this is an offer to host it for free BSDOblivion www.d6holocron.com ignore the signature link below, i didnt realize its was still the old url
  12. i think its best said by cheshire and rerun. but since lucas became that which he hated the most (starting to sound like ep 1-3 anyone?) i dont think that SW will come to d6, or most any other publisher. if wizards cant afford it then no one would be able to. well maybe its not afford, but more like cant get people to buy the crap they keep churning out. best hope is that Darth Lucas keeps his back turned while we, the players, make our own information. the fan books seem to have better information then that was put out by WOTC. BSD
  13. one of the main reasons vehicles have sensors is to flat out make sure they don't run into things as they "drive, fly, crawl," ect... all of them should at least have a passive scan rating at minimum. it makes no sense at all to keep them off the vehicle. drive a suicide bike on the forest moon of endor without a sensor pack of some kind. i bloody dare you.
  14. i played in one game a while back that started us at dirt broke. but thru the actions of ripping off the huts and coning military organizations we ended up forming a corporation. it kind of helped having a tech that made sure we could steal what WAS nailed down. still was a lot of fun stealing the communications station from the imps (rebelion just wanted the station equipment, i think that was thinking too small). or causing small heart attacks for salesmen who read the purchase order for 10,000 repair droids. since most of us in real are broke as hell, one reason we play, its nice to ge
  15. just a quick note. looked a little thru this discussion and was wondering if anyone got some conversions done for the firefy idea to the d6. if anyone does please shoot them over to me at bsdoblivion@gmail.com. i would love to be able to throw them onto the D6 Holocron Wiki. got a section for crossover information all ready for things like this. TAH BSDoblivion http://d6holocron.wikia.com/wiki/D6_Holocron_Wiki
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