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  1. And full cover art... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=692122070848323&set=a.106634696063733.9946.101830683210801&type=1&theater
  2. We did a lot of exploration with this concept when we created Azamar. It is something we found fell better, from a game mechanics perspective, on the character race rather than the character type. Inherited abilities work better across races. On the same token, we created a modular Features system that essentially provides "special abilities" trees, that often require a base race or character type, but are otherwise free form. I think character types should earn their chops, so making them spend experience on benefits within certain conditional guidance just makes sense. If you are a warrior, you have X, Y, and Z to choose from. If you choose X, you can choose X1, X2, X3, Y, and Z, etc. We restricted certain character types to certain races because it made sense that certain races would pick up certain professions as a general rule. Original character concepts are not difficult though, especially those antithetical to the norm - it just requires a bit of back story and thoughtful development between the player and GM to create a deeper character with a unique background. Thanks - J.
  3. Our next game setting, STARFIGHTER will be on Kickstarter in Fall 2014. Keep an eye on us to Starglide your way to the early bird deals.
  4. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/128337/d6-Magazine-Issue-6
  5. 1 day 16 hours remaining as of this posting to enter, this is for a Make a Wish foundation, so entries cost a little money. http://www.omaze.com/experiences/starwars
  6. Hey Cheshire, My understanding right now is the cover art is going into commission shortly. I've seen the emails going out to the illustrator for this purpose. I expect at that point, (once the cover is paid), we will see the magazine in short order because of the same situation between you and your illustrator. I am pretty hands off this time around with the magazine, but I know Brett started layout last weekend in earnest, as I saw the files from indesign pop up and disappear from my dropbox a few times. I hope this gives you the information you want. Feel free to always ping me on gTalk if you have any questions. I am good ^AT harassing Brett, its fun. - J.
  7. Right. The idea is that a more agile/dexterous Character will have an easier time firing a blaster or dancing untrained, than someone with a lower natural Agility / Dexterity. This is all pretty tricky, because when it comes down to it, firing a weapon accurately has less to do with speed and agility than it does with so many other factors, but that is **technically what the skill represents (all that training, comfort, learning to breathe, squeeze instead of pull, standing correctly, knowing dominant eye, etc), over someone who is naturally more dexterous and agile. This is probably a difficult imbalance in most RPGs to get past, but I think its here to stay for the time being. I've toyed with making d6 Skill-primary, Attribute secondary, where all Skills function at a deficit to the roll for an untrained skill. Getting that deficit correct is something of a science unto itself - since doing so introduces all sorts of interesting factors. One thing I do like to do for house rules: The Wild Die six-reroll ONLY works for Trained (taken) Skill Rolls of three dice or more. Botching a roll always works. - J.
  8. i checked with eric on fb and he said d6 legends is covered. My dialogue with him was today. -J
  9. Descoto: No - there is no theme. I think it started out as some kind of science fiction or gothic, but there wasn't enough draw to it. So - we want to see anything for this coming issue. I look forward to anything and everything anyone has to submit. Readership is great for the mag. While we offer it for free, its at pay what you want on DTRPG. We offer free advertising to anyone who wants to place an ad in there as well. Additionally, I like to stay transparent about how much money we've made from the pay what you want model on DTRPG. Its not much - when I go and add it up, its less than $30 for all issues since the model was turned on. Really, it just gives some spare money to pay for the WNG domain for 2 months or so, and not much else. Mostly we did that in hopes of supplementing what we could with the shipping costs of books right now since Westward was considerably more expensive than the money we earned from our Kickstarter and shipping rose sharply over the last year. Please send along any concerns, comments, and questions my way! -J.
  10. I think its safe to say: 4 weeks. Let's aim for Feb 4th for preliminary materials, and Brett can provide feedback if more (if anything is needed). He does all the layout using InDesign, so its best to send things over in word or some other easily consumable document format with annotations about artwork/illustrations inline so he can deal with them as he goes. - J.
  11. So I've started in more heavy handed on the next project. It has gone through a few titles now, and I think I've landed on one it will keep. The next setting is Science Fiction with an emphasis on providing a deeper story and background for players than our previous game settings. As well, we wanted the game to be d6-centric, so much of the game is centering on being an Action Adventure. There are currently 18 races, which will likely grow in time. As well, there will include lots of starships. The current idea, as such that I can express right now is this: The Universe and all of the star faring races have for centuries divided space into territories. Pivotal to these territorial claims are the many citizens within them willing to put a fight when needed, putting forward their endorsements of these regions. Moving through space is fraught with peril and adventure, as open space is without governance or rules, and sovereign territories are often far between. The technology level of the game is following Arthur C Clarke's laws, especially this one: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Therefore there is no "supernatural ability" defined within the game so much as Natural Abilities and those who have the ability to Interface with powerful technologies beyond their understanding. Throughout the game setting, there are advanced technologies called Artifacts left behind by an extinct race who was far beyond the technological levels of all races currently alive. Some discover Interfaces, which are tiny symbiotic-parasitic devices that attach (forcefully) to a host (organic or otherwise), giving the individual the innate ability to interact, sense, activate, and operate with Artifacts. Artifacts provide such advanced technology that an Interface seems like some kind of supernatural being to those watching, and indeed the label Warlock is given to anyone merged with an Interface device. When a Warlock dies, the Interface selects a nearby host and merges with them. Lots of things are going on in the Universe beyond Warlocks, Artifacts, and Interfaces - they are just a small slice of the story of this Universe. There are Factions to join, alliances to make (or break), and people to betray. The looming sense in the minds of most people is fear. About two Earth months ago, someone (unknown?) figured out how to destroy a star (and subsequent solar system) by rapidly accelerating the age of the star, causing it to reach an event horizon within hours. Now the anonymous threat keeps everyone fearful of their lives, where most felt secure and safe living on peaceful and relatively protected worlds. Life may never be the same, again. - J.
  12. Thresh, We would consider anything you have to offer! The best way to get it to us by email (please use both addresses) brettski (at) wickednorthgames.com jelliot (at) wickednorthgames.com - J.
  13. Sure, but it can't be dictated in one sentence as this is a GM Adventuring Mechanic. 1. Character A has a highest Prime Attribute of 4. Character B has a highest Prime Attribute of 3. 2. GM records this information. 3. Characters are adventuring on a Planet within Environment A. 4. GM rolls two dice and totals them up with 4 & 3. 5. This total is compared to a row on Table for Environment A. 6. This row provides a random encounter or situation relevant to the characters in context because of the maximum possible roll + possible scores added onto it designed into the creation of table. 7. The GM poses the event to the characters so they may react accordingly. - J.
  14. So I've been working o a Random Encounter Mechanic for the next game setting. It basically does this: Every Character has two Prime Attributes (based on Race). The GM takes the value of the higher of the two Prime Attributes, (at any given time this is updated as needed). A series of tables provides Random Encounters and Situations based on the current environment. In this case its science fiction, so it will be Space, Jungle, Desert, Snow, Forest, Crystal Tundra, et al... The GM rolls two dice, adds all the Prime Attribute values to the total of the roll. The Gm compares this total to that of the table. Lower numbers are intentionally designed for smaller parties and larger numbers scale up for larger parties (or tougher/veteran characters as the case may be). Thoughts? - J.
  15. So - we are sitting on a number of articles, adventures, et al., and have not yet compiled and published the next issue on purpose, because the page count is still REALLY low & we've been busy shipping Westward (well, really Brett's been busy shipping Westward and he's doing the layout for the next d6 Mag issue). Anybody (else) want to add anything more to the next d6 Magazine issue? There's still time before he gets back to it. Let us know! - J.
  16. Ha. I like that cheshire squeezed in exegetical into his post. Slick. - J.
  17. A quick note about the copies of Westward going out to those who won them in my brief contest last year - you are not forgotten and they're going out very soon. Actually as soon as I can make it to the post office (which may be next week because of this snowstorm) unless I can make a run on Saturday. - J.
  18. Hi darthmike23 - Sorry - its been a while since I checked in here. Cinema6 does have a stand alone version, but it is currently unavailable for download since the system is undergoing mechanics changes for the next setting, which s science fiction-based. Is there some specific information you are looking to get about it? - J.
  19. The books are printed and we have them in hand! Take a look! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.576356689091529.1073741836.101830683210801&type=1
  20. I've been playing with ignoring Wild Die completely on damage rolls, but keeping them during Soak rolls. That aside, the way to "increase" damage might be based around how much higher the opposed roll of a successful attack might be vs. the dodge. like an attack of 23 vs. a dodge of 13. 10 Higher, so on some table it effects final Damage with XXX. This is always very tricky... Man I love the wild die.
  21. Try or Buy Westward *digital versions* on DTRPG and RPGNOW! http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=3910
  22. A print proof for Westward is up online on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/WickedNorth Its public so you don't need a FB account to see it. - J.
  23. Join us this evening! #rpgnet welcomes Jeremy Streeter (Westward) 9/09/2013 7:00 p.m. CST! To join #rpgnet chat: go to http://tinyurl.com/belh2wq
  24. Magic is intentionally VERY powerful. Magic Weapons like a wand are correctly noted. Damage does indeed equal willpower + some number. This make magic users powerful right out of the gates, but they do take a while to ramp up more and more over time.
  25. Hi! Great question. Soaking damage should work like this: soak = roll vitality + armor total damage = damage - soak remaining armor points = armor points - total damage, if this goes to zero the armor is destroyed, all remaining damage goes to hit points remaining hit points = hit points - damage, if this goes to zero, the character dies Damage is still pretty brutal, this is by design. You should become very familiar with ghosting and sneaking rules, if you're going to allow executions as well. These can get tricky fast, and players will definitely try this stuff as you get into it.
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