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  1. I thought it was okay (saw it in Theatre's), as others in the media have said I liked it better the first time when it was called Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope :-) It uses the exact same plot frame work as Episode 4, so mostly enjoyable.
  2. Just a fun video I did for my usually Radio Comedy YouTube Channel in honor of Star Wars The Force Awakens hitting theaters today.
  3. If it is something they could look up in real life at the table right then get them to do it in real time. If they are trying to look up open heart surgery or basically anything complicated (then trying to call it their I win button) it should quickly become clear even to the most anal of players that the smart phone just like in real life is not your instant access second brain :-) For legit things like the flash light app, simple info searches, maps etc. most of the time it is just something you as the GM will have to deal with in a modern RPG setting. In Star Wars now that our phones in
  4. We use to play 2 or 3 times a month but I have two little kids now, plus I'm still doing radio comedy (and now YouTube) plus working from home so it has been whittled down to once a month thing. I have a face book group page where I post the events along with game session updates/reminders but still this no show crap continues. My daughter is 6 now and I have already run her in a little one encounter game (actually that was when she was 5). She really liked it (and keeps bugging me to let her play too) so maybe it is time to leave my group of largely flaky players behind and start trainin
  5. Hey all it has been a year or three since I have been on this site. As for my Star Wars D6 activities I try to run a game once a month, but that seems to really work out to once every 3 months at best. Saturday of last week I had a game scheduled I spent a great deal of time thinking about the game details and a couple hours writing it only to have most of my players suddenly become unavailable at game time. I have not been very impressed with my group for a while now. Anyway on a positive note I am glad to see this site is still active, I'll try and be on here more often.
  6. Cool thanks! Turns out (according to 2nd ed Revise) that without knowing it I have been largely staying within the guide lines of cp and the loud mouth pig headed jerk of a former player of mine is now breaking these guidelines himself in his own campaign :-) The same ones he kept telling me I was not following :-) So glad I don't play with him anymore, I hate hypocrites. Thanks again!
  7. Does anybody know where the cp award guid is? In what book does it appear, I have looked through my 2nd ed and 2nd ed revised SW core rule books and can't find it. I remember reading it a number of times over the years (never really following it) but now I can't find it. A former player of mine use to like beating me over the head with it no matter how many times I told him to ram it :-) Anyway I would like a look at it just to see how my cp awards stack up to the guidelines. I remember it stating that any PC or even NPC who attended a game got 3 cp and then some stuff about fun and c
  8. No problem, thanks for tuning in. I'm really glad that podcasting site is there it gives me after the fact exposure. Even with 6 Radio stations airing A-PAC, any modern show needs an online option cause practially nobody has the time to catch shows especially Radio Shows every week at the same time.
  9. So a modest amount of views on my thread here, any thoughts on the special itself? Like I said it has lot's of geek in it this year that I'm thinking many of you will like! :-)
  10. Plus it has a VERY healthy portion of GEEK infused in it this year many of you will probably appreciate :-) I.E. Doctor Who fans, Star Trek The Next Generation Fans and of course Ghostbuster fans. Teaser and link below Annual A-PAC Christmas Special of 2011 Something is going on up at the North Pole, Christmas for 99 percent of us could be in danger! Will Tim Morgan notice that something is not quite Christmassy? This years Annual A-PAC Christmas Special is an adventure ride worth throwing up on!!! Direct Link to Special: Follow the link & click on Play Now
  11. I posted this thread a number of days ago, has anyone had the chance to take a listen to the special????
  12. It's a Not For Profit show that I do as a hobby and it airs coast to coast across Canada on 6 Radio stations with a 7th that offers it as a podcast. Anyway so far I've been getting largely positive reviews, so I thought I would go outside of my sphere of friends and group members to see if I can get some really harsh internet reviews that are both insulting and deeply disturbing :-) That's why I came here :-) The show is only about 28 minutes long so if you are so inclined have a listen and let me know what you think. The show title is A-PAC Week of October 24 to 30, 2011 A
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