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  1. Hello! Forums in general aren't doing especially well these days, despite being a far better option for discussing RPGs than Discord etc. Unfortunately this one, like so many others, is greatly underused. It probably doesn't help that there isn't a current D6 blockbuster, the way Star Wars was. Zorro disappointed a lot of people and seems to have slipped from view again; Mythic D6 remains strong but there's generally more chatter about it at RPGnet than here.
  2. Jerry Grayson tweeted a link to a preview of his Terra Oblivion setting, which is launching as a Kickstarter project on Wednesday.
  3. Happy New year to you. I see the D&D crowd have been posting pictures on social media of two d20s side by side, which is cute but I'm hoping for more of a d6 kind of year.
  4. I don't know of any dedicated podcasts off the top of my head, but there may be some coverage of d6 in individual episodes of some shows. This is the most comprehensive list of RPG podcasts I know, so it's probably worth checking.
  5. Jerry D. Grayson has announced that the new setting book for Mythic D6 will be available as a "pay what you want" (including free) PDF for the next fortnight: Khepera Publishing - Bastion, FREE for Black History Month
  6. The second edition of Fire Ruby Design's Summerland is featured in the Halloween sale at DrivethruRPG, along with a few supplements and adventures, until the end of the month. Unlike the original, this new edition is an Open d6 game. I saw the first edition when it came out and found the premise intriguing, but didn't like the look of the rules. This makes it a lot more attractive.
  7. Fantasy Flight Games have announced a 30th anniversary printing of the original WEG Star Wars in a two volume slipcase set.
  8. I saw this sad news mentioned on Twitter and found more information at Tenkar's Tavern: Stewart Wieck of Nocturnal Media dies aged 49
  9. Thanks for bringing the site back. I know from personal experience how demoralising it can be when a forum is hit by spam, hackers etc and it's a lot of effort to fix things. My old password was rejected, but that was an easy fix. All looks good so far.
  10. I take it that's the same as the free download for the D6 version of the game?
  11. I don't have any of those books but I did just take a quick look on www.abebooks.com and there seem to be a fair few copies of Otherspace II available for reasonable (albeit not super-cheap) prices. Might be worth a look if you haven't checked that site already. And seriously... is there any point in attempting to resist the Dark Side?
  12. Certainly here in the UK the core books are available at either ?19.99 or ?11.99 (or thereabouts) depending on where you go, including Internet stores. Because it's not a huge seller I suspect that you are right and many shops kept the higher price even though the RRP dropped, probably waiting for their stock to sell through. Somewhere like Leisure Games, selling more product, could reduce the price, thus making it even less likely that the other stores will move their books quickly... Ah well, I already have the core books and I only need a copy of Fires... to complete the whole set.
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