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  1. Building the Cosm & Motes [pt 4] Here's the secret of designing a game: everything we do is for the players. If a game doesn't meet the needs of the players or GM, it doesn't matter how intellectually satisfying the game system is, how clever or neat your made up languages or monetary systems are, or how awesome the art looks — If it doesn't work in play, it's useless in play. So what's the point of vril and motes? Yes, they provide deep answers about some historical events I haven't talked about yet. Yes, they explain why the Race built such beautiful and impossible cities and arc
  2. A Magic of Vril and Atoms [pt 3] In every atom, there is vril. And vril is magic. Technodemons discovered techniques to dominate that magic, to bring it under their control. They learned how to control the atoms of Tharkold, and thus were born motes. A mote is an atom, or sub-atomic particle like a photon or electron, that has been dominated. Motes are capable of receiving simple instructions (or sets of instructions) from their dominant and carrying them out. (They are exceedingly literal and not creative. Stupid instructions usually bring disastrous results.) Motes are astoni
  3. Technodemons, Technohorrors, Technomagic [pt. 2] Tharkold is a post-apocalyptic Reality, but not just any post-apocalyptic Reality: it's the Reality of Techno-Horror. It's the cosm of technodemons, technohorrors, and technomagic. Tharkold is a magical Reality. Magic is a prominent and pervasive force; it shapes everything else in the cosm. Technohorrors are malevolent creatures marked by the combination of both magic and technology; much of the technology of both human and demon incorporates magic, and the Tharkoldu themselves are DEFINED by the melding of technology with magic. It's r
  4. The Dead Never Rot In Tharkold [pt 1] To understand this cosm, you must know this: the dead never rot in Tharkold. You can burn the bodies with fire or plasma, hack them apart with a sword or an axe, even feed them to a creature or a hound. But left on their own, human bodies never rot in Tharkold. Abandoned buildings never collapse in Tharkold. Though the Spasm happened five centuries ago, the cities of the Great Age of the Race are as vast and glorious as they ever were, monuments to a time of majesty and peace. You can kick down doors, crash a speeder through a wall, even bl
  5. Actually, I speculated about that here: http://daddywarpig.com/2015/07/22/torg-eternity-on-line-for-gencon/
  6. Resistance to normal weapons was, for Ord Horrors, disastrous. Deal 3 wounds = 22 shock! (15 from Wounds, 7 from 3W result) = unconscious for anything with Tou of 22 or less. 2 W = 16 Shock in one blow 1 W = 9 or 10 shock Shock accumulated right quick, so much so I wrote "never give to Ord Horrors" next to it in the Sourcebook. : )
  7. That's an INCREDIBLE pic of Mobius, the best I've ever seen. Bodes well for the new line's art direction, I think.
  8. I, too, am glad to see you here, Jim. One option, rather than checking every few weeks to see if something was posted: If you're looking at the Torg forum (with a list of threads), click on "Forum Tools" in the upper right. That will allow you to "subscribe" to the whole forum. Once subscribed, you can chose to receive emails whenever a post goes up. Cheers! : )
  9. I did a writeup of Bloodshadows as a Torg Reality and, as noted, it has a Spirit of 1. I'd be interested in comparing it to the one you found. http://stormknights.arcanearcade.com/rulebites/bloodshadows.html
  10. Over on G+, they were talking about the (incorrect) Speed values of the Fast Hero in the Worldbook. On a whim, I decided to calculate the Speed value of some very fast things. The Large Hadron Collider throws things around 500 miles in 2.7 milliseconds. Assuming I've done the dimensional analysis properly, that's about 2,980,266,667 meters in 1 combat round. Which is Speed value 48. Let's try another. The Speed of Light or "c" is 2,997,924,580 meters in 10 seconds. Which is Speed 48. What about Star Trek's Warp Factors? They changed the scale between the origina
  11. I agree. That looks like it would have been really cool. Better than the one they went with, at least in concept. I like "High Lords on the front, Storm Knights on the back". Nice find, Jim. Thanks! : )
  12. Been spending the last week and a bit looking through concept art (for various reasons, but all related to Storm Knights). Then, just tonight, I stumbled upon the following Torg photo in the portfolio of a cover artist: http://www.daveseeley.com/p423924402/h1e8881c#h2ada2c4f The photo is called “Stormers”, and it was commissioned by Humanoids Publishing (WEG’s owners after the bankruptcy). It has, quite clearly, characters from the Cyberpapacy, Core Earth, Aysle, and the Nile Empire. There is a ruined city in the background, with a storm brewing, and they’ve killed some sort of monster
  13. Describing Success (and Failure) As with the other mechanics, the GM is tasked with not only describing the situation the players face, but also the consequences of any Challenges. He translates game mechanics into description, telling players how their characters did. The outcomes above were chosen to be simple, clear, and straightforward. They are also relatable: Everyone knows what it's like to fail or to sort-of succeed (but not fully). Everyone knows what it's like to just squeak past, or to succeed, or to succeed so well others are impressed. Because these are relatable, they are
  14. Skill Challenges and Success Levels Success levels have two purposes. The first is mechanical: the number of Success Levels has a direct mechanical effect. With damage, each SL is a Wound. Skill Challenges are, much of the time, binary: you Succeeded or Failed. For those times when extra Success matters, we use Success Levels. [table] [tbody] [tr] [td]Result[/td] [td]Success Level[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]-1 or lower[/td] [td]Failure[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]0-2[/td] [td]Success[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]3-5[/td] [td]1 SL[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]6-8[/td] [td]2 SL[/td] [/tr] [tr]
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