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  1. Hello Everyone!!!!! What the heck is the mysterious March 4th? It is the date that we (Dolmen Creative) launched our most excellent adventure: "Get Out & Play!" What is "Get Out & Play?" Simply put, it's living a real world, real life adventure by using modern technology, namely - GPS. The "Get Out & Play" adventure has some rewards. For every 25 finds a player logs, Dolmen Creative will award him/her with one of our newest products (coming out this week) - a D6 Wild Card deck. What the heck are you talking about? Log? Real life? What? For more information about having
  2. Magic is fairly common and many trades use it like a tool. Though not as common as seen in the world of the Harry Potter series. The common species that are found in the Core Rules are: elves, dwarves, humans, beastkin (the panda warrior and other anthromorphic humanoids), dji (an insectoid species that live in airship hives), and the corrupt (a human born with the blood of a daemon in his veins). The flexibility of the d6 system makes utilizing the setting easier. Templating and skill-based checks are simpler in d6 than in most other systems.
  3. The dark fantasy theme is definitely hardwired not only into the setting, but also into the system itself. While we do have undead and daemons (we prefer the gothic spelling), they don't carry the theme. Starting in the Core Rulebook, we give the GM the tools needed to run a grim and gritty campaign. Dark fantasy (or horror fantasy) is about sword-swinging warriors and spell-slinging wizards facing what they fear most. It's a psychological trick on the part of the GM. And with Destiny6 and the OpenD6 ruleset we are able to provide a comfortable series of guidelines to support the GM in playing
  4. While there are going to be some Blackmoor-esque elements and a small homage area in Destiny6, the game is not a d6 take on Dave Arneson's Blackmoor. But you are right, there are some more evolved sci-fi elements in the game: airships, gubnpowder weapons, and trains are the three that come right to mind. But think of these less like a sci-fi element and more like a wild west era element. The Mortal Realm of Destiny6 is a remarkable place full of darkness and gruesome horror around every corner and under every rock. To combat that, the mortal species have developed new technologies to help comb
  5. Hey Option! Things are definitely moving along full speed ahead. If you have any general questions about what Destiny6 is, please feel free to start a new topic in our forum (here on d6Online) and ask away. I'll give out as many specifics as I can without posting the entire book
  6. I have a few publisher-centric questions for the new editors: 1) Will the magazine's layout be portrait or landscape? 2) Will layout for publisher articles be handled by the magazine or the oublisher? 3) Color or greyscale? Thanks gents!
  7. I would love to be there, though I'm getting home close to the end of your scheduled time (~9:30p EST). If I can make it, I'll stop in :-)
  8. Just a quick update. All the hacker bugs have been chased out of the website and (with the help of GoDaddy) we're back online. Thank you everyone for your patience.
  9. I'm by far not the most technically savvy joker on this side of the Great Divide. I'm in need of someone willing to help me put together a good-looking and user friendly website. As most of you know, the Dolmen Creative site is currently down. GoDaddy (our host) and I have found the butt-muncher that hijacked the bandwidth and have set that to rights. Now I need to tighten up the ship and get something decent up before March 4th. Anyone willing to help me out, please message me or e-mail me off forum. Thanks!
  10. Congrats to both of you!
  11. As always, we would like to wish everyone here at d6Online a very happy holiday season and a joyous New Year! [ATTACH=CONFIG]71[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]72[/ATTACH]
  12. Nope, we're not dead. Some pirate out there jacked my site's bandwidth and GoDaddy is helping me solve the integrity issues.
  13. No longer stalled :-) However, I'm a retail store manager during the christmas season, so I'm just trying to find the time to do anything other than work. Thanks for checking on me.

  14. Hey man, I haven't seen or heard from you regarding that "issue" you were stalled on. How can I help?

  15. Still a go ;-) Thanks for checking in!
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