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  1. Why not use a version of the Hellboy hack (based on the Ghostbusters RPG) found here? Even less rulesy than Mini Six, and you can easily tweak it however you like, since none of the rules are too in-depth. (e.g. I like to lower the number of starting Luck Points, divorce them from advancement, and use a separate HP stat.)
  2. Hi all, I've had an adventure/campaign idea swirling for a bit that I'd love to give a shot here. I'd like to run a Star Wars game where the PCs are all refugees from our galaxy (specifically astronauts/cosmonauts/taikonauts/____nauts). I'd like to explore the SW galaxy as this completely new world to be experienced by the characters. Would be looking for 3-4 players who would be interested in checking in on the thread a few times a week. Would there be any interest in such a game?
  3. As much as I've tried to fight the inclination, because I know many people love the attribute options as a feature of D6, I'm with arcgaden in feeling like a unified set of attributes is important for my getting behind a universal OpenD6 core. And in this respect, I think less is more...in that the Ghostbusters/Mini Six traits pretty much cover all that is needed. I've gone back to viewing the cookbook as my core book, with STR-DEX-KNO-PER (Perception in the Star Wars sense) as the basic attributes. It seems easier to add to that than to take away (and I prefer my non-physical, non-intellig
  4. Understood, Rerun. I hope that real life swings back in your direction soon. Good luck!
  5. "An accountant...hrm..." Tosh thinks for a moment. "I think the Glowing Star would be a suitable place to rest tonight. Perhaps your further business plans could be discussed a bit more, Captain?"
  6. Ah...I just saw this! Thanks so much...marriage is great!

  7. Tosh also reaches out to shake Kentir's hand. "Tosh Roodi," he says. "Investigating business opportunities here. Might I ask what sort of work you are in?"
  8. Tosh leans over to take in the wreckage outside, and to speak softly to the pilot. "You're right," he says. "It does seem a bit coincidental..." (Perception roll [3D+2], for whatever it still might be worth: 5+6+1+2=14)
  9. "Near the starport sounds excellent, if prying eyes might be avoided there."
  10. Tosh stirs a bit in his seat at all the talk of Imperial security. Finding the people I need, he thinks, means working in the shadows. "Sir, if you would be willing to drop me at a place of lodging as free from Imperial eyes as possible, I would appreciate it. I have nothing to keep from them, of course. I would simply like a bit of relaxation on this journey." He glances at the others in an attempt to gauge their reactions...
  11. Tosh looks up with a startle. Oh, he thinks, wasting my time daydreaming... He notices the pilot heading for the exit and decides to follow. Best lead I have so far... "Captain!" he calls as he approaches the pilot, who has been joined by the other humans.
  12. Congratulations on the nuptials. Best wishes!

  13. Thanks y'all! Talk t'ya soon! (This drinking contest is becoming epic!)
  14. Hope the gam(bl)ing went well, Rerun! Wanted to mention that I'm actually getting married(!) in two days, so my board access might be spotty through next week. Seems like the Utoz is keeping everyone occupied pretty well. Looking forward to seeing it play out!
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