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  1. Kadir continues to fire with quick popup shots, caring less about hitting than about avoiding being hit in return. He comments to Drake, "I wonder who these guys are and what we did to annoy them?" Attack 4+6=10
  2. Kadir quickly pops around a corner and fires a blast at one of their enemies, ducking quickly back behind cover. Attack (Blaster) 2+9=11 (will worry about damage if it happens to hit)
  3. Kadir finishes taking cover in the door and then speeds a blaster shot at the first person whose shot he sees speeding towards the party. Blaster Attack: 4+10=14 (note: I list the Wild Die first separately)
  4. Kadir pulls out his blaster and tries to look around for the assailants, diving behind what he thinks is cover.
  5. Kadir tries to spot any good places to take cover, if the area is deserted there is a good chance it is because something bad is about to happen...
  6. Kadir looks about, a bit less oblivious than before (5+3+1=9 on perception).
  7. Kadir is mildly offended, "There are no servants here madam, only crewmen and officers."
  8. OOC: was having the same problem with one of the other gaming sites saturday, wonder why?
  9. Kadir keeps an eye on Drake, he has heard this kind of place can easily become violent.
  10. Kadir replies, "Greetings Gilea. That is, I suppose, why working in groups is better than working alone, since no single person can know everything that might be needed."
  11. Kadir comments, "It is a good thing, while I am a fair shot with starfighter and transport weapons, with personal weapons I am no better than average."
  12. Kadir keeps from nodding, the feline has roughly the most common skills for those of his general type, though there are some felinoids who can surprise you No race can really be typecast, though some tend to follow more closely the stereotypes than others. He himself is somewhat typical for a Duros, being a spacer by trade.
  13. Kadir thinks to himself that the corporate sector is anything but classless, given that 95% of the people live in relative poverty while the remaining 5% prevent anyone else from rising to their ranks by any means at their disposal, including assassination, theft of intellectual property, and blackmail. It is clear this lady is from one of the upper levels, but has not been forced to survive in among the sharks. If she ever returns home after being out in the galaxy, she will find the blinders removed from her eyes and realize the idealized vision she was taught is nothing but a dream. I
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