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  1. Many of the advantages/powers I created for the paranormal hunters campaign were related to a particular skill. Most often it allowed characters to do something with a skill that would simply be impossible for a normal character (such as use their climbing skill to scale a perfectly smooth surface). I've tried making my advantages completely genre/setting/race generic but I found that to be very difficult. For one thing, many of the skills/attributes we use change depending on the genre we are playing so it becomes difficult to link advantages to specific attributes/skills. Also, I've found it
  2. Hi Grimace, I’ve messed around with the concept a lot but I've only finalized/balanced one full set of "special abilities" which was for a modern day paranormal campaign where the player characters are supernatural beings who live amongst humans in secrete and investigate/hunt other supernatural creatures who are stirring up trouble. The special abilities were tied to the race of the character so I had 15 for vampires, 14 for lycanthropes, 13 for “unbound” humans (humans who have broken down some mental barriers allowing their brains and bodies to work outside their usual boundaries). I al
  3. Sounds like Grimace has a lot of experience on this topic so he can probably give you better direction but I'll throw out an idea that came to me while reading this part of your post. What if you list your spells with minimum attributes (a short range, low damage, one target etc), a low Spell Point cost, and the attributes of the spell that can be boosted. Then, players can double any attribute of the spell for doubling the Spell Point cost. For example, Magic Missile costs 1 Spell Point and fires at something within 10 meters for 1D damage. If a player wants to fire at something 20
  4. Hi Barrataria, I agree with the advice given in this thread so far but I'll throw in my two cents as well. Personally, I think one of the problems associated with the d6 system is rolling too many dice. I prefer combat rounds to move quickly but having to count out lots of dice and then sum their total really slows things down when every character is attempting multiple actions in a round. One of the ways I deal with this in my campaigns is to come up with lots of advantages, spells or special abilities to spend their character points on but I design them so that they don't give bonus dice to
  5. Okay, that's pretty damn cool. Now I'm looking forward to reading issue 5 even more.
  6. While my experience with Mini Six is a bit limited, I will backup Grimace's assessment as those are pretty much exactly the points that came to my mind when I read your question.
  7. Oh man that's horrible. I'm bummed that a Savage Worlds thread I started which had a lot of great feedback was lost in the reboot but that's a drop in the bucket comparatively speaking. Thank you for getting the forum working again.
  8. This pretty much what I was going to suggest as I was reading this thread.
  9. Cool, I've been meaning to give that geocaching thing a try and this should give me some motivation. So I see these card decks are compatible with something called "Destiny6." Is this a game and if so, where can I get it?
  10. Here’s my 2 cents… The complexity of other systems allows the game developers to continually put out new content such as items, abilities, races etc about which players will post/debate for days. Check out the D&D forums and see how many threads there are on "Optimizing Class X" or "Best way to build a Half-Orc Dhampyr Wizard/Paladin who worships Orcus" or "How to cause infinite damage by exploiting Power X with Class Ability Y" In other words, the forums for these games get a lot of traffic but it is largely about game mechanics. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like there is much t
  11. Thank you for serving. If there was ever a "good' reason for a delay, that is it.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded the PDF and WOW, my initial impression is that I am very impressed by the quality and quantity contained in the core book! I haven't had a chance to do a thorough read-through yet but I'm looking forward to doing so and will post again with my thoughts after I do.
  13. As always, thanks for the info Jeff. So it sounds like you've changed the Corrupted from being a condition applicable to any race to a race itself? Also, have the Pure been remove from the game or maybe just moved out of the core book?
  14. Thank you Jeff, after reading your post and thinking about it a bit more, I’m glad to hear the “horror” in Destiny6 is not solely conveyed by the gruesome monsters you fight against. Zombie apocalypse movies like Dawn of the Dead or Seven Days Later freak me out but that fear comes from more than just the creepy idea of animated corpses that eat people. While that concept is certainly gruesome, what really gets me feeling anxious is the broader theme that the zombie hordes in those movies embody: an inescapable isolating force that slowly and relentlessly wears you down, constricts your option
  15. Wow, that looks awesome. Any guestimates on when Westward is gonna be ready for primetime?
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