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  1. Shatterzone Reprint Nearly the same is true for the Shatterzone reprint though of different reasons. The focus of Shatterzone is not too broad but too narrow. It is basically a nasty version of Star Trek. You can play the planet of the week or an entire campaign on a planet, but planets have the Star Trek phenomenon: there is one government, one culture or two opposing and that's it. The planets need more fleshing out but it has lots of potential. Especially the inner Consortium planets need a lot of fleshing out as they should be an overcrowded hotbead of intrigue and crime. This could become Shadowrun in space (without magic but with psi and lots of different races - there are too few races in the published works).
  2. One of the best rules of WEGs Torg was "Go have fun that's a rule! If anything contradicts this rule, ignore it!"
  3. I am not sure what to think about that news. Bloodshadows has great potential but was executed badly. If it is only a reprint it won't get any better. It needs a clear focus. Especially the novels feature very different scenarios: Blood of Tarian is a fantasy setting with guns while Hell's Feast and Demon's Dream are Marlowe with Magic. The Fifth Horseman on the other hand is more like Cthulu than anything else. I always tried to GM it the way the Deacon novels (Hell's Feast and Demon's Dream) showed the world. To put them all in one setting would contradict the whole setting. But there are many questions that need to be answered: How does the economy work (and it doesn't work on scavanging alone as it is often hinted)? How does the transport work and how is it done? (In my plays I used something similar to the medieval King's Road, a Highway that is maintained and safeguarded by the cities that are connected and used only in convoy together with a magic tank)? What is legal and what isn't (Serie Noir without smuggling simply is no fun)? Are there any higher authorities (to maintain the highway some sort of military or highwaypatrol is needed)? If there are higher authorities, is there any form of governing body (even if it is only a council of cities)? If magic is the basic of economy how does this work in everyday life (I used a currency backed with elemental magic because even in a magic society food production limits population growth)? And of course: where in the cities are the food production facilities (even today a city needs a lot of space in the vicinity to plant food not to mention all the food that is imported, but if the vicinity is not safe because of monsters everywhere how do they do it instead)?
  4. A yet another year. Happy Birthday!

  5. What the gods of order and chaos in Marl are trying to do once their respective side wins is not clear. I tend to view them as the gods of order and chaos in Moorcock's Elric saga (and all the other eternal hero storylines of his). There chaos is always destroying and creating anew while order tries to keep the status quo. The worlds where Chaos dominates are described by Moorcock as always changing in a constant process of destruction and creation while the worlds where Order dominates are described as totally devoid of any change, bleak deserts where nothing is alive. In Torg terminology this would be that Chaos is more like the Maelstrom while Order is more like The Place. Of course, the gods of order and chaos in Marl could be depicted as good and evil, creation and destruction, Apeiros and the Nameless One, but I doubt it. Rather I would use them practically the same way the gods of Aysle are used. The gods of Aysle are no part of the more ancient legend about Apeiros and the Nameless One. In fact, in the Novel trilogy the dwarves tell this legend but depict them as an old story nobody believes in while the dwarves recognize the existence of the gods but chose not to believe in them as gods. Uthorion as premier follower of Corba'al seems to have no knowledge (or believe) of the Nameless One/Apeiros. He aknowledges the Gaunt Man's claim to be Torg but only because the Gaunt Man says so and it would be unwise to speak against him. But he spreads destruction because Drakakanus prompts him to do so and it is the way of his god Corba'al. There is no mention about theological misconceptions on Uthorion's part though it is mentioned that both Jean Malraux and Baruk Kaah misused their respective religion and acted against their religion's tenets. So what is it that Corba'al wants from his followers? The few lines in the Aysle SB say that he is the god of the dead, the entity and decay. His followers can see the decay in everything. His goal seems to be to further death and decay. But this is different from destruction of everything, especially the living and the creative. In fact it is even an aspect of Lanala who conquered death to give the circle of life a chance. One of Corba'al's Spheres of Influences is even living forces. So in my opinion he is clearly no god of destruction but rather the typical death god who is there to explain that everything has to die to make room for new creation. Conclusion: I would use the gods of order and chaos (and the oathbreakers) of Marl just like they are used in Aysle. They could even be the same gods that are present not only on Aysle but on many other worlds too under different names but similar aspects. Even the aspects could change a little to reason why the gods fight over different worlds at all. Major victory in the God's war could be to conquer aspects from other gods.
  6. A great resource is a magazine that was published together with DVDs. I don't know if it was available in english. It was published by an italian company DeAgostini and translated into german so I think they might also have published an english version. The magazine focuses on planets, equipment and background.
  7. I am not sure if I made clear what I meant. I am not advocating a system where you develop a background by simply choosing a lifestyle or profession. This is still a kind of class system. What I meant is a system where you play through your life prior to adventuring employing dice tables and most of all choices. Not only one choice or roll but choices and rolls for each year. You flesh out your character without deciding on every aspect. F.i. in a fantasy setting as Aysle (Torg) you choose what race you are and where you are from, maybe also what background (city, rural, mountains...) you are from. But then you roll on tables that also allow for choices for each year prior to your adventurers life (or in the case of dwarves and elves for a longer time period each). Each roll gives you additional skills, boni, goodies etc. and it gives you also a clue about your character, ideas on people you met, places you've been too, bad and right choices you made...
  8. I always liked the idea of Traveller and even done better in the old Star Trek (Fasa) RPG: - start your career by building a basic character, - then choose the path you want to begin with. Of course in Star Trek this is military or trade fleet. - go through the training year by year by rolling and deciding - gain skills attribute mods and other goodies each step in the process When you are finished you not only have a playable character but one with a background you can refer to and build upon. This is more a true character than any cliche or template you might fill with your own ideas as mostly those are not well thought through. And you can do this quite quick even on cons. Of course in a game with an open world this is more difficult than in a campaign setting like Star Trek where every character tends to have a military or military-related background. This is more true for Fantasy games. But it could be done nonetheless. It could start with a small cadre of career paths that are branched out and fleshed out followed by more career paths later on. But this cannot be done generic as specified background options are needed that depend on the specific setting
  9. I hope you do not kill threads entirely but put them into an archive so they are still accessible. Especially the High Lords game is at my heart, as I hope there could someday be another one and the ideas and storys in there are more than just in-game talk.
  10. I look into the forum every day but seldom find subjects I am interested in. The way D6 has developed is really interesting but my topic is settings not rules and there I am more interested in Torg, Bloodshadows, FoA and Aden than in the new D6 settings. And there is not much happening about those.
  11. A slight off-topic: I GMed Stargate of my own device using Masterbook rules and the Stargate background magazines that came together with Season Dvds. Great resource and the game worked like a charm. Pick a planet and devise a problem and the stage is set. It is a bit of a problem that all players should be of a military background. As a campaign I picked a different story than the official timeline, after all there are alternate realities in the Sg-storyline. In mine the gate was not opened by Daniel Jackson, instead Hathor awoke and found the still dormant gate while it was examined in the Cheyenne Mts. On her way she used men she met by chance as her personal guard (aka some of the players). When we stopped the campaign the players had hijacked and lost 2 ships and were stranded on Hathors secret HQ planet. It was lot of fun.
  12. Just give her something tangible to represent the Modifiers like pebbles or beans. 5 is an age where the concept of adding is still a bit difficult while seeing things added does the trick.
  13. To flesh this out a bit: The lost fleet of the Shatterzone civil war made a distress jump into the unknown. They happened to land on the other side of the zone where they founded a new civilization in the system of Amatsemaru. The strange physic laws on this side of the zone make jumps impossible so they cannot leave the system. But they realize that some other laws work, they can use Psi-Energy of some very special people to open small gates to other systems. Of course, those people use the high social axiom to harness Poss just like the use of Poss Dr. Hachi-Mara Two developed. On their travels to other worlds a la Stargate they find the World of Marl aka Bloodshadows. There they realize that they are not the only ones who are able to use Poss, the gods of order and chaos themselves can do so and that is what makes them gods. In fact, every god has its own Darkness Device. To cross onto other worlds these gods tap into the Poss of whole worlds via magic or miracles. While the gods of order banded together to share in the Poss their followers deliver to them by their hopes and faith, the gods of order destroy whole worlds to suck all Poss out of them. Though the gods of chaos are stronger than the gods of chaos they do seldom cooperate and thus are weaker individually. On Aden the invasion of one chaos god has just been repelled but lots of creatures still remain and a new invasion is about to begin. The creatures come from a dark place that is full of them and ready to invade any world they can find one of those is the world featured in Necroscope. And then there are planets still untouched by the gods like the jungle world of ..... insert name of a generic Lost World here.... The Psi-Travellers of Amatsemaru know that they have to be very careful when crossing the gates in order to prevent the gods from discovering them but from time to time some creatures manage to slip through. This was the reason for the creation of the Space Marshalls who claim to uphold the law in Amatsemaru while secretly they are hunting the creatures. They have been successfull in doing so for some time now. In this situation Amatsemaru is discovered by the first consortium fleet that manages to navigate through the zone. With a new jump drive they are able to cross the distance between the stars.
  14. Why not do a Masterbook version of Torg without Torg? Replace Aysle with Aden, Nile Empire with Bloodshadows, Orrorsh with Necroscope and Cyberpapacy with Shatterzone. Living Land was not very popular in the first place, so why not replace it with a generic Lost World setting? Something similar to Market Place could be a Shatterzone world that is invaded. So it would not be Torg but something very different but still with the ideas of Torg. Edit: Maybe Fires of Amatsemaru would be a good replacement for Marketplace
  15. What are the cards based on: the Masterbook or the Shatterzone deck or a mix of both?
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