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  1. This comes from my own experience playing, but it really sucks having blown the dude away with the strike, and botching on damage. Sure, its possible that soaking will still get the same result, its just really annoying. Its just an idea to speed combat along (and reward high skills beyond what the rules currently have...make it more cinematic).
  2. Wow, been quite a while since I've posted. Anyway, I had a thought that maybe when calculating damage, remove the Wild Die option and instead go with something akin to Staging (ala Shadowrun). The idea is that for every Difficulty Stage ABOVE the target number you need, add +1 pip to the damage roll. This removes the possibility of botching on a damage roll and 'rewards' that oh-so-beyond-heroic "1 shot in a million" hit. It also means that higher Skill codes are actually that much more deadly (sort of that cinematic ideal of aces really ARE better). This also removes some potential boggi
  3. Been working on an alternate Robotech setting (new timeline, removed the SDF Macross mecha in favor of the Macross-like mecha from Robotech II: The Sentinels, RPG and comics from years ago) using D6 myself for a long time. Figured I would share what I have to give you some perspective (if you want). Never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes examine what I have written to find mistakes (these are all still work in progress examples). https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByLPaXEM7S6FSmsybV9KZE9hVFU/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByLPaXEM7S6FYmk1elAwQXVCNk0/edit?usp=sharing htt
  4. Lately, I decided to do my own setting for a D6 Fantasy game and wanted to chime in the skills/templates issue. The free-form Template is good for quick and easy characters in a game with high lethality. If your character bites the dust, sure it sucks, but you can whip up a new one in a few minutes. You can make the Jack-of-Every-Trade that is totally defined by what skills he chooses. On the other hand, a sort of composite Template/Life Path/Advanced Path model could offer a more varied approach. It would allow for Special Abilities that are linked only to that life-path (making a d
  5. Not exactly. Starfighter scale, if it were directly ported over to Robotech would include vehicles like Veritechs, but not (say) Destroids. That makes no sense whatsoever. That's why I renamed it Shuttle and gave the example of any vehicle larger 20m. Even the largest Destroid, the Mobile Artillery Robot series Thundercracker is smaller than that at 14.8m height.
  6. Hehe, yep, that is the fan fiction that I've been working on to go along with the setting. Thanks for the praise. As for the VF/B-7 Devastator, your wish is my command. Figure that the Invid Regess' Iigaa (Armoured Scout) is similar to the Lotzor, just minus the Light Beam Cannons, since my version has the medium beam cannons and (chin-mounted) light lasers. VF/B-7 Devastator Veritech Fighter/Bomber Veritech Fighter Pilot
  7. Thanks. Not yet, sadly. Like I said I'm still in the collating stage at this moment since I'm doing an Alternate Universe setting. Its not even half ready yet. I created a few templates and a few mecha as a basis for comparison. That would be a good start for you to get your bearings. I'll post a few examples to show ya: Lotzor Tactical Battlepod MWR-Excaliber Gen 1 Destroid Zentraedi Quadrono Ace Private Military Contractor
  8. Here is the basic layout I have for scales: Character Ex. - Player Characters (duh!), Small Arms, Body Armor Vehicle Ex. - Cyclones, regular (non-armored) vehicles, Heavy Weapon Damage Battloid Ex. - Any mecha 3.5m or taller, armored vehicles (tanks, AIFVs etc) Shuttle Ex. - Any vehicle between 20m to 90m in length (Titan-class GMU, Pegasus-class Assault Shuttle etc), most reinforced buildings, Light Anti-Ship Weaponry Capital Ex. - Any vehicle larger than 100m, Reinforced Subsurface Berths, Space Stations, SDF-series warships etc. Planet Ex. - Moons, Planets, Stars, large space
  9. At the moment I'm leaning to the R&E instead of Die Caps. I deleted Starfighter-scale completely and rolled it into Battloid-scale. As for mecha, I'm going with the following breakdown for the moment (I'll probably go with area-specific armor values at a later date): Battloid Scale - Destroids and Bioroids represent the highest armour value for 'humanoid mecha' and top out at 6D Hull - Human Veritechs usually have 5D with only the Veritech Hovertank being 6D (its basically a transforming Destroid after all) - Most Zentraedi and Invid mecha have from 3D to 5D depending upon mission r
  10. Hehe, my thread over at RtX.com. I haven't updated in a while since I've been doing setting work at the moment instead of rules. Anything y'all see that needs tweaking in what I presented, let me know. I would love to trade info since it will make things alot easier.
  11. I'm actually trying to come up with a decent way to model that for my game that I'm adapting (One guess as to which). It requires that all characters with a Military background have at least 1 Military Occupational Specialty. I guess I'm leaning towards 'Pick an MOS' which has the skills listed you get, add a few more for background/flavour then you get to distribute the 7D (Humans, after all) worth of dice to said skills. Example: MOS: 11B (Infantry) Dodge Melee Combat Small Arms Grenades Climb/Lift Martial Arts Stamina Military Regulations Search Sneak Small Arms Repair
  12. I've given some thought for a while to having both Damage and Armor be static (as well as a base Defense stat, modified by a single Dodge roll at the beginning of combat). How well you strike said target will determine how much more damage beyond the basic you do (this also gets into the whole Mooks, Lieutenants and Captains/Bosses paradigm). This, I think, will speed up combat a bit as well as remove the whole 'Wow, I shot him perfectly, then pooched my damage roll' aspect that sometimes creeps into games. Also, since this gets into the idea of Cinematic Combat, a Player Character (as a Heroi
  13. I'm of two minds about how to handle mecha. One thought is that the particular setting I have in mind (1 guess as to which) requires that mecha are mass-produced vehicles that anyone with proper training can take control. Combat should be handled no different than regular Walker/Starfighter-scale combat all the way down to Vehicle Scale. I do armour as Static Resist instead of the Variable Resist as done in the standard D6 (mecha have target numbers for damage, overcome that and its hurt) with Box-style penalties (Scratched, Damaged, Damaged x2, Crippled, Destroyed). I can also see the Ci
  14. I for one would like a TechBook that details the various vehicles, weaponry, Powered Armour and other stuff that is found in Septimus.
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