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  1. Okay, got leader and squad worked out. In a nutshell, as discussed with Kal, my idea is that they're from a society which has and uses cloning technology. This has a number of beneficial effects, including making it no longer an approximation to give all squad members identical stats :-)
  2. If you like Cthulhutech, I strongly recommend reading Aeon Natum Engel. It's awesome in a 'that was a dramatic understatement' way.
  3. Hi, other prospective player here. Yeah, space with fantasy elements is good, I don't have a strong preference about the specifics though I'm guessing will end up having at least some element of Star Wars flavor. Current thinking of playing an anime-flavored fighter type, possibly with some mystical ability if I can spare the points, but in any case not an out and out mage.
  4. As I understand it, the website for OpenD6 will include a content management system and online document processing similar in functionality to Google Documents, all written from scratch. This is obviously a substantial software engineering project, and indeed will represent an intellectual property base greater in scope than the D6 game system itself. Is there any possibility of releasing this software as open source?
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