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  1. Blunt looks again at the flashing light and a quick flash of apprehension crosses his face, but is quickly replaced by his usual blank expression. "OK, I'll be in my Cabin, I think I could do with some shuteye". He heads back to his bunk and tries to get some sleep, as he feels that he may need to be well rested for the days ahead.
  2. Blunt winks at Drake as he passes him and Swilja in the main corridor outside the bridge. Ducking his head under the doorway, he slips into the seat next to Tomin. "That was a bit hectic for a bit there, you can't beat the tranquility of a jump after things get a little intense" Glancing down at the panel, he notices a flashing red light and bashes the panel. When it fails to go out, he pipes up again "Hey Tomin, what's that red light mean?"
  3. Blunt will continue to fire on the TIES as best he can until we reach hyperspace.
  4. Blunt will fire at the TIES randomly, trying to discourage them as much as possible to buy Drake the time he needs. If one becomes an imminent threat, he'll switch to target that one as best he can, then once it's no longer a threat switch back to suppressing the others.
  5. Blunt thumbs the intercom briefly "Yes sir, I will do what I can". He then heads to the starboard Ion cannon as fast as he can and will do the best job he can to keep the TIEs at bay. Naturally as he's a little out of his depth, he'll chose the most likely target to hit and use CP's as neccessary.
  6. Gritting his teeth, Blunt closed his eyes briefly as the vessel lurched under his feet. He never had been a fan of space travel. Hitting the intercom briefly he shouts to the bridge "Hey, can I be of any use to you guys?"
  7. Blunt will fall back towards the transport and try to supress the troopers targetting Gilea on the way as best he can. If he's close enough and it's safe enough to gather any of the fallen troopers equipment he'll do it, but his main focus is on falling back to the transport and covering Gilea and the others.
  8. Blunt has a look to see if their is an exposed gunner on the transport, if there is he'll attempt a shot on the driver with his blaster rifle. If the transport is buttoned up, he'll join Bu'cha in attempting to supress the stormtroopers as much as possible and find some cover.
  9. Provided he feels it doesn't mean exposing himself too much, Blunt will take this opportunity to edge closer towards the shack (assuming the aerial barrage has slackened) and see if he can get a look at the state of the Imperial force, an idea of numbers, casualties, and if he can tell anything about their experience/morale from their body language.
  10. That is a really great supplement Falcon, a good find!
  11. Taking a moment to snap out of his thoughts, Blunt chips in with the others moving crates and following them through the hole, helping people with a leg up as neccessary. As soon as he's through the hole, he'll position himself to shield Drake as much as possible from any incoming fire whilst minimising his exposure to the troopers below. OOC: Sorry for my late arrival chaps!
  12. The droids look good, I'm standing by and ready to start whenever you are (I'm actually quite excited :excite:
  13. Name: Captain Richard Blunt Type: House Guard Captain Race: Human Sex: Male Age: 26 Height: 2m Weight: 105kg Physical Description: Tall, broad, and very imposing. Brown hair and eyes. Usually wearing red and brown battle armour and a red and gold cloak. His body language is very warm to those he knows, and very cold to those he does not. He has a scar running from his mouth partway up the side of his face Dexterity: 3D+2 Blaster: 5D+2 Brawling Parry: 4D+2 Dodge: 4D+2 Melee Combat: 4D+2 Melee Parry: 4D+2 Knowledge: 2D+1 Mechanical: 2D Perception: 3D Strength: 4D Brawling: 5D Technical: 3D Special Abilities: None Move: 10 Force Sensitive:No Force Points: 1 Dark Side Points: 0 Character Points: 5 Equipment: Battle Armour (+2D Physical, +1D Energy, -1D Dexterity and related skills), Blaster Rifle, Heavy Blaster Pistol, Sword, Comlink, Datapad Background: Captain Blunt rose through the ranks and his peers will not let him forget it. He was born to a poor family and joined the house guards as soon as he could. On merit alone, he rose quickly through the ranks, eventually being sponsored as an officer, a feat which is practically unheard of Personality: Flambouyant and audacious. Quick to anger and slow to forgive. Highly suspicious of people he doesn't know, but once his trust is earned, he's fiercely loyal Objectives: To live with honour and protect his lord. To do his duty. And to live to retirement. A Quote: Next time I give you an order, you will bloody well jump to. Understand?
  14. I'm more than happy to let Jamfke roll for me Also, that name is a good one for a ship!
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