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  1. New republic I can stomach better without indigestion the rebellion, that said, would like the vong included, in some capacity, though not the huge threat they are made out as in the books.....:confused: that saidthat said i can tolerate this better then rebellion without being bored to snot....
  2. Drake goes to look for a suitable tribute to guive the locals.
  3. Drake goes to check and see what is going on with the gust of wind, bringing blunt and swilja along, noticing the spear juting from the ground and the one meter tall humanoids he stops and makes no sudden movements and tells the others not to do so. (OOC: Roll alien species and cultures for me Jam as drake is tring to figue out how to procede, and identify the aliens. sorry for the late post... it's busy down here..)
  4. "Alright Mr. Tomin, carry on.... He goes to the back, grabs a tool kit, and assists swilja as she attempts to work her magic on the engines...." (Roll Space Transports Repair for Drake and Swilja Please)
  5. Drake doesn't panic, though he's worried, and he tries to show confidence because his crew depended on him..... "Tomin run an analysis on the atmosphere outside see if it's something we can breathe and if that rain isn't toxic acid or some such, check the frequecies for comm-traffic, remember to look on old-style wave come frequencies too... Swilja and I will check and see how bad the hyper and sublight engines are first... we might be able to jury-rig a solution." "After your done with your scans tomin, see how bad of the navicomputer is and if it can be made functional enough to get us outa here..." "B'ucha activate GiGi (OOC: The G7 Med droid they have) to tend to Zip in the aid station, you may need need to assist GiGi in taking care of him....."
  6. Meh done the rebelion era so much I'm board with it.. unless I find a GM who can put a new twist on it.. And I find something to like in all the era's...Shugs.......
  7. Drake smiles sweetly and winks "I'm not married to nor had children with them though, my sweet..... lets go check on the others now..." Drake tends to the others as needed using the ships medical store as needed, but tries to consearve as much of it as possible.... once that is done, he looks out the veiw ports to see what sort of world they are on. (Roll first aid as needed, Jam)
  8. Drake checks on his wife, Swilja, after the rough landing where they were tossed around like toys, grabbing the medpac off his belt, to treat her, Preppared to drag her from the wreckage if an explosion is imenent, while fighting through his own pain and wounds.. "Swilja!!!! Are you alright!!!!" (Roll first aid for me Jam)
  9. Thigs were just getting "Interesting" with Swilja when he heard the the intercom... "BANTHA POODOO!!!! He frowned, then said: "My Love, looks like we've got work... lets get to work on those engines....." (OOC: Sorry for the delay been busy with the new " 'youngin. )"
  10. Bodacious, dudes! I'm Raring and ready to go.\sw\
  11. fixed it, sorry was "multitasking" when when doing the first roll.. no coment on what i was multi taking on [then we'll just leave it at that -- moderator]
  12. Drake continues to take a shot at the thugs on the roof nextdoor Blaster: Rolled 20 (4, 6 (on wild die), 6 (again), 4 Dodge: Rolled 13 (6, 4, 3 (on wild die)) Damage: Rolled 19 (4, 5, 6, 2, 2 (on wild die))
  13. yup looks like a game reset... I'm still going with my original PC in either case.
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