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  1. Xanthe for a moment loses herself thinking about slavery to a Hutt then nods after the humans words and encouragement. "Definitely, it is worth far more to you than to the trandoshan, so it should work out." Something about the story seems odd though . . . . why bet something like that she would not want to bet? ((can I try rolling Drink Mixology for the Gungan, is she just normally drunk, or does she seem drugged? If I can roll please roll for me))
  2. Xanthe cringes a little at the sadness radiating from the gungan feeling it herself. "Who were you playing? Ah, who is your brother?"
  3. Ah, no, I'm here and have cleared my mailbox some . . . . I didn't really get that this first post was actually a cue to start, thought it was just scene setting with no cues yet
  4. There are sadly no deck plans, but are a zillion ships on this site http://www.rpggamer.org/
  5. I actually haven't had this problem to much in Star Wars . . . . other D6 games, but not Star Wars. Weird
  6. "Well . . . I also wanted to try seeing what if anything I could find on the computer. I mean, Facebook or such"
  7. I reserve the right to add amusing things based on the wild die, but usually I find adding/subtracting to be fine. Adding things every third roll? Ugh . . . . that would add up to LOTS of things over the course of a single fight! Im not THAT creative
  8. I didn't realize Cole had a mustache For some reason I now imagine him as Todd Jones
  9. One house rule I've had great success with is and consider mandatory for any games I run is 'You are not, under any circumstances ever or whatsoever, permitted to have your main attack do less than 5d damage. Any character who does not comply is summarily rejected' This forces that on average rolls, 2d mook soaking 5d damage hit, the magic 9 over happens and mook goes down Most of the time I end up with characters rolling 6d+ as there base damage, potentially with upwards mods, vs enemies rolling from 2d on up to lots soak . . . . this usually works out fine. Basically eventually e
  10. What are you trying to accomplish? I also have combined wounds and hit points (I refuse to use the term body points) in the past My goals basically are 1. A Brawny Wookie in armor can laugh at feeble sidearms and take bunches upon bunches of blows to go down 2. But he will, still, eventually succumb to 'Death of 10,000 Papercuts' 3. That same wookie when staring down the barrel of a tank cannon knows fear 4. Squishy 2d humans squish quite reliably Pure body points works very well for Objective 2 But work very poorly for 1+3 combined. I want the wookie to (usually) go dow
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