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  1. I have no real thoughts on how the mechanics could be handled, but just thought I'd mention that when I saw this game was running and that Nile Empire, and Orrosh had already been taken, I seriously considered volunteering to play as Core Earth as the earthly resistance in Torg is something that I often felt gets lots in the RPG.
  2. My general policy regarding hardpoints, was simply to ignore them and for enemy armies I generally threw one or two of my own armies at them, whilst pushing another couple of armies into the zone to try to switch the zone to dominant at which point the enemy armies were doomed anyway. So I generally pushed one army into occupying zones I did not really care about, two into zones which I did, and 3+ into zones where I expected resistance. It seemed to work so well in England that I was a bit suprised by the resistance of the Spanish. Although I expected the effectiveness of the core earth defence to increase as the the initial suprise of the invasion wore off. I equally expected the increasing impact of the invasion (disrupted logistics/communications etc) to counter this to a large extent. With this Logic I figured that If I pushed out in enough directions, the core earthers might stop most pushed but not all of them. The way I saw it the resouces on Earth are fixed and at the start of the invasion Earth has them all. As the invasion continues and the high lords take more and more zones it follows that as their resources increase the core earth resources decrease. In that sense I was not too bothered if I failed to take California. I might lose armies (but they were cheap), and whilst the Americans were fighting there my pushes to the less populated regions in land would take ground. In my head I made the mistake of over-estimating the impact (and number) of troops in an army. 25K seems like such a large number until you stop to think about it properly.
  3. Curiously I thought Pure Zones brought little energy, with Dominant and mixed being best. I only pursued pure zones out of neccessity when dropping Bridges and pushed all my zones to dominant as fast as possible. That's also related to the living land realm rules (which I knew didnt really apply in thsi game as such) In a dominant zone I should have a massive advantage, whilst in a mixed zone Living land miracles simply can't compete with the mass destruction caused by guns. I made an early descision to ignore Gospog (in the original game they caused much dissent in the Living Land forces) so when invading Core Earth realms with their weapons of mass destruction I generally sent one army to die in front of a hail of bullets whilst other armies 'snuck round the back' trying to bring enough numbers in to flip the zone to Dominant Living Land I did not think there was a possibility income cap due to population, but didn't neccessarily target most populated areas in an effort to reduce native opposition and because I was also mainly going to geographical control (again on the grounds that even a pure/dominant core earth zone, should eventually flounder due to lack of resources if cut off from the rest of the world). With Aisle holding Eastern Europe and my stelae zones overlapping into the seas any support to Western Europe would be limited. The same logic applied to the American attack. Attack down the coast taking lands in Canada (solely as a buffer) then drop new bridges to cut off South America and to encircle the Western half of America.
  4. Sacremento The Jakkats of the silent Vyper hunting team waited unseen in the trees of Park Avenue. It had taken days of stealthy progress but finally they were in striking distance of their target. Shortly after the feeble earth sun rose over the horizon the street became with activity and they knew it was almost time. The target left his home flanked by two black suited aides and moved towards his car. Talking urgently on his headset the large man’s long footsteps carried him quickly down the path. The chance to strike had nearly passed when finally the Jackatts felt the power of Lanala wash over them as the invasion from the North gained momentum. The Eidenos warrior sprang down from the tree and charged towards his target drawing back his hrockt shoot and hurling it forward as the stalenger blessed it from the safety of the tree. Twisting aside at the last moment the intended target dodged the incoming missile only for it to strike solidly into one of his aides flinging him from his feet and dropping him to the floor. The target leapt into the car, regretting for once his refusal to hire a driver as he put the key in the ignition. The remaining aide stood his ground and drew his pistol and professionally took aim at the charging lizardman. Just before he pulled the trigger however he was struck by a sudden blindness and his shot went wide. The Eidenos gave him no quarter and spilled the aides guts on the floor with a swipe of his talon. The Eidenos turned to his real target but the hydrogen powered hummer had already started moving. The Lizard gave chase but was unable to keep pace so abandoned the attack and returned to the woods to regroup. The target breathed a sigh of relief as he rounded the corner, then ducked as he saw a winged demon diving on the car from above. The demon’s claws peeled back the entire front roof of the hummer and narrowly missed the targets head. The ravagon snarled in frustration and looped around for another attack as the sound of approaching police sirens grew closer. Steering with one hand the man reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a pistol. Bringing the gun to bear he smoothly brought the pistol up and unloaded two bullets directly into the demon’s chest before a powerful blow from the demon sent the gun spinning from his hand into the back of the hummer. The man’s hand was not empty for long however as it clamped a vicelike grip on the demon’s throat. Blinded with fury and pain the Ravagaon ignored the growing pressure on its neck and lashed out with its teeth and claws ripping the man’s shirt apart and leaving deep bloody gashes in his well muscled torso. Slowing the car to a stop the man took his left hand off the wheel and threw a mighty punch into the demon’s face. The stunned creature slumped down into the seat beneath him as the man stood up and added his other hand to his efforts to strange the creature. As the man stood up to put his whole body weight behind his thumbs something snapped in the demon’s neck and it slumped lifeless against the door. A police cruiser and two motorbikes pulled up against the side of the mangled humvee and a young officer stepped out of the car to address the man. “Governor, the lizards have broken through from the north. Our weapons are still working and we are killing them in the hundreds but there are just too many of them and we are having to fall back. I have orders from General Mason to take you HQ and update you fully on the situation.” The Governor stepped out of the car, seemingly unfased by his injuries, nodded to the trooper and stepped towards the awaiting cruiser. Before getting in he paused to scan the horizon to the north, where smoke and explosions could already be seen. Striking a pose like some Holywood actor the man gestured to the north, punctuating each word with a sharp jab of his fist he vowed “I’ll be Back!”
  5. Most Interfered with... No one interfered with the Living Land Invasion! Well yes the French uprooted a stelae but I never thad control of the zones (another week and I would have brought them to task). Who else scuppered my plans! Come on own up! Fair win to Mobius of course. I should have contested his invasion point of India from the outset..as I almost did. He would have outbid me, but it might have slowed the tide somewhat. Key to Mobius's victory and the failure of other's was clearly the knowledge of what it took to win (coupled with the suprising rate of possibility awards). Expecing a longer term game, after initially targetting a soft power base in Western Europe, I figured someone had to stop the American's before they stopped being isolationist and lent aid to the rest of the globe. With high possibilities rewards the temptation to expand rapidly at high initial cost to reap rewards later just seemed to high. In terms of the lack of infighting between high lords. Providing, I reclaimed France I was planning to invade Asyles lands in week 9...and have a suspicion that Asyle was thinking of doing the reverse! I was playing that my spec forces (with limited transport options) would only operate in my immediate geographic area. So short of dropping bridges into India to contest Mobius, there wasn't much I could do. On the other hand I was very happy with the bridges I dropped in Mexico and Dallas to dissuade Orrosh from invading in that direction and carving up the States. My last week's orders included dropping bridges into Colorado and Chicago. Anyway's thats it for my post mortem so all that remains for me to say is a great thankyou to all the other players for making this so much fun. The quality of writing was superb. Now the games over, I'm going to re-read some that that I skimmed over. An even greater thanks to Catstacker for organising this game. If Catstacker is mad enough to run another game in the future, please let me know.
  6. I fear the brute force approach to the Living Land invasion is leaving the great Saar in the dark as to the secret machinations of the storm nights. Oh well I am sure he will find out some way or another....
  7. Takta Ker The Great Saar climbed to the top of the great tree and surveyed his almost empty land. The Gaunt man had promised limitless rewards from the lands known as Core Earth and never one to do things in half measures the Saar threw everything he has into the invasion. With the core earth natives putting up increasing resistance, the Saar ordered a final push. With Lanala's will the defenders would be crushed and whilst the rewards of the new land are being reaped Takta Ker could regrow.
  8. One thing to consider for potential future runs of the games, is whether there should be other limitations on resources (armies, stelae, tribes) in addition to possibilities. In the game literature the limitations on production of stelae was key to the progress (or lack thereof) of the invaders.
  9. Well I am from Blighty and Slough is just down the road really...and really not the greatest place.
  10. To be honest I didn't really have any strategy. I landed in England because I didn't want to land in America and did not want to argue with another high lord for India...and thought it would be amusing to drop a bridge in slough. After securing England (damned Scots) my france invasion got stymied by resistance at the chunnel, so i dropped a bridge into Spain (mainly cos I am currently doing a touring holiday of Spain and thought it would help my geography). America was an afterthought really...when the Cyberpapacy invasion slowed down. The Blitzkrieg approach definately benefits from the higher than expected possibility rewards each week. With as much of the globe covered by invading forces it is a wonder that core earth can offer any resistance at all. They must be swamped with refugees and running low on all kinds of resources.
  11. Posting on other people's boards - Fine by me. The core earth posts are great too... I just wish I had more gotaks to make use of them...
  12. Calais - France A cheer went up as the batterred remains of a French army put a new flag up at the barracks that they had set up at the old refugee camp at Sangatte. - Despite their numbers, and their strange powers the lizards lacked one major thing; organisation. The great horde of lizards passed straight through the tunnel and further into France without stopping to secure such a strategic asset. Waiting until the army had passed a unit of British S.A.S soldiers who had been on assignment dealing with a terrorist threat from Calais, led french forces into the tunnel to ambush any re-inforcements. After days of waiting in the dark, partially flooded tunnels, scouts reported the lizards moving en-masse through the tunnel. In the confines of the tunnell the lizards could not take full advantage of their numbers, and could not bring their beasts of war to bear. In contrast the S.A.S were in their element, and with their weapons continuing to fire they anchored the french lines. The battle had been bloody and hundreds were dead or dying but at as the smoke settled the day had been won. Dover - England The Eidenos tribesman sat on the strange stone floor staring so intently at the pictures and scratch marks on the dead tunnel that he dead not notice the shiny rock sliding across the floor towards him until it exploded. The S.A.S squad emerged from the tunnel moments after dropping all of the nearby lizards with deadly accurate three round bursts from their assualt rifles. The squad checked their weapons, whilst getting a bearing from the sun and set off towards London.
  13. I certainly read all of the posts (although I really should be working), and am impressed by the quality. Taking the recent Aysle posts as an example, they put the changes we can see to the core Earth Map into context, making this project so much more than a 'game of risk.'
  14. Pelaric Kwajar landed his mount next to his tribe pleased at the progress they had made. The natives had yet to put up any significant resistance to his rapid advance. As the initial shock of the invasion passed he knew that any survivors still clinging to the native reality would be hard to budge. Sensing the impetus of the tribes slowing as they sought to settle on the new lands adn enjoy the sensations of the word, he sent messages to the Optants of each tribe urging them to continue their progress and fully secure the lands known as Britain. In Europe he knew the tunnel could not be used for muhc longer, and space was limited with the lands to the East held by the High Lord known as Plague. Before returning to his mount and leading his force further inland he sent a final messenger was sent back to the Maelstrom bridge with a simple message for the Great Saar, regretting that he would not be able to witness the new arrivals with his own eyes.
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