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  1. Cool. Seems the most reasonable and simple way of handling it. Thanks.
  2. Grimace, I don't have any of the rules available to me right this moment and I'm not sure how the Wild Die officially works, but in your way does a 1 on the Wild Die remove itself and the Highest regular Die?
  3. I wanted to say I am back around, but I do not believe I will be able to return to this game. After the computer died I went through a bit of a rough patch emotionally. I'm finally back, feeling better and am employed, but I honestly just think I lost the spark for this game. I do wish to apologize to everyone. Sorry. Hope everyone is well.
  4. Bad news. I have to put this game temporarily on hold. My computer died over the weekend and until I have regular access again I have to pause the game. Hopefully it wont be too long until I am up and able to access things again regularly. Sorry about this.
  5. No one having anything else to add the Captain orders everyone to go home and change into casual civilian clothes. Once they get back a black SUV is waiting for them. Along with a tiny listening device and the equipment to listen in. Once they are gathered in her office, Captain Dunn asks, "Anything before you head off to check on this lead?"
  6. She nods and says, "You have permission to change into civilian clothes and I'll arrange for a unmarked vehicle to be ready for you when you all are ready to go. Anything else?"
  7. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get back to 1st District Police Station, park the car and head down to The Basement. Right away they are all asked into the Captain's office. Elizabeth Dunn sits behind her desk and says, "I see you met up with each other. What have you learned so far?"
  8. I will post an update a little later this evening. Sorry for the delay.
  9. The radio crackles to life and a female voice says, "This is Captain Dunn for Car 54. Care 54 are you there?"
  10. A Contacts or Charm roll could help with that probably or you could use a personal vehicle too If you feel things need to be brought to your boss' attention, contacting the Captain would be your best option. Advise her on the situation and she can let you know what she thinks.
  11. Just so you all know, I am still around and have been keeping up with whats going on. There just hasn't been any need for me to say anything yet while you guys are discussing plans.
  12. Cole is the most likely having been on the job the longest, but either Pivnick or Kitner would be the best options.
  13. The man sighs and says, "Ask the Clerk behind the counter about The Special of the Day. If it's clear to go back he'll say, 'The Special is Ripe.' If things aren't clear he'll say, 'The Special is Out'."
  14. "Delgado is always at the bodega. He works out of the office there. Supplying people like me and collecting money from us."
  15. "You're looking for Jorge Delgado. He operates out of a bodega on 21st Street." He sighs and says, "I don't know what they is planning specifically, but I know they were buying a lot of guns. Big ones. Like AK-47s."
  16. "Hey, I'm an independent business man. However, I get my supplies from Jorge Delgado. He works for the Death Heads. I heard they had something big going down with some Dregs. Something that'll make 'em a lot of money."
  17. The guy stops and says, "Alright, alright. You let us both go and we tell ya what ya wanna know?"
  18. BTW: Anytime I make a mistake like that feel free to call me on it. I do appreciate it.
  19. The only thing Cole finds on the young woman is about $5,000 in cash. She doesn't have a wallet or any ID. Pivnick on the other hand has better luck searching the young man. He finds an eight inch switch blade in his pocket and two small packets with white power, likely cocaine. The man chuckles at Pivnick's questions and says, "Might as well take us in, so we can be back out in an hour or two."
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