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  1. Hey, guys. My plans for Septimus, at the moment, are to give a PDF of the game for free to whoever requests one. In the meantime, I'm already getting offers to convert it over to other systems, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it. What I'd really like to do is my original plan, which is to write a seven-volume series of novels about it that would probably vary from the RPG a bit. In the meantime, Alucard, if you'd like me to do another radio spot for you on your show, I'd be happy to. Just shoot me a message at bill.coffin@gmail.com. Cheers! P.S.: For the record Eric was never out to scr
  2. There was supposed to be a table for prioritizing dice in chargen, but it sounds like it was omitted. Given that I wrote this a few years ago, I can't quote my notes off the top fo my head, but I'll try to dig up some info for you.
  3. Hey, glad to meet you at Gencon.


    Did you know that there was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel called Blackout? Ha.

  4. Yeah, that would be with my big "my book just got released!" smile. Seriously, those copies had arrived no more than two hours beforehand. Keep in mind that those were just some special softcovers Eric had done for Gen Con. The official hardbacks are still in transit somewhere between the printers in China and WEG's HQ in Pennsylvania.
  5. Great! Thanks much; everything done to get the word out helps.
  6. Oh, I would have no problem making this an open D6 property. I should probably drop Eric a line on this immediamente...
  7. For the record, Eric has always been a great guy to deal with and he was super-cool about everything regarding the Septimus project, including its original inception, its cancellation and its resurrection. As for Septimus having a future, I'd like to think it does, too. It's the kind of game that can be easily expanded in any number of directions, and I think the game is certainly big enough that I and other writers could build off the game at the same time and not really bump into each other.
  8. Good one, Hanzo. I'll definitely prepare to talk about that one. Be sure to tune in!
  9. Hah! Those two will keep me busy for 20 minutes, easy.
  10. I have to be up front here; I was far more interested in the narrative possibilities of a Dyson Sphere than I was in the hard science of it, since so much of it would fall outside of our own scientific understanding. I did take care to consider that a hard Dyson sphere would need ot deal with the solar energy it traps, and I did write in a kind of supertech solution wherein excess solar energy doesn't eventually cook the surface. As for space combat, I discounted the thought of stray fire strafing the surface much in the same way that Coruscant didn't find itself under a hail of orbital fire d
  11. Yesiree! Thanks for the detail, Eric. I forget how thick I specified Septimus as being, but yeah, it's definitely got a very thick shell.
  12. Thanks for the actual figures. When you really consider the surface area of a Dyson Sphere, even if you had a super telescope near the sun and did telescopic scanning of the surface, it would take forever. It's just that freaking huge inside. That's what I love about Dyson Spheres. From an outside, Galactic perspective, they seem big but nothing to really write home about. Inside, though, you see galaxies worth of living space in a sngle world, and you mind just boggles...
  13. It's mainly based on D6 Space, but there there are nods to D6 Star Wars, such as the inclusion of character templates. I tried to keep the D6 Space chargen system, but also offered templates in case you want to make a characrer quickly, or need to stat out an NPC. The templates also helped me describe the setting by giving you a sense of who was populating it.
  14. Just to expand off of the other post I had offered, Septimus is a big, broad space opera set in the Seventh Empire, your basic galaxy-spanning, uber-powerful galactic empire. Long story short, this group of technology cultists called the Sindavar Extent ran afoul of the Empire and found itself persecuted and put on next-to-outlaw status. Fleeing persecution, and following up on some ancient legends, the Extent went to a far-off corner of the galaxy to live by itself. Out there, however, the Extent discover an ancient Dyson Sphere built by unknown aliens and is itself an item of unspeakably adv
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