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  1. Those rules are different to how I assumed, but worked fine. For some reason I was picturing a die roll to try and flip the zone, followed by a single die roll for combat - rolling badly meant Core Earth reality won, small success turned the zone mixed and rolling well meant a full flip to dominant. Skill levels would be better in mixed or dominant than in an unfavourable reality. I also thought my spec ops were doing much better jobs than they probably were! Almost all my armies had spec ops trying to lend a hand.
  2. I don't really like the original Space Gods, finding them the least interesting of the published worlds. However, I did like the angle you took and enjoyed your stories.
  3. I've skimmed through but not had the brain space to digest them yet! Maybe a scissors/paper/stone approach to land/air/artillery armies? Something like air is strong against infantry which is strong against artillery which is strong against air. For population it might be worth just having a list of average population densities by country, then adding 1-3 points if there's a big city in the zone, or subtracting a few if most of the zone is desert, and not worrying too much about accuracy in between. Due to the log scale on the Torg charts, a point or two can cover a big range of people but only provide a point or two of extra energy - so no need to worry too much about a high degree of accuracy.
  4. Core Earth plans... Good grief! Looks like I was blissfully ignorant in my arrogance that any resistance could be overcome with zillions of shocktroopers and lasers of ever increasing size. :cool: Having someone play Core Earth is a great idea. It never occurred to me that China would be doing its own spying independant of Marketplace. I was mainly moving into China just to see if 3327 was actually playing, or if it was all a phenomenal bluff. I did really enjoy moving the markers around, and zooming in to see the terrain and get ideas. My brain started melting between week 4 and week 5, so maybe that's the sort of level to aim to cap individual units at. Week 4: 20 armies, 13 spec ops, 19 stelae Week 5: 31 armies, 16 spec ops, 32 stelae Of course, that would still get multiplied by 7 or so for the poor GM. One idea would be just to make everything bigger - instead of 500km between stelae there could be 1000km, and scale up the cost by squaring it. Armies could then be 100,000 soldiers. Having said that, it's still just more efficient for High Lords to have two half sized zones than one full sized one, in terms of energy gained and area to hold (not that I did this; I went for maximum land grab). As a theoretical upper limit on the degree of abstraction, we could take the Risk board - 42 territories. Each territory would cost a certain amount of energy to cover with stelae - and provide a set amount of energy in return. Armies/spec ops would exert influence across the entire territory they were based in. Then it's a 'simple' matter of finding a suitable set of rules somewhere in between the inflexible structure and the epic (but ultimately unmanageable) brilliance we played. I think that a month would be too long between orders too, as a player I'd rather do a bit, see the effects, and do a bit more. But of course that means that the abstraction has to be greater to decrease the weekly load on the GM. Different army stats would certainly be interesting. I wouldn't expect them to be balanced as that could be hard to do without lots of playtesting, but balance is less important as long as everyone's having fun.
  5. Very roughly it's about 1,400 triangles to cover the land mass. I'd already worked it out before we started for curiosity. That's just based on the raw area of land, and triangles of maximum size without any regard for placement and funny shaped coastlines. World population is about 6.7bn, so average pop/triangle is about 4.8m (val 34). I can understand having almost limitless troops waiting in the cosm, as the High Lords are veteran raiders and have many worlds under their control. China alone has a standing army of 3m troops, and it could get many more if it needed to. Doing that means that the limiting factor is the energy required to bring them down the bridge.
  6. I'll keep discussing the game, I get what you mean about the value of having something abstract to distract you a bit when things are crappy. The difference between more populated zones and less populated zones works well, I think, due to Torg's measure/value chart (which I'm always impressed by - it's a work of genius). I agree about the 'not too many points but pricing resources too low'. Maelstrom bridges at least should probably be more expensive, or get more expensive the more you have (i.e. 1st costs 9 points, 2nd costs 13, 3rd costs ...). Whilst this would add bookeeping and possibly complexity it'd act as a brake on exponential expansion. Otherwise the most 'efficient' way of getting huge amounts of early energy is to cover your realm in bridges - pure zones transform much faster, and although you'd deplete the area sooner, the extra energy could quickly be recouped by spending on dominant zones and lots of armies to capture territory. It's also probably harder to defend against a new bridge than a visible army coming across stelae borders. If you can find one of the stelae they're both equally easy to defeat by digging it up before it's activated, so no advantage there. Taking the value of the total population within the total area would narrow the gap massively - probably too much. If you had 40m people within your empire (val 38), and increased that to 4bn (val 48), that's only worth ten more points (+26%). That would *seriously* blunt exponential expansion, perhaps almost to the point of making expansion beyond a certain point not worth it. Which could have some merits, thinking about it... That's really interesting about Rome - 3 stormers with eternity shards! Tough nut to crack but massively valuable if you could get hold of that prize. Stormchild, did you know about the stormers or soulstain that area?
  7. That's awful news, and I'm really sorry to hear it. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. My sympathy for both you and your wife.
  8. Beneath his hood, Mobius smiled. His moment of glory was almost at hand; everything was in place. Whilst the resistance from this cosm's defenders had been more fierce than anticipated, the rewards were also much greater. It had taken just under two months to siphon sufficient possibility energy from Earth's inhabitants to start the process to become Torg. The great shape of the Sorting Device lay silent in the corner, its work done. A slack-jawed Indian woman drooled mindlessly in the centre of the machine. Pipindar Ravidas had proved herself to be a capable lieutenant since the day she had presented herself to the Pharoah. Thirsty for revenge against the countrymen who had looked down on her because of her caste, she had commited atrocities in his name - luring a whole battalion of the Indian army into a trap at Mumbai, and slaughtering thousands at Bengalaru in the south. However, a Core Earth stormer was a key component of the Sorting Device, and unfortunately (for her) she had been the most readily available. Mobius was sure she would have been honoured to know of her vital role in his ascension. The Pharoah strode across the opulant throne room, resplendent in treasures plundered from across the Empire, and plucked the Kefertiri Idol - his darkness device - from the massive machine. The black idol thrummed with power, full of the recently sorted possibilities. Sibilant whispers in his mind hissed its excitement at their imminent victory. One final component remained - an awesome release of destructive energy. Several days ago Mobius had sent the Brass Condor and a team of Terra-Nauts on a mission to the Moon in Rocketship Horus. The loyal lieutenant had planted three stelae, enabling the Kefertiri Idol to land a maelstrom bridge on the barren rock. Carefully positioned forcefields trapped the air which rushed from the rip in space, providing an atmosphere (and a zone of pure Nile reality) for the team of Weird scientists who followed down the new bridge. The scientists carried plans for the nefarious device which would change the direction of the moon, sending a quadrillion lakh tonnes of rock hurtling towards the Earth.
  9. Your wife's expecting imminently? Wow, congratulations Catstacker! I hadn't particularly set out to win, I was just trying to 'do what Mobius would do' and go for overambitious overextension until I got slapped down by Core Earth (or someone else). I was surprised by the first week's harvested energy, and was still surprised (and delighted) by the massive volumes recieved each week - almost too much but still never enough to do everything I wanted. I could have happily continued, and was really enjoying it - there were a number of plots and plans set up for future weeks. My brain was struggling a little with the global scope, and can only imagine the mental workout Catstacker was getting - managing information from 7 realms and Core Earth! I too felt like I was still in the initial expansion phase, I'd not done a good job of describing India, and hadn't even started on Egypt, Vietnam (and surrounds), Iran, and I was about to drop into Nigeria to offer a safe zone for refugees from the evil space aliens A very enjoyable first run of an extremely ambitious game, thanks for running it Catstacker, and thanks to everyone else for the amazing posts. I'll work on the moon crashing post and get it up. I've also kept my orders for each week which I'll post at some point.
  10. Knife each other. Knife each other with JOY!
  11. Another factor which narrows the gap is the nifty value chart. Whilst I don't know the formula (though I've been trying to calculate it) I'd expect that a population zone of 10 million (val 35) would only give ~17% more energy than a population zone of 1 million people (val 30) - not 900% more! So it's still well worth grabbing less populated areas which should fall more easily and still provide a tidy income. And mixed zones... In some regions I'd KILL for mixed zones! (oh wait...).
  12. I'd check your desktop, and then your 'My documents/downloads/' folder for the file. Failing that, do a search of your hard disk for *.kml files to see where they're ending up. I'm not sure what you mean by it only saving individual points. The *.kml file only contains the coordinates of the features (the markers, lines, polygons and any text you've added). The file needs to be read in either Google Earth or Google Maps to display the map of the world with your markers on it.
  13. Wu Han is the most awesomest of all the overgoverners! Actually there's only him, Red Hand, and Sesetek who haven't had their battlegroups defeated so far - even if he doesn't always follow orders, damn him!
  14. One benefit of his reality's laws was that good men became very good, and thus somewhat predictable. To capitalise on this, he had ordered the winged demons to prey on the townsfolk outside the temple's area of influence, making sure that their screams of terror carried to the Indian soldiers sitting in relative safety. Hearing their countrymen (and women and children)'s agonised screams as they were torn apart, it was only a matter of time before the Indian general ordered his men to save the helpless civilians. Even though he must have known in his heart what would happen, the general had acted exactly as Wu Han knew he would. Guns blazing, the Indian army had charged bravely from the Golden Temple, scything down a trio of ravagons in the initial burst, but the remainder had darted out of range. As the soldiers were lured away from the holy site's limits they became subject to the Nile reality. Now, they were doomed. Great cracks of electricity split the air as the Indians were caught between two full strength Battlegroups, and they were cut down to a man. Enough with the pleasant memories; Wu Han shook himself from his thoughts. "Sesetek, my friend," he turned back to the old egyptian commander of the second battlegroup, "we still have work to do to eliminate this annoying world's influence on this region..."
  15. Fingering his long white moustaches, the criminal genius Wu Han walked with his shocktrooper bodyguard and an old egyptian man through the North Punjabi battlefield which was now littered with dead and dying Indians. "Ravagons, you say they're called?" "Oh yes," his companion, dressed in priestly robes with a lapis amulet at the neck, answered. "Mobius sent the demons up from Agra. They were a gift from someone called 'Baron Samedi', apparently." Hearing this, Wu Han nodded, he'd heard whispers of that name before - hushed whispers - and the toothy winged demons were clearly from... somewhere else... somewhere horrible. Even so, they had been very useful in drawing the enemy into his devious trap. Not seven days ago, the Indian army had destroyed Battlegroup Herunut and then retreated into a defensible hardpoint, the glittering Golden Temple of Amritsar. Inside that building the Indians would have been able to use their advanced technology with impunity, whilst the Nile lightning cannons and priestly blessings would fail. Losses would be too high in a direct assault. Even though shocktroopers were expendable, Wu Han did not have an endless supply at his disposal. The timing of the ravagon wing's arrival had been fortuitous, and had inspired a cunning plan in his brilliant mind.
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