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  1. Been a while since I've been on here! Lots of old faces. Good to see everyone again. Switching to D6 as a core now for a bit (the wondering mind of the rpg GM), so I'll be on here a bit more. / Lubidius / a.k.a Peter Robbins on G+ and beyond..
  2. Actually, I'm glad you pointed that out, as I had meant to remove the link. Anyhow, you can still get to it here via direct link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QKabFXn-9MGRoMB4z6rp4IzRTFgR3AIFZhbVFNJDeHE/edit It is in much need of editing ; hence, I had originally locked it out again and meant to unlink elsewhere. I need to flesh it out considerably, but also I need to cleanse it of 'too much' information from the core book before releasing it. In its current form, it won't mean much to you but you'll get the gist of my general approach in the document. It really only takes a single se
  3. Hey. I've been playing and enjoying very much the newer Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Here is a resource doc I've been keeping for myself in case you are interested in learning more about the game. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KvbzRELqxM9K7EfbwyrEM3DN4R0e1cEngeh1zH6Sh_Y/edit It is a pooled system, but has some really interesting narrative flair invoked in it. As lovers of the d6 pool system, I think you all would enjoy playing it, if not running a game using it.
  4. Jeremy - Had you all done a "Kickstarter" project for Azamar?
  5. Ok, so just a short update that we've gotten the MediaWiki software loaded, along with it's Collection extension to a server. We've tested it out some and PDF rendering is working fine, as well as the preview at PediaPress functionality. Now we are going to test out adding more materials to the test wiki, and how the results look organizational wise. Once we have it at its own server with a new domain name, we'll let you all know and give you individual user/pass to edit it out.
  6. Oh... and perhaps we could set aside a Cinema6 area of the wiki, which works right from that "core" Just sayin'.... I'd love to be able to just click a link/button and voila, any one "core" gets auto-selected. And then you piecemeal take out or add what you want to. The more I think about this, the more I think it may eventually need to be entirely customized. Which is fine, but I cannot dedicate more then a few hours a week on this.
  7. Yes. I was thinking along the same lines (eventually). In the public rendering scenario (the "as is" code offered by MediaWiki and Pediapress) they offer a public server for low traffic sites to render against. I believe that their code tells the rendering server what to fetch 'from its end', then that public rendering server fetches the data in reverse if you catch my meaning. It has a long id string of what "collection" is due to be printed, then it fetches and parses it (eventually offering the pdf as download zip). So, first and fore-most, I'm going to attempt to use what is already o
  8. Hey. I'm creating a separate thread to further discuss the potential OpenD6 automatic rendering to PDF wiki. Magman or Grimace, if you want to delete my posts to the Core Rule book thread, go for it. We got off topic there a bit. Anyhow, I'm to the point where I'm completely fed up with the Pediapress installation and it's lack of any rendering. I've still got some feelers out to their developers, but they do not seem to really be quick on the draw to help figure it out. With that said, I'm in the process of attempting to utilize an open source pdf library called TCPDF to help generate
  9. Just a short update on the tech side of things, but I've reached a snag on the installation of Mediawiki with it's PediaPress Extension: Collection; which is the basic pdf rendering tool to allow for the user to select articles, add them to a virtual "book" then either force the book to download as pdf or be sent on up to PediaPress for potential printing. Anyhow, I've contacted their development group and will hopefully setup a meeting with them to figure out why my installations are not working. I've attempted on a localhost (my development pc at my home) as well as a free online php/mys
  10. Hey. Out of curiosity, what publishing tools will be utilized? I only as in that if Scribus will be in use, I'd love to see the resulting files to learn from them. I have no full ambition to get into layout ; but would love to understand it more, and "write to it" a bit, supplying "copy" that meets the intent of "design" (of course there is a give and take in that).
  11. @Lee , I've been using that Readme.txt to trouble-shoot. I think my issues is attempting to use a localhost against a public "renderer". I'm in the process of establishing a public site with it all, should know more tonight on it. I'll start PM'ing you and Magman, Grimace about this web technical side of things. IF I could get access to the d6 online site space (its ftp and mysql) I could attempt to install there as well. We'll chat more on that privately.
  12. Just a quick heads up that I've gotten MediaWiki installed properly, but I'm still working through issues with communications with the public rendering server involved with the pediapress site. We'll see if I can square it away. One thing we could look for, is a public wiki site that already has mediawiki installed w/ the Extension:Collection enabled. I'll still poke and code locally (had to already do two php edits in the mediawiki core code just to get it to where I'm at on a localhost server). Anyhow, the usual headaches with coding on a local server. I'll eventually figure it out. Until th
  13. I'm in the process now of experimenting with a local installation of MediaWiki (the software used for Wikipedia), and in particular, will be playing with the use of this extension - http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Collection I will give a report soon. If needs be, I may be able to "serve" out my testbed via a direct IP based web site. I could leave it up for 24 hours for folks to play with once I'm out of the installation and experimentation phase. If for some reason I cannot get the extension working properly, the printing folks that are partnered with the creators of this MediaWik
  14. http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki Is found there... I think it would be best to work from a well written base code, then only add minimal kluges in PHP only in absolutely necessary situations. IF it already supports modular printing to PDF format (still trying to find in their documentation where there is located and how it generally works.) I think this style of modular wiki based rules system, would not only benefit OpenD6 but just about any open rule set. Addendum, here is a pdf book export module for use with MediaWiki.... http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:P
  15. @Lee - I love your idea regarding a modular wiki, if the software supported modular printing as you discuss. Do you have a link to the software involved? I'd be willing to help install the software off-site on a server I have access to for folks to just test out against. (instead of leaning heavily on Magman to fuddle with yet another piece of software)
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