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  1. I noticed a while ago that there weren't any rules for poison or disease in open d6. I only ask now because it actually came up with a player wanting to play an assassin poison user. Is there a section on it in a book I missed or did it just not get covered? If so could someone point me to a solution? Thanks
  2. This is an old question I've always wondered about for force skills in first edition star wars. Would it break anything if instead of making multiple rolls against separate difficulties if by combing the dice pools and making a single roll against the combined difficulty would work? I'm not good with the math of it but I thought it would streamline the process a lot and keep the game moving as intended
  3. Thanks for the positive reinforcement. Yea, that's the bare bones of the magic system I wanted to use. I'll tweak it a bit to hammer out any potential problems or contradictions. But in a nutshell this is my first creation for d6. Your approval must mean I'm not a boneheaded as I thought
  4. Ok, just had a thought that maybe the answer I'm looking for. Just wanted to get feedback on it before rolling with it. Basically I'm thinking 2 ways to add spell knowledge after character creation. 1, equipment advantage for a wizard (ect) to gain new spells for say 3-5 character points since the formula is already done. The pc can add the spell to their character between adventures. 2, they can work them out themselves through trial and error but it takes longer and costs more character points. Maybe 10+. And 3, combine the two. They can find grimoires or whatever or buy scrolls and ma
  5. Hmmm, not to be a bummer but that doesn't help me much. I'm using the d6 fantasy book since that's what I have (and the d6 system book) and it doesn't really say anything about gaining new spells. If you could either suggest a way that would work or point me to a book that spells it out better I'd really appreciate it. Like I said earlier, I'm still a noob to this system so I don't really know what's out there
  6. Ok this is probably going to sound like a boneheaded question but after play begins how does a magic user gain additional spells? I know that spells are designed but is there any expenditure of character points or something to gain the new spell or is it just the game time required to formulate it? Kind of confusing to me
  7. That does help. Hadn't even thought about it like that since I have so little experience with the system. Thanks for the advice. I'll see about grabbing the books you mentioned too. I really appreciate your advice
  8. Fist off, no I've never really built anything 'from the ground up' in d6. I'm still fairly new to the game. But as far as thinking outside the box so to speak, I'm not a fan of being in the box if you catch my drift. The magic system I have in mind isn't really 'reinventing the wheel' on magic, just its different enough in tone and feel that it seems like it would be its own thing. Thinking something similar to arcane crossed with divine, but not necessarily either. Like in a druid is different from a cleric way I think. But if you have some advice on the topic I'm all ears even if
  9. I was wondering how I'd go about creating a different magic option to go with the standard two in d6 fantasy. My idea is for a witchcraft/hedgemage type self trained magic user. The basic theme of the witch would be curses/debuffs, divination and healing and maybe one other. But since there's no guidelines for this in the book I don't know how I would do it without making a mess of a character. Any suggestions?
  10. That could be interesting. How do you plan to work that?
  11. Yes that makes it sound so much simpler than the book does. Thanks again mate
  12. Cool, I'll take that as a sign I'm on the right track. Thanks!
  13. For my fantasy campaign I was thinking about a darker more deadly tone so using wound levels sounded good. Problem is the d6 fantasy book doesn't really explain how that's determined. Unless I'm really misunderstanding the system. Either way could someone please help me get it? Thanks
  14. sounds similar what i though should would work. my thought was armor increases the difficulty by its protection. so about the same thing. thanks mate!
  15. I've read and reread the magic chapter in d6 fantasy but I didn't see anything that restricts magic users from wearing armor. Maybe I've missed it somehow but it seems that a wizard running around throwing magic bolts while wearing full plate it a tad over powered. If that's the case, does anyone have a good house rule for limiting that? Thanks
  16. I'm a little confused on how to create my own races for a fantasy setting using d6 fantasy. It's not really clear how it works concerning point costs and die limits with the examples provided. Maybe I missed something or I'm over complicating it, but either way I think I'm doing it wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. So for the fantasy setting I'm working on I wanted magic to be super versatile like mage the awakening's system where with the right skills and enough knowledge you can do anything. But since I'm still new to d6 system I could use some suggestions on how or if I should proceed. I know I'd have to put some limitations in place to keep the magic users from being to dominate like higher target numbers or slower casting times depending on how powerful the effect attempted is, ect. If anyone has any input or knows of something similar they could point out I'd appreciate it.
  18. Yea I saw that not long after making this post. Sorry that was a dumb question since I hadn't read far enough to answer it myself. Thanks for not giving me a dumb answer to my dumb question though happy xmas to you too mate
  19. Quick question about using the funds die instead of converting to cash. In the d20 modern rpg, they had you roll a d20 against a difficulty to obtain gear, ect during play. Is there a way I could do something like that with the funds dice to avoid the math and keep things simple in game?
  20. Totally helps. Thanks mate. Great suggestion that I'll probably use as presented. Simple and exactly in tune with the genre
  21. Hi. First time here and just started with d6 system. Just learned of its existence a few months back. Yes I thanked the person who moved the rock I'd been under but better late than never right? So my first project for a d6 fantasy game was to do a low fantasy swords and sorcery game. Usually in the stories of that type I've read, the characters usually don't have much money. They use their wits more and what gear they find. So my question is would lowering the funds attribute be a good way to limit the PC's reliance on things? Like I said I'm new so please, be gentle ;)
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