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  1. Got a little sidetracked but I've decided to go with a more free-form playtest where you don't have to be a mutant. More player freedom and more stress on the system to handle all the weird stuff my players come up with I also made couple of sample writeups Iron Fist and Luke Cage for my players to see what well known superheroes could look like in Chimera. My hope is having a couple of example characters will help them build their own characters. Here's my writeups: Iron Fist Luke Cage I also put in a system for martial arts, not in the current version of Chimera.
  2. That is an interesting idea... I know one of the players has been tinkering. Maybe I can ask some of the more intrepid players to give it a go before the session 0. It'll be interesting, the power building system is more complex than it was and has inherited some of the problems in HERO. Namely, players have to wrap their heads around seperating mechanics from SFX. The math in Chimera is more simple than Champions with it being just addition and subtraction based... no formulas to follow like in Champs, less margin of error. I know when I was learning Champions I didn't make
  3. It's been a long time since I did anything with Chimera, this project got shelved when the world changed essentially. For those unfamiliar, Chimera is a blending of OpenD6 and HERO System into one game. I took OpenD6 and swapped out the 'Special Abilities' for a more mature and sophisticated 'Powers' system based on HERO. Using the new power building system you can simulate just about any character for any genre you can think of. Playtest I: High Fantasy The first playtest went well, we played a high fantasy 1-shot set in the Forgotten Realms setting using the Chimera rules. The system
  4. The Evasion secondary attribute is a calculated number much like how static defenses work in Mini Six. It replaces the default 10 TN used to hit someone and is calculated as follows: Dodge Die Code x3.5 + pips. Players can perform a "Full Evasion" maneuver and add +10 to that number if they want to... I'm thinking about instituting a rule that works something like roll your dodge skill and take it if it's higher... still thinking about it. I've actually been having a very hard time coming up with the multiplier and don't particularily like the 3.5 multiplier I'm using. I considered 3
  5. I ran my first playtest session last night on Roll20.net with 6 players and things went pretty well. It was my first time using Roll20.net and I am super impressed with it... I found a script that handles the D6 wild die mechanic and added it to the game so rolling was easy. I also created a custom character sheet for the game and it made things a whole lot easier as well. Some general notes: I would like to condense a couple of skills Throwing, Missile Weapons, Marksmanship... combine ot one skill (Marksmanship?) Tech and Repair... just Tech Con and
  6. Ok, I changed up how my directories are arranged... these links will always have the most up to date version of the docs. Chimera (current) Character Sheet - Form Fillable
  7. I finished writing the equipment chapter this morning, all that's left to do is to playtest it out. Chimera (v0.0.3) Character Sheet - Form Fillable
  8. OK, here are a couple of links: Chimera Character Sheet - Form Fillable I basically just need to finish writing the equipment chapter and the document will be done. Thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoy it.
  9. I have been working a hobby project of late that I have dubbed Chimera. Chimera is my attempt to replace the OpenD6 Special Abilities by splicing in the power building system from HERO System games. I am fully aware of the excellent D6 powers book... I own and have used it but I do things a little bit differently and have my own ideas that I wanted to test out. I have also been dropping in my own house rules that I have accumulated over the years and have created a draft of a genreless system. It's still very obviously OpenD6, it looks and feels the same but I have added in my own house ru
  10. Hello! I have just released the version 1.2.0 of the OpenD6 Toolkit app. This is a major release that contains a couple of new tools and a major enhancement to an existing one. I'm really happy with how the app is shaping up and feel like it's come a long way from its original version, so I would encourage you to check it out! Here's what you can expect: Created the Architect tool that allows world builders to design games Renamed and enhanced the Initiative tool to be the Orchestrator Created a Backup and restore feature Implemented paginated lists for Advant
  11. I just pushed an update to the Android/Amazon/Apple app stores for the the 1.1.1 release of the OpenD6 Toolkit. I fixed a couple of bugs and added a bunch of features and upgraded some core development frameworks and libs. Here's what's coming: Fixed various bugs with loading/saving character and templates (iOS) Added the Move attribute to the builder Added the Equipment tab to the builder Added the Background tab to the builder Added the Notes tab to the builder Added a points section to the builder to track character/fate/build and complication points
  12. There is no official tutorial...I'll have to write one For now this will have to do: Go here Copy the file contents into a text editor like Notepad (or Notepad++) Give it a name by editing line 2 Add/Edit/Delete attributes and skills (or anything else for that matter) Save the new template to Google Drive/iCloud or to your phone directly Tap the "Upload" button under the "Templates" section on the home screen Select your template Build your character I can help you with the above if you find yourself running into issues.
  13. Over the past month I have been working on a cross platform app called the OpenD6 Toolkit. My intention with the app is to allow people to play OpenD6 games and its variants from a mobile device as well as provide useful tools for players and GMs alike. I’m pleased to report that OpenD6 Toolkit is now available via the following app stores: Google Play Store Apple App Store Amazon App Store The project is open sourced and hosted on github here. Features Die roller Supports both classic and Legend styles of rolling Statistics are also tracked on y
  14. I can look into printing from the app, I hadn't thought of it actually. I don't plan on doing a desktop version of the app at this time.
  15. Hi all! I'm currently days away from releasing a cross platform app for Android and iOS that lets you manage your OpenD6 characters. I've been working part time on this for fun and plan on releasing it for free sometime this weekend, likely. Here's a quick video showing you the work to date - https://youtu.be/3GGaBId5rp8 The project is open source and the project code is hosted here - https://github.com/sentry0/OpenD6Toolkit Features: Die roller Supports both classic and Legend styles of rolling Statistics are also tracked on your dice C
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