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  1. Nice work on the dogfighting rules. I've been wanting to do a starfighter combat based Star Wars campaign for quite some time. I was about to convert the Star Wars Saga rules for dogfighting to D6 but your rules seem a lot more exciting. I'll take a look and hopefully give you some feedback at some point. Thanks.
  2. That's a shame about Chuck. I thought the last couple of episodes were great. I'm not sure what I think about the last few minutes of the season finale though.
  3. Personally I am fine with the current system. Problems emerge though when you start rolling many dice. I hate to say that counting is the trouble but my players are hardcore D&D'ers who like to see the results immediately. I want to avoid the temptation for people to start "estimating" what they rolled, not that they are trying to cheat but just being lazy. Counting successes is a lot faster and it's easier for me to look across the table and verify the result. I'm also trying to update the Force rules a bit to match what we see in the prequels. I've always like the old Force rules so I'
  4. Lee, I just want to say thanks for all the advice and links you've provided. My SWD6L is coming along nicely. I am now in the process of getting everything written down into a nice pocket player's guide so that my group can understand and learn it. The real trick will be pulling them away from D&D*sigh* and SW Saga to give this a chance. I always assumed D6 Legend was open. Who currently holds it? Any idea when it will be open? At some point I would like to post my SWD6L so that anyone can use it but does this prevent me from doing so?
  5. I'm hoping that by speeding up rolls using D6 Legend it will make combat more fast and furious. Plus, I'm working on adapting the dogfighting and maneuvers rules from SW Saga to D6 to make space combat more exciting than a series of rolls and misses.
  6. I've heard a lot of people talking about how good the Mouse Guard mission system is and using it in other games. Could you explain that a little and whether you agree?
  7. Ah Liquidsabre! Yes, he is actually part of my game group. He's been pushing me for quite awhile to do this project. I've been looking at the damage system for awhile and perhaps I'm missing something. Why do we double the damage die for weapons? Looking in the DC Universe book I see weapon damages such as 4Dx2 and 5Dx2. In classic D6 these would be 4D and 5D. We are already adding extra damage from the extra successes rolled from the attack roll plus this doubling the damage from weapons. All this damage seems excessive. Is this why we use body points in Legend instead of Classic's woun
  8. Did you guys play the old LucasArts TIE Fighter game? Just to make one point, most TIE variants were designed with very little difference in the cockpits. The idea was if you trained in a TIE/In you basically knew how to fly any of them. Depending on what type of campaign I was running I might allow Starfighter Piloting:TIE to work for most variants. Suddenly a TIE squadron campaign sounds very cool.
  9. Wow, thanks! I haven't had a chance to do more than skim these for now but it looks like these are a lot of the same ideas I was thinking about. Thanks for the die % info and the reference.
  10. I'm currently working on a D6 Legend variant. I'm trying to keep most of the SW rules "as is" but my main focus right now is to replace the die rolling mechanic with the D6L success based one. One thing I've noticed is that D6L uses 3-6 as successes. The new Mouse Guard RPG uses a D6 4-6 success mechanic. Shadowrun uses more of a sliding scale for thier D6 successes. Does anyone have a good understanding of how using a different target number effects the game? Has anyone created a SWD6 Legend variant that they could share?
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