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  1. I actually something like that, though with 6 stelae around a central one, as a strategy and it seemed to work pretty well for me, though that was also because I made sure to land where I didn't expect serious resistance. It's a gamble, but for me it seemed to pay off.
  2. I may change the description a bit for the Faceless Empire to represent the empire itself, instead of a conquered Star Sphere. The idea I had for this was to use the Star Sphere for background as I didn't know how far I should wander from the original Torg backstory. As it is I thought that the two could slot together almost perfectly. Although it still has some sci-fi elements the actual Faceless Empire as a setting is far darker and incorporates more horror than the typical space opera. It also has other elements that probably place it in a hybrid category as a horror-science-fantasy setting. In the next game I will incorporate more of the backstory and see what all of you think. Hopefully it will be even more of a hit than what I've done so far. I have to say that I really appreciate all of your interest, it gives me hope for actually getting everything I'm working on finished up and published.
  3. Well I am really glad you enjoyed it. I tried for more of a space opera style than the actual project will turn out as, since it is darker and more brutal than many settings. I figured that I would get more time to describe the shifters afterwards, so I took time first to explain more how their society works and how they interact with the humans around them. My idea is that, as shifters with mutable bodies and cellular structures, every one of them is unique. Two shifters can look completely different, as well as having vastly different abilities based on what they focus their shapeshifting on doing. I am also looking forward to adding in more pseudo-science (I have quite a bit stored up) and on expanding the world more. On an unrelated note, although its strange to think about, guinea pigs were originally used as food animals.
  4. And the Faceless King will certainly attempt to destroy it, if only to start his revenge on Mobius... Speaking of which, I would like to know what everyone thought of the Faceless Empire as a whole. I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to offer and I really appreciated the opportunity to share some of the material I have with a receptive audience. I look forwards to the next game as an opportunity to write more about it, as I have a lot more material ready.
  5. I didn't realize that, unfortunately, I thought that Mixed zones also produced P-Energy... Also, although having two players controlling each realm is an interesting idea, I don't think it would really work, as the amount of communication and agreement that would be necessary could prove problematic. I would also like to see different types of armies, but I think that would make the game even more complicated and hard to keep track of.
  6. First to Catstacker, my sincerest condolences for your loss and my best wishes for a speedy recovery for your wife, I will keep you an your family in my prayers. Also, I would like to thank you for running the game despite all the things going on in your life, I appreciate the huge amount of time and work it must have taken you to run a game like this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As for the game, I was suprised that it ended so quickly, I had also thought we were just moving out of the basic expansion phase and then it was over. If only I had known the secret to victory... I just have to say that I think you are underestimating the Faceless King's strategy. Although you may think I was overextending myself I was reaping in over 350 possibilities each turn, and the last turn that we would have taken I purchased 48 armies and 48 Stelae, as well as another Maelstrom Bridge. I think my plan of rapid expansion was working very well, as I targeted areas of the world that not only lack very large armies, but also lack the sophisticated militaries of other nations. In part I had to do this, as unlike many of the other realms involved in this game, technology actually works BETTER in the Faceless Empire. If I had invaded an area like the US or Europe I would have had a much harder time of it. I also planned to expand rapidly in order to grab as much land as possible before I had to compete with anyone else, which worked pretty well, though I was about to come into conflict with the Living Land in both Australia and Mexico. I have to say, dinosaurs versus genetically engineered war machines would have been an epic fight. Overall I thought the game was great and I can't wait for the next one to start up. I especially enjoyed writing and reading about our invasions and I'm looking forward to writing some more for the next invasion. I'm toying with playing a different realm, though there is a lot more of the Faceless Empire to explore. I'll be posting a story for the end of the game soon, so stay tuned!
  7. That's fine, as I got mine in late as well unfortunately (sorry about that, I've been working almost every day, including weekends). I've got some more ideas for my realm thread, so I'll throw some more stuff up over the next few weeks, gotta win me those rewards I've also got the feeling we're reaching a very important point here.
  8. That also depends on how you set up your stelae and how far you set them apart, as well as what configuration you set them in. And thank you, you know what they say about who fortune favours...
  9. August 1st, 2009 "All around me you can see the devastation caused by these inhuman invaders," said the reporter Sarah Manien to her cameraman, gesturing at the smouldering rubble that had once been the Brazilian city of Campo Grande. "The few people who survived and were not taken away by the authors of this destruction are left to pick through the wreckage and try to survive without any aid, as the government is occupied attempting to fight against the invaders." The black-haired woman turns and walks towards a man who is sitting on a pile of debris, staring out over the ruined city. "Sir, were you here during the attack?" She asks quietly. The man merely nods in response. "And what can you tell us about these mysterious assailants?" She probes, ignoring the man's vacant expression. "They are far more powerful than anything on Earth," says the man, suddenly animated as he turns to the camera. "There is no way for human armies to defeat them. If the human race wants to survive, well, giving up is the only real option I think. Every time one of their soldiers dies they just melt him down and create a new one, there's no way to stop them." He speaks with no anger or bitterness as he describes the creatures that destroyed his home. "And what do you think they want?" Asks Sarah, obviously pleased to find him so talkative. "I know what they want," he answers bluntly. "They want slaves and resources. They move in and destroy all resistance, then take everything they can and move on to assault the next area. They won't stop until the whole world is under their control, and if they can't dominate it they'll destroy it. This isn't the first world they've invaded by far." He stares off again over the ruins. "And how do you know so much about them?" Sarah asks with growing suprise. "Did you overhear them speaking?" "Well," says the man, his voice suddenly cool and dangerous, "you could say I have an inside source." Suddenly his skin explodes to reveal a massively built creature with a hard carapace and three fingered pincers on each hand. The cameraman screams but Sarah doesn't notice until it is too late, turning around just as the pincer closes around her abdomen. She is held fast, though she struggles, as another pincer lashes towards the cameraman. Blood sprays over the lens and it collapses to the floor as sarah continues to scream. "Gentlemen this tape was intercepted yesterday morning from one of our few remaining agents in Brazil," said General Matheson as the image froze and the sound stopped. "We have supressed the tape and prevented it from being aired, but the material it shows is deeply troubling. What do you gentlemen think?" He asked the collected military officers seated at the table before him, top officials who had been brought from their native countries to the US for this meeting. "Why not show the people the true nature of the threat?" Asked General Gustav of Russia, "how can our citizens defend themselves from this threat if they do not understand it?" "Don't you understand?" Replied China's representative, Major Yil, "to do so would only inspire more witch hunts. People would suspect everyone of being one of these creatures in disguise, it would cause far more harm than good." "Many of us have more pressing matters to concern ourselves with," replied General Williams from England. "What about this threat makes it so much more pressing than those facing Europe?" He waved a hand towards the globe, which showed almost the entirety of the continent covered in storms or enemy territory. "In fact, our intelligence from Peru tells us that our technology works fine even within their areas of control. If we can fight them on our terms what makes them so dangerous?" "I don't think you understand the nature of this threat," Matheson said firmly. "Although we can use our technology against them they can also operate perfectly on our side of the storm barriers. The recent invasion of Australia, an area well away from any of their forces, proves this. As it stands they control more than a quarter of Australia, Africa, and South America. If we do not address this danger immediately it will be too late to save any of the equatorial nations, and I doubt they will stop there." "So what do we do?" Asked Major Yil, "where do we think their agents may be?" "As far as we can tell," sighed Matheson as he shook his head, "they could be anyone. None of our tests seem able to detect them until they reveal themselves. As far as we know, there could be one of the creatures in this room with us right now." He allowed the others to think on the terror that possibility presented before turning to the single man who had not spoken throughout the entire meeting. He had asked no questions about any of the strange invaders, even the strange dinosaur-like creatures that seemed poised to push into Mexico, nonetheless the shapeshifters that were rampaging further south. "Well General Alberto," he asked, "you have the most experience facing these creatures. What would you recommend." "I am sorry," replied the exhausted looking man, "but there is very little I can tell you that has not already been said. It is also a diccifult time for me, as I have lost my country and all of my men. I was lucky to escape with my life, and so had no time for objective observations." "I understand that, and we are all glad that you managed to survive the Nazca massacre," replied the American general. "You have already provided us with useful information and if you have anything else of use please do not hesitate to share it." The last Peruvian general nodded stiffly and leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes most of the way. From beneath his nearly closed lids he followed the conversation with interest, mentally preparing his report as he feigned fatigue. He had to supress a smile as he thought about the look on the faces of these generals when they realized all the information they had been given was completely and disastrously wrong.
  10. Ready and imported, thanks for the tip. I knew that I had seen an import command but somehow couldn't remember where it was.
  11. Can anyone tell me how to import a Google Earth file to Google Maps directly? The only way I can seem to find involves hosting it on another site first.
  12. In some ways it's also better to have a small empire, as it allows you to focus all of your forces in one area and (I would assume) more easily make dominant zones. You also don't have to worry about butting heads with people, as I am soon going to come up against Barukh Kah AND Pharoah Mobius if things continue as they are now.
  13. I can't find the folder where it saves the map information so I can't import the file. It also seems to only want to save individual points instead of th emap as a whole. How do you save the entire map so you can import it?
  14. July 21st, 2009 Zethria smiled as she surveyed the wreckage before her, where a massive chitinous spire erupted from a crater in the ground, rubble and the shells of destroyed buildings lying all around its base. There was nothing left of what had been the city of Uberlandia besides broken structures and shattered lives. The plan had worked perfectly and she could barely hold her excitement. She had ordered a small cavern excavated under the heart of the city and then had planted a cityseed within it, expanding the passages and adding growth chambers and gestation pods until the area was honeycombed with tunnels and rooms cut out of the rock. After weeks of work she had given the signal and the growing central spire was allowed to pierce the earth above it, creating a sinkhole that encompassed almost all of Uberlandia. Without hesitation her army swarmed out of the hole and quickly captured or dispatched the few stunned survivors. Now as she stood on the balcony of her spire she was thrilled, her plan had worked perfectly and hopefully she would be rewarded. Although the emperor had plans for this world she was sure that not all of the plunder had yet been assigned, there must be some that would be given to her after this triumph. She turned and walked to her telepool, resting her hand against it and expressing her desire to speak to the emperor. After only a moment his image came into clear focus in the membrane. "I have taken the city of Uberlandia with no casualties my lord, and now I await your instructions." "Very good, I am impressed with your skills." Hearing him speaking to her with such compliments made the female shifter's heart skip a beat, but she did her best to remain calm. "Since you have proven yourself in this I give you control of the eastern portion of the South American invasion. You will report to Malnikor and oversee the move westward to link with my initial conquests. We will catch the humans in a pincer and crush them utterly." Zethria dropped to one knee, bowing as deeply as she could. Despite her attempts at composure she could not stop her tail from lashing in excitement. "Thank you for this honour lord, I cannot express my gratitude enough." "If you wish to show your gratitude then do not fail me," replied the Faceless King simply. "Now I have other matters to attend to, as do you." Without further notice the telepool faded to a blank white membrane again. "I won't fail you, I swear it," whispered Zethria to the empty room. She knew that no matter what she did there was no way she could ever steal the emperor's attentions away from the empress, but at least he had noticed her and now had congratulated her on her work. Not only that, but she had been chosen to lead an entire sector of the invasion! Although the woman knew the truth as she walked to her command room to begin ordering her troops she allowed herself to daydream, imagining what it would be like to sit at her lord's side as he brought entire worlds to heel. She sighed and smiled at the thought.
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